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Kirsten M.

THE WORST hospital ever. These people tried their best to kill me over and over in April 2016. The only redeeming factor was Nurse Judy who is the best nurse I've ever had, and the doctor who did my leg surgery (I can't remember his name but he was very nice and did his best). This story is way too long for Yelp, but just trust me - DO NOT COME HERE unless you want horrible care!!

Graciela D.

At adventhealth celebration I need to make a complaint for EMMA. She is the assistant of the nurse MYBAC. She (Emma) was so rude with me. Only to let you know I tell one of her WORST attention I received. When ai was at the shower, she close the water and let me NUDE and left me there for half an hour !!!! I let you know that I am here with Neumonía. And I am a TERMINAL cancer patient (stage 4). And I am dealing with Adventhealth since 2016 and I NEVER put a claim. But this person (Emma) was so rude with me that I need to let you know how is she when she is alone with the patient. Because when her supervisor arrived, in front of her, she tried to be polite with me. It was the opposite way she treated me when she is alone. Another thing. I tried to explain her that the way she was putting the cover on my power port had a lot of uncovered spaces, so the water, the soap, and the shampoo went inside my body. She only said WAIT, WAIT. I don't understand what I was waiting for what. So EMMA didn't attend my requests in any way. I have another claims against her. I'll continue later because I am with fever again, because she left me alone, after close the water FOR HALF AN HOUR !! Emma has not the capacity to have this job ! And she doesn't care the patients correctly, except when she is in front of her supervisors.

Stuart W.

Although I received excellent care at the hospital, the billing practices are quite fraudulent. When you are admitted to have your hospital procedure, you are taken into the admissions office and told how much it will cost you. But if you choose to pay right then, they will give you a discount! Which is a lie as they are only quoting you an estimated amount. THEY ARE NOT SAVING YOU A DIME. To make a long story short, after the incompetent way Advent Health billed my insurance company, here I am SIX MONTHS LATER still waiting for the refund they owe me. I have been calling them every week and I always get the runaround. Their latest excuse for the delay in my refund is the Covid-19 pandemic. Sorry but this has been going on WAY before the Coronavirus! SO BEWARE - DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY PRIOR TO YOUR PROCEDURE.

Paola Rossi-Jacobs

Had my baby there on 2/19/20 Absolutely the best Dr and nurses EVER

Danielle D

I am visiting Florida and unfortunately had an extremely bad Scleroderma Digital Ulcer flair. From the time you register to discharge they treat you like a human; truly listen to what you are telling them and allow you to participate in your treatment plan. With my autoimmune disease that is essential because no 2 patients with my disease suffer the same way and benefit from a standard treatment. I spent no more then 2 hours total. They were thorough, efficient and fully attentive to my needs and concerns. I absolutely reccomend going there especially to travelers in the area.

Gabriel Rodriguez

I don’t recommend this hospital if you are having an emergency. Unless you want to sit in the waiting room with pain for 1 hour plus without any assistance. They have the audacity to charge me even though they did not provide any services. I had to go to another hospital to get treatment. Don't bother coming here.

Leslie Wyckoff Pilz

Great experience at advent health celebration, end up being there for 3 weeks, wonderful nurses and aides. Thank you for the best health care

Philandra Griffieth

Ana Greenwood thank you so much for treating me like a patient, i can honestly say I haven't experienced an amazing hospital visit in a long time! You catered to my every needs, my pain, my results, you treated me as if you were genuinely concerned and I appreciate you so much for that. I highly recommend a raise for her this instant! God bless you Mrs or Miss Greenwood!

Frances Michelle

Worst hospital ever besides poinciana medical people been here in the ER waiting room for more than 4 hours and I personally think it’s Kinda inhumane! Unjustified for being such a nice hospital on the Outside.

Ally K.

My mom had a heart ultrasound done 9 days ago, and when she went to her the follow-up appointment with her cardiologist today, they said the report had not yet been done. Her appointment with the cardiologist was originally scheduled for yesterday, so we called the afternoon before to make sure they could obtain the report. We also called Advent Health to ask them to fax over the report. I've had a lot of imaging, and I've never known a report to take more than 48-72 hours to write. If the report truly hasn't been written by the radiologist, that's dangerous. If it's been overlooked in terms of getting it to the doctor, that shows incompetence. I tried to call 407-303-4025 to get an explanation and I didn't get an answer after about 25 rings.

Bill D.

Fifteen days ago I wrote a scathing review about the culinary efforts or lack thereeat at Advent- Health Celebration. The immediate response was corporate bull with a notation that the staff would be notified. So far no further communication to follow up on their response. If meals were billable through Insurance then maybe they would spend some money on ingredients, preparation,and presentation. I can see it now; One meal with select grade protein $350.00. One meal with select grade protein and starch $400.00. One meal with select grade protein, starch and boiled vegetables $475.00.

Susan De

Excellent ER Doctor and Nurses

Susan S.

Excellent ER Doctor and Nurses Thank you so much for the great care for my husband I can't express it enough The care here is amazing and quick Everyone seems to know what their purpose is And the employees love their work WOW Our amazing nurse Tatiana thank you What a blessing you were to us Thank you to the management for making this hospital the best care a patient or a family would want The things I liked best: 1) Care plan in place 2) Patients and family know it 3) Charge Nurse Does Follow up 4) Ask the patient questions like: Do you know how to contact nurse? How can I make your stay better? 5) Answer Call Button Quickly 6) Stop by frequently to see if you need anything ( in & out showing they care) This is so badly needed in the industry Thank you to everyone!!! And God bless you and yours

Impeccable Gentleman

So my daughter was running around the house, like all kids do, after my wife telling her many times to stop running. So like every kid, that doesn't listen, she fell down hard and busted the skin under her chin. The cut was wide and bloody enough to cause concern so we promptly took her to the hospital. We found AdventHealth on Google Maps. I was happy to see that they had a kids emergency room. Everyone from the security guard to the receptionist were so welcoming. Shout out to Monica, the nurse, and Dr. Jan. We couldn't have asked for better staff. We were relieved that she didn't need stitches. Dr. Jan was so funny and kind. She really turned a bad situation for my wife, into one of relief and laughter. She sealed the wound with glue and patched it with butterfly bandages. Thank you, Dr. Jan.

Samantha Hannah

Almost 4 years ago I delivered my daughter at this hospital and it was amazing!! But last night we had to take her to the ER due to her sticking something in her ear. We have not been to this hospital in awhile so we were pleasantly surprised to see they have a Children's ER!! This place is fantastic, my daughter has a rough time with doctors so I was nervous but from the decoration to the staff this ER was so welcoming!! We did not have a long wait and when we got back to the room I did not feel we waited long to be seen. Again my daughter was very uneasy so Tess a wonderful nurse there came in and was talking with my daughter. Tess told my daughter that when the doctor comes back to help make her feel better Tess will bring an iPad in with Disney+ for her to watch and that when the doctor was good she would also bring a treasure chest in and let my daughter pick out a new toy!! The doctor came in, very sweet staff, and very understanding of children! She was able to remove the foreign object (while my daughter watched Frozen with Tess). At no point did I feel like my daughter was just another patient. And after, as Tess promised, she brought a chest full of toys in (and good toys at that) for my daughter to pick something out from!! (She picked a Frozen doll) So if you live around here and need an ER for you child hands down the best place to bring them!!

Keith D

Love this place. BEST hospital in all of central Florida and Advent Health. MRI department is AWESOME. OMG! They are a model on how all other departments should be run. Love those folks. State of the art facilities everywhere on site. Love the reception and registration dept. Even the payment area folks are great and happy and competent. Good experience. Don't go to any other place but Celebration Health and you will be pleasantly and professionally taken care of. Thank you!

Denis Van Doros

My wife became sick at Disney world. Was in intensive Care for 5 days. This hospital was wonderful would recommend to any one that gets sick in Florida to go to this hospital. Only problem we are having is finding out if all bill have been paid be insurance company. We saw so many specialist billing is very confusing.

Leon P.

Beautiful hospital but questionable care. I have had problems with every provider. I keep getting a bill for my primary care annual physical when I have a no co-pay coverage for annual physicals. The gastro-hepatology group was difficult to contact. They left a message at 4:55 PM that there was a problem with my prescription. I called back at 5PM and the office was closed. Tried to call the next few days with no answer. My girlfriend also tried with no answer. My pharmacist also tried with no answer. I used the online portal and received answers days later with anwers that did not address my questions. What good is your care if you cannot contact the doctor? They also gave me a referral to the ENT group at Advent Health for throat problems. I waited a week and contacted the ENT group. They said they did not understand the referral since the doctor I was referred to did not handle throat issues. Wrong referral and no call to let me know that?

Lena Little

Delivered my first baby in December 2019. The Baby Center is full of amazing nurses and doctors!! From checking in with triage to everyone coming into contact with was so friendly and made the process less scary. My Labor and Delivery nurse was Laura who was an absolute doll and was so wonderful!!! Dr. Starr delivered my baby and is the absolute best!! All my Recovery nurses were amazing- Diana, Ariana, and I am so sorry for forgetting a few of you, but you are all rockstars! Thank so much for making me feel at ease and explaining things every step of the way!

Denice Glowenke

My son got terribly sick during our family vacation from Dallas. After web doctor, urgent care days before we ended up at ER and he was admitted immediately on Christmas Day - from start to finish every single person was amazing. Even as I walked through the halls lost every single person asked if I needed help. THANK YOU to this entire staff for going above and beyond. We are forever appreciative!!

John Kings

Waiting in a room for over 30 min to have a tour of the Maternity Ward. Robin answered the phone and was of no help and was very rude on the phone. I let her know that we were interested in a tour and she mentioned someone would be right out. 30 mins later I called again for her to now ask if we have an appointment. This is a question she should of asked at first as we were unaware of a scheduled tour. We went to Heart of Florida with no issues with a tour. Not only was she rude but laughed at the fact that we have been waiting. Teresa Johnson is apparently the supervisor but spoke with Jaimie about the tour. She was not knowledgeable of how the tour works and how to go about scheduling an appointment nor did she know the website to access info on the tour. So clearly if the manager of the nurses doesn't know, how is a potential patient going to know? This hospital is beautiful with ugly attitudes. I would advise to not act self entitled and to provide patients who are there to look for a great hospital to provide care for their newborn. Obviously this provides business to this hospital but given the attitudes we will pass. This is not the place.

First Last

I don't really know what to say in this review. I never want to go to the doctor's office, and anytime I'm at the hospital it's for a bad reason. But if I was dying right now, I would go out of my way to visit this place. The crew is nice, it feels clean, my soul feels clean when I'm there, and it's next to lots of good food for when I run out of there. Would recommend.

Luiz Carlos Strazzacappa

I received a stroke treatment and was treated very well by all the staff. I was impressed with the care everyone has for the patient. I witnessed this care and I was very calm despite being alone, especially the nurses took very good care of me. thank you very much. advent health

Rosanna Santiago

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with twins and I was at the baby place yesterday during the day with an intense burning sensation which ended up turning out to be that my babies were ready to be here(still pregnant but at currently at Osceola). While at the triage I had such an amazing experience between the Doctor on duty(can’t remember her name) to my nurses (Ashleigh, Melissa, and a third older lady which unfortunately I can’t remember her name either but she was so sweet; even trying to talk to the babies to make sure they behaved lol). If it wasn’t because their NICU wasn’t fully prepared to received my tiny boys and my high risk doctor didn’t attend there I would’ve gladly stayed because they made every second I was there an amazing experience! Every hospital should have nurses like them..willing to attend and take care of their patients with love, making them feel at home. Thank you ladies!! ❤️

Joann Walker

I was on vacay in Disney World last week and had to visit the ER with respiratory issues. The staff was great & got me back quickly. Dr. Blevins was so easy going and put me at ease immediately. Carlos was my nurse and he was awesome as well. Every staff member I encountered was very nice and professional. I hated to have to visit while on vacation, but they were amazing and took great care of me!

Family Discounts

Nurse KIM located in labor & delivery is my favorite, gave birth twice and she was my nurse atleast once during my stay each time and she was absolutely amazing. She is so generous and straight forward while being understanding to your needs. My husband and I couldn’t thank her enough for her care.

Dana Geronimo

Labor and delivery nurses and doctors have all been great! NICU nurses and doctors as well. No complaints at all. The 4 stars is because the food is terrible. Was given hard eggs (was called cheese omelet) and couldnt even cut through it, chicken bacon was hard and looked like it's been sitting out for awhile. Luckily there are places close by that my husband/and family has been able to step out and get to eat.

Johnnie Peyton

Great hospital! Great nurses, doctors, and other staff! And most of all, GREAT chaplains!!!

Kristyel Torres

Can't say enough about this hospital, the staff, the cleanliness of the areas, everything was perfect. I gave birth on December 2017 and Dr. Asevedo was FABULOUS! The delivery process, how they explained everything and were with me and my family through this process was amazing. If I have another baby I would have it here, the absolute best!

Michelle Gendreau

Very nice hospital great staff

The Booth Family

Fabulous...Dr Frye saved my life last Friday night in the ER. I will forever be thankful to him and the wonderful staff that had a hand in my recovery. As I listened to the trained ? paramedic opinion he gave to Dr Frye I was shocked. He also failed to turn on the lights and rush me to the hospital thinking I had heart burn when I was having a heart attack.One artery completely clogged and the widow maker artery 90%. I am just so happy that Dr Frye was professional and ran all the test and got me to the cath room in 20 minutes and saved my life. Best nurses as well in ICU....

Natalie Garcia

I'm vacationing here in Florida and faced an unavoidable internal infection. All of the nurses have made me feel highly prioritized. I've stayed for several days in a gorgeous room with a beautiful view and a variety of accessories to feel comfortable. The staff have all treated so graciously and came to greet me and introduce who they are and reassure me of any questions or concerns. The food is amazing and is presented perfectly. This is a very organized and sanitized hospital. The staff is very attentive aswell. I would give it 10 stars!

Frank Valdes

the hospital very good, the attention too. I just wanted to thank you for the delivery of my spore and the warm welcome of our baby

Diana Carranza

Super helpful!! I have never been to a hospital so attentive and friendly. I am from New York and had to travel to Orlando, FL for my grandmother who was taken to the ER. She was then admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with Uterine cancer and she was so well taken care by all the nurses and doctors. Great technology used even for those who don’t speak English, like in my grandmothers case she doesn’t speak English only Spanish so they had an interpreter on a screen. Honestly the best choice. Food for patients family may be pricey from Welch’s cafeteria. If you are to stay with the patient they have great commodity with the recliners and sofa tables that turn into beds. The care and hospitality from the staff is incredible. I would totally recommend!

Helen Omolara

My husband was transferred here for cancer treatment, never new I could love going to an hospital. The environment, the atmosphere was healing and comforting to us. I read the scriptures before entering the doctors office I will feel heavy burdens lifted and say to myself he is healed.

Curtis L.

This facility has THE Worst parking situation ever. 10 minutes looking for a parking space. Valet says they're full. Yet they have tons of empty spots in their massive blocked off areas all around the campus. The valet parking takes up the front 20% of all parking. Constructions vehicles and workers cars take up another fifth of the available parking spots. It's absolutely terrible.

Cindy Oldham

This is a great Hospital and so much more.

Steven A. McPartlin

Hospital staff is great. Place is beautiful, resembling Disney. To get something to eat though......overpriced crappy food (at least bottled water is 45 cents).

Michelle S.

I came in complaining of severe lower back pain and side pain. I had 4 days I had not been able to keep anything down throwing up everything or using the bathroom. I was put in a room and given meds for pain. All of a sudden they came got me and put me in a room with recliners with a bunch of other patients for no apparent reasons. They were telling me ten minutes ago that they want to admit me and now all of a sudden they stuck me in a room on a recliner without warning. I have never been to a more unprofessional hospital in my life. I'm unsure why or what the typical practices are but if you have a sick patient and you have no idea what's wrong with them I don't think sitting them in a room after administering narcotics is the right way of doing things. Wanted to add I came here again being that it's closer to my home and I was sick. Again the same crap with the recliner. They gave me a dose of meds and within 20 mins move me to the observation room. I was holding on to the walls walking down the hallway. Oh and the the cafeteria food is horrific.

Rebecca A Carvalho

The most wonderful hospital I’ve ever been to and I’ve been in a lot. Very clean and a compassionate, caring staff. It’s an all around beautiful hospital. I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else. They provide excellent expert patient care in and extremely efficient manner. Staff very professional and also caring and friendly, treating this patient with dignity, compassion, and respect. I’m an RN myself so have very high standards and it was my pleasure to be a patient here. Thank you for taking such good care of me!