715 Bloom St, Celebration
(321) 939-3200

Recent Reviews

Mochi Master_

I love the peppermint mocha frappuchino but they run out of the dark chocolate curls too much and that's the main item that makes it so amazing. The curls get cold and you get something crunchy to munch on while you drink it! Overall it's my favorite drink during this season!

Business Panda

Wonderful service! Recived wrong order and the incident was fixed easily with no issues on either side! Definitely one of the best starbucks I've been too!

Maria Vasquez

Coconut Chai Latte. My new love...

Anderson Goncalves

I ordered a DECAF for my wife because she is extremely sensitive to Caffeine. So my wife got sick and was awake all night long because she got regular coffee.

J Barone

The staff was so friendly and helpful. I lived how festive they were and full of cheer during the busy holiday event.

Jasmin Barone

The staff was so cute and our drinks were amazing!!!

Orianna Irausquin

The worst Starbucks I?ve ever been,

Elizabeth Velez

Such a great neighborhood cafe. Friendly, quick, and great quality.

David Armando Droguett Ruz

Uno de mis lugares favoritos en el mundo: porque es Starbucks y porque es Celebration!! My favorite place in the world!!

Pamela Corson

Nice clean store, the layout is a bit weird you have to walk past the line to get to the start of the line which is towards the back of the store. Employees were once and efficient with the amount of people here. If you're coming to study and need wifi DO NOT come wifi is nearly nonexistent

herb hassler

Took a while to get my cafe mocha others after me in line got their's before me but it was good. Kinda pricey but good

Spencer Wilson

Starbucks is Starbucks, but Celebration is lovely and this one is more relaxed - so an extra star.


Nothing special to say - it?s just another Starbucks, but still great coffee. Buy and walk over to the lake and sit back to enjoy the peace and tranquility

Bok Szirt

Usual coffee, prices and friendly service â???.


We have been here many times and usually sit outside. This time I saw a lady let her small dog walk over and sit on a table. I took the time to warn a family with young kids and a pregant lady who arrived 10 minutes after she left that the table was dirty and not to sit there. They were grafeful and sat elsewhere. In all the years I have been coming to celebration starbucks I now realise I have never seen any member of staff clean a table outside. Something the manager of this and other starbucks here should consider given the huge bird and insect population and people with dogs who just dont care. Even if they provide wipes for customers to do it themselves its better than sitting at a filthy table and not realising.

Sharron Mackenzie

Literally the slowest Starbucks EVER in the history of coffee. 32 minutes for one frap..... seriously? I could have flown to Guatemala and planted, grown, harvested and brewed a cup quicker!!

Amanda Rebel Skeenzz Skena

I want to give a shoutout to Collin! I got fired from my job today and he gave me a free coffee. It was very kind and I just want everyone here to know how awesome he is!

Keven M.

Great service, Michael! Rang my order up perfectly (usually complicated order for baristas). Also, cheers to the barista who made an extra drink and offered it to me with a free water! BTW Michael just MIGHT be Tyler from 13 Reasons Why. The resemblance is uncanny.

Dan Pearson

I've been to some pretty poorly run Starbucks, but this was not one of them. The team on the evening of Wednesday, 8/7 was incredible, and deserved to be recognized. Thank You!

Candace M

It's a small Starbucks but had what I needed. Batista's were super friendly as well.

Terry M Stahl

Love My Bucks, Any Bucks will do


You can tell the place is a favorite of the locals. Lots of folks called by their first names when they came into the establishment. Great service and the staff was very friendly.

Buby Pou

They renovated the place and is awesome. Great place for take a coffee and seat with a lake view.

Pedro Schwinn

Nice place to grab a coffee and chill

Twan Vissers

Very nice remodeled store.

S. Davis

Nice people. Fun location.

John M.

Amazing service from the team felt very welcome definitely a must go please if you just want to sit down and have coffee or even have a snack A+ Service

Kathryn Boucher

I had a request for a pretty complicated coffee and Lynn the barista was so pleasant and helpful. She took her time answering my questions and made suggestions to make the drink perfect. After Lynn made the coffee, she had me try it and said she we would make it again if I didn't like it. The coffee was great! This location is very clean and well organized with a beautiful seating area outside with a nice view of downtown Celebration.

James Jordan

Normally this place is a 5 star when I visit. But at 9:55 I was gonna buy an ice coffee and was told that I could not enter because they were closing and she refused to let anyone else in. Poor customer service. I may avoid this Starbucks on the rest of my visit to Celebration.

Liz Rodriguez

Gotta have a chai latte? This is the place

mark y.

Friendly baristas, cushioned seating, up to date menu--ok this one is one of the decent ones. Beware that many tourists frequent this one, for example, "how big is a tall"? So prepare to be patient in line.

Sharon Newsome

Great place to go for a cold or hot beverage. The employees are very friendly and they have comped me free drinks. The key is to be friendly and to tip well. They always remember what a drink.

Riley Helriggle

Cassie is a great barista. Sheâ??s awesome. The best.

Benjamin Jacob

Great outdoors area, and the usual great service that you get from any Starbucks

Masao Mark Kiyota

I went last year. The town was quiet and nice shop.


Newly remodeled Starbucks right downtown Celebration across from the lake. Excellent service, good variety, just what you would expect from Starbucks. Grab your coffee and enjoy the lake across the street. Limited interior seating.

Emil K.

They have good food and drinks, but they spelled my name Amil, even after i said it is spelled Emil.


Great location in a beautiful town. I loved the atmosphere and the service was great too. Worth driving to see

Jonathan Hammond

Such a cute, smaller store. Staff was amazing, my favorite was Agatha. She was such a gem.

Emily Dubicki

Just another standard Starbucks. I come here from time to time And the service is good