Modern Gents Premier Barbershop & Bar

8233 Cooper Creek Blvd, Bradenton
(941) 315-8012

Recent Reviews

Jason D.

Genuinely the worst haircut of my life. My barber didn't even ask me what I wanted, just started cutting my hair. He made unbelievably racist comments throughout the haircut, and absolutely ruined my beard. Will not be coming back.

Anthony Lane

Been going here for a few months. Always get my haircut by Hillis and is perfect every time. Highly recommend

Tall Guy

First time to MG's. Met Mike and wow. I wanted to change up my regular haircut. A style I have always wanted to do. Not only was the experience great, but I don't remember a time within the last 6 years a haircut made me feel so good. Changing is never easy, but Mike absolutely nailed it! On top of that, it started off with a free sample of their IPA. Their atmosphere and barber have created a long term advocate! I recommend highly and will absolutely be coming back!

Buddha Zen

Sheriri Is amazing. She is a true artist and expert Barber. Her talents are second to none! She is the only woman I would ever trust to cut my hair, she's more talented than even a Dominican barber in New York. And that's the high quality Im use to.

Bobby Minzey

A super comfortable place to get a cut and a cold beer! Highly recommended! I’ll be back to see Debbie!

Matt Harry

I moved to Sarasota a couple of months ago and have been looking for my go-to barber since, Mark fits the bill perfectly. Best haircut I’ve received in years! Thanks Mark!

Jason Nelson

I'm visiting from Florida and was recommended this place by a local. Very good pizza and service. Reminds me of the pizza in Italy. I'll definitely be back when I'm back in town.

sandyandlauren bell

I'm grateful for a head of hair, but it's unruly. Layla took the time to cut it correctly and show me how to comb it! She was awesome.

Daniel Booher

I went in as a first time customer, been about two months since I got a haircut. They were able to fit me into the schedule, I sat down immediately with a very courteous gentlemen. Not even a minute into the cut he asked why my hair looked horrible, (it was, my previous barber did a horrible job) and in 30 minutes he completely transformed my hair into something clean and professional looking. I appreciate honesty in people. If my hair looks bad, I would rather be told than just pretend it's fine. I cannot thank you guys enough, I have confidence in how good my hair looks and will definitely return for my next haircut. Great cut for a great price!

Tom Ring

Great cut. They really listen to what you want and only finish when you are completely satisfied. Nice to have the hot towel too. How can you go wrong by finishing it with a beer at the bar?

Rebecca Firor

Hollis performed a hair cut and shave for my dad. My dad was very nervous, he has been on hospice , has a brain tumor and is blind on one side and very weak. It took two weeks to talk my dad into going. When my dad got back from the services with Hollis he told

Joseph Sinyard

I’ve been here twice so far, and have enjoyed it thoroughly each time. Outstanding conversation and excellent cut!

Joel Silva

Sherri is amazing! Attention to detail, genuine personality and excellent service. I'm a fan. I won't be going anywhere else.

Scott Bell

excellent service from start to finish, booking was easy Hillis was amazing my beard looks amazing he even recommended the correct product that i needed to take care of it properly! The place is clean and the staff is well trained and respect the business!

sylvester sanchez

Always a great cut. Schedule ahead, or same day the artists and professionals here will take care of you. I like to show up early and have a beer. Really, one of the best places to get a hair cut, it maybe a little more pricey then super cuts, but you get what you pay for. A great hair cut and amazing customer service.

Vince Hulsman

Eddie is a real gentleman and an awesome barber. Thanks for the great cut #dapper

David Shapiro

Big fan of Carolyn. She is a great hair stylist and the people at Modern Gents are professional and friendly. I would recommend Modern Gents and Carolyn whole heartedly.

nicole masio

Carolyn cut both my sons hair (ages 13 and 6). My older son has crazy, tight, curly hair and she did an amazing job! My younger son had very long hair that he wanted cut short and she managed to give him exactly what he wanted. Highly recommend. Great atmosphere! I am going to surprise my husband with a shave and haircut next!

Andrew S.

Pleasurable and professional with a great atmosphere. 5/5 will return. Chris Johnson was fantastic and gave me a great cut and new look. I would highly recommend working with him.

Kayla Rolander

I’ve been getting haircuts from here for a while now and I’ve always had a wonderful time.The staff is always lively and friendly without trying to be, and it has an atmosphere that allows you to relax and truly enjoy the experience. That being said any place where barbers will take photos of your hair when you’re finished making you feel like a King automatically gets a 5 star rating.

Kevin Keating

Awesome haircut. Very polite and professional staff. Delicious beer. Highly recommended

johnny D

Awesome place to get your haircut also they have one or two master barbers there, I have used Willis myself and I'm always satisfied.

David Allen

It's been a while since I have found a place that gives a great hair cut. Also a good shave as well. Bringing my son there had been a good experience too. I'm so glad it was recommended by a friend.

Paul Zukowski

My first experience at Modern Gents was superb. The reception is friendly, the atmosphere pleasant, and the cut by the professional Mister Hillis was first-class.

Ryan Lopez

I’ve been getting haircuts from here for a while now and I’ve always had a wonderful time.The staff is always lively and friendly without trying to be, and it has an atmosphere that allows you to relax and truly enjoy the experience. That being said any place where barbers will take photos of your hair when you’re finished making you feel like a King automatically gets a 5 star rating.

Ruth S.

The service was great , nice looking place and great friendly workers , aside from all of that my friends haircut was by far the worst I've ever seen . His beard alignment is crooked and his haircut just looks so bad . For the prices that they have you'd think that the haircut would be out of this world , I don't recommend coming here if you want a good haircut . .

Mark S.

This place rocks. Chris and Layla are great. Thanks for offering a military vet discount. God Bless 🇺🇸

Graham Conron

Chad is great, got the Presidential cut and couldn't be happier. Highly recommended and will be back soon for sure!

Julian C.

I just moved to the area and was looking for a new barber/shop. Did some research and decided to give this one a try. To be honest, I was not necessarily impressed. I called ahead to ask if appointment was needed or walk ins are accepted. The girl that answered didn't seem to be too knowledgeable about the process or products. She seemed to be reading them off a brochure or menu and didn't seem confident. She was hesitating when giving answers. But I booked my appointment and asked for the presidential plus straight razor beard trim package. I arrived just in time. The place is nice and clean, seems upscale with large TVs. The barber was prompt and invited me in to sit at one of the chairs. I was told he was a master barber, however what that means to them was not explained to me (there is a $5 up charge for the services of a master barber but I don't know why I paid that) the cut itself was good. I am satisfied with it. However, the presidential package should include the cut, straight razor trim, hot towel, shampoo cleanse and a scalp and shoulder massage. I only received the cut, towel and razor trim; no shampoo wash and no massage. I am not happy that I asked for and more importantly PAID for those services; however they were not rendered. It was my first time going there so I wasn't sure in which order things were done so I kept waiting for the rest of the services but they never came. In a place like that, with the upscale vibe they're going for and prices they're charging, the customer should never have to tell them "what about my massage? Or what about my shampoo wash?" That is just awkward. It was not crowded, it was a weekday and middle of the day so it's not like the shop was full and they couldn't take their time. As a matter of fact, the products have a time frame in the menu on the website and the cut and beard trim was well under the estimated time. Not sure if they did enough to earn my repeat business.

Ulm Greg

Great cut, Eddie has the touch and Lila always takes good care of me too. They are the best in the business.

Roberto Villanueva

Great spot! I've been coming to Modern Gents for a while now, I have a favorite but when he's not available the others are equal to the task. I no longer get worked up if my guy's not available. Plus, if you make your appointment around happy hour (4pm to 6pm), you can enjoy 2 for 1 adult beverages. On that front, the selection is impressive.

Mario Battaglia

I wanted to try a new barber shop that is closer to home. I didnt have a great first experience, but I believe this to be the barber rather than the establishment. I was able to speak to the owner about my dissatisfaction. I would give them another try at either this or the Lakewood ranch location. I won't use the same barber though. That's for sure.

Michael K.

This is my go-to place for a haircut, however my last experience left me desiring more. I have been to this location many times and have mostly all good things to say. On this last visit, I arrived early as usual to accommodate a delicious beer before my haircut. I had to wait nearly 10 minutes (which doesn't sound like much...) because the bartender was having a discussion with someone else at the bar. The other person was not not ordering a drink and this was the only other person in the bar area. This is a small complaint, but was an indicator of things to come on this day. When my barber was ready, I was promptly sat in my seat and proceeded with the haircut. My barber is always friendly and does a great job! During the haircut, my guy was talking to another barber regarding haircuts they recently received personally. They talked about how unimportant the outcome of a haircut is because in a week, it grows out anyway. I don't know about you, but a $35 haircut should always look good! Again, this is a very minor thing, but a barber that markets their offering as an overall "Experience" should not have such conversations, or make me question how they feel about the work that is done out of the shop. The last thing that really bothered me was that I ordered a "Presidential." Typically this ends with a hair wash. I was asked at the end of the cut if I really wanted the wash and dry. Again, not a really big thing, but if you pay for a service, of course I want it. I should not be asked, it should just be done. Overall, I am very pleased with my haircut, but the professionalism at this location has definitely gone down over the past year and a half. I am not sure that I will go back.

Naresh Singh

Poor service, rude management, overpriced and unclear services. Take your business elsewhere. Re: Owner response - Policies are neither clearly stated nor posted anywhere regarding pets. I had been bringing my dog here for months without issue. Policy enforcement depends on the whims of the person at the front desk, it seems. Service confusion - I've scheduled the presidential and the premier before and both times have had to clarify what was included in the service during the appointment. I was easy going about those times, so I did not escalate. Treatment I received today warrants revealing the issue.

Rick Higgs

My first trip to Modern Gents and scheduled with Susy.. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but Susy made me feel comfortable and very pampered.. Just to say the experience was far beyond any expection I may have had, would be an understatement..I highly recommend this and Susy for your next haircut.. I know I've found where I will be going.. Thank you Susy..

Erica Ficarrotta

I took my 2 year old to Layla.. she did an amazing job. Despite his constant and unexpected jerking movements. She was fantastic.

Kevin Stone

First time visiting MG's. I was very happy with my barber Colby. He seems to take great pride in his craft. He is someone you can trust to give you options and suggestions that may work well for you. A true artist! The shop atmosphere is very unique. Highly recommend Colby and Modern Gents.

Bruce Rhodes

Friendly staff! Great atmosphere!

Brian Reise

Modern Gents has a great atmosphere, that is obvious from the second you walk through the door. However, what stylists to choose might not be as obvious if you're new to this establishment. I feel very lucky to have found Sherry as my go to stylist. She'll be my go to stylist for as long as she wants to style my hair and beard. Hopefully forever. She's on point with her skills and takes the experience to another level with her great customer service skills. Good job Modern Gents! You nailed it with your fantastic atmosphere, and nailed it with the very talented Sherry.

T Anderson

100/100. I regularly see barbers, been coast to coast and all through the middle, this place is a hidden gem, outstanding customer service, great barbers, the shop is modern and yeah, there is a bar in the back.

Modern Gents Premier Barbershop & Bar

8233 Cooper Creek Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34201
(941) 315-8012