360 American Bistro and Bar

225 Celebration Pl, Celebration
(407) 964-7676

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Kira Kaefer

This restaurant is in the Malia hotel in Celebration. The restaurant service breakfast Buffett, lunch (both sit down and pool side) and dinner. I enjoy the breakfast which I’ve eaten several times since I’m a frequent stayer at The Melia Hotel. I’ve eaten lunch here once which I did a separate review on see below. And dinner once which was good. The dinner and lunch menu are the same with no variation. Price point is within Orlando standards and the service has always been excellent.

Eddy Vazquez

The pizza was very good by New York City standards. The staff was nice and attentive. Breakfast was okay, but some items from the buffet were cold and there was not enough fruit and what was there was not ripe.

Kirill Antonov

We was staying almost a week. We order just 2 cups pina colada ones to the pool 2 small cups coats on menu $9-10 but after check out they charged us over $32 that was crazy unbelievable prices from no where ! STAY AWAY FROM THAT FOOD BAR BISTRO

Jim W.

Ugh. Not sure why they were on Open table. It was a bit deceiving. Looks like an airport cafeteria/vendor. Went to hostess stand after making open table reservation. Some guy told us just to go sit anywhere. Nobody around and seating open as if you are just randomly at a bar. We left. No drinks, no food.

Linda B

The staff in the bar and restaurant were very helpful and friendly. Nice atmosphere as well. Food was good as were the local beers.

lama Alhusain

Excellent service, delicious food. You should try it!

Jeanette C.

Honestly very mediocre service. We arrived and were not greeted by our server. He only said he would bring out our water but never asked if we wanted to drink anything else. We ordered a Build Your Own pizza. The pizza needed more sauce. It was dry and I'm not sure about their crust being buttery as they claim it to be. I had an offer to redeem for a free dessert and he told us the kitchen was closed. It would of been nice to ask us if we wanted anything else before the kitchen closed as a fair warning and being that we wanted cake...I don't think they were going to bake a cake...pretty sure it was sitting in the fridge or he could of offered what was available. We seemed like a bother with no customer service whatsoever. The ticket included an 18% gratuity. I think this should be for parties of 6 or more. We were just 2. Total waste.

Yarimar Ruiz

Excellent service. The food is really, really good, specially the pizza, calzone and pineapple chicken (if you don't like the pineapple flavor you can ask for more soy instead of pineapple). DELICIOUS. Oh! And the calzone is really big.

Terrell corley

Staff was awesome, so friendly. Good food too


pool service takes forever - seem to do one order at a time. Pizza was more of the frozen type than fresh


I reviewed this Bistro in my hotel review. I was disappointed with two of the meals I ate here which were cold. If food is freshly cooked then I want it to be hiot.The pizzas are very good though.


The Service was good .The meal we had was good ,HOWEVER....Here is where they Earn less Stars..CHECK YOUR BILL. They put the TIP in the Bill already 18%. Then they Deceive YOU by adding A GRATUITY line ....The Bill presented to you as A TOTAL Bill indicates PreTip. False ! The Amount Shown is the Bill plus 18% Then they USE the GRATUITY line so Many would be tricked into TIPPING Again...Until that is cleared up ,We Won't recommend or go there. We Are Locals that enjoy supporting the local businesses...WOW ! BE Aware !!!

Nancy Larned

Food is tasty. Happy hour menu - yum. Will at 360 is super friendly and fast. Good place.


Buffet breakfast was just okay and not exactly a bargain. Cocktails were not at a bargain price either. They tell you there is a happy hour, but the times are not advertised.

David Lavigne

Amazing food and service. Happy hour is awesome (Monday - Friday, 4 - 7pm). Big shoutout to our waiter Richard for the outstanding service provided.

Rod Sookhoo

Quiet and cozy atmosphere. The food menu has some great dishes. I had the Ropa Vieja, which was superb.

Rich Derr

Mmmm, yummy Black and Bleu Burger!


The chicken wings were great, and the happy hour prices are wonderful. Drinks were large enough to satisfy - not downsized for happy hour. Will go again if possible!

Oscar Hernandez

Slow service. Food is so so. Pizza took for ever and it was burned a just bad.


Husband I had a couple of drinks and ate here the first night we showed up at the hotel. The food and service was excellent we even came back the next night and order us a couple of drinks. Had a leftover pizza as well from the restaurant which was delicious! Must-try The Melia hurricane!

360 American Bistro and Bar

225 Celebration Pl, Celebration, FL 34747