715 Bloom St, Celebration
(321) 939-3200

Recent Reviews

Tiffany Merced

Quick pick-up service

Clay Hackett

They’ve done an amazing job handling social distancing. A perfectly safe place to grab a coffee and go.

Campos Aventuras

Great workers and of course great coffee. ????

JD Henao

Not good. Let me explain why...When you drink coffee or other coffee products you want to sit and talk to somebody about business, college, etc.Coffee is diuretic, I can't imagine a coffee place without a restroom. I can't imagine a Starbucks without a restroom.Coffee in Starbucks is expensive, if they don't have the money to pay for 3 people to run the store properly they are not ready to open yetMy Frapuccino was not good, I order without whip cream and the lady put a lot. And she was upset when I told her about the whip cream.Not good experience today

R S Daniels MSc

you walk in and they tell you only mobile app order? i dont have a phone, i walked here. i only use can see the place is dirty now that no one goes “inside”. they dont clean it, plus w mobile ordering there is no accountability.... starbucks... when you remove everything except the coffee...just sucks.

R Sean Daniels MSc

you walk in and they tell you only mobile app order? i dont have a phone, i walked here. i only use cash.

Andrea Stortz

very happy with the customer service!

Morgan Benge

Not to mention great coffee and drinks this location also has a nice outdoor patio, comfy seating indoors obviously, prepared food trays and waters, everything you could ever possibly need in one spot. Great ambience!

Roger rousseau

To expensive for a so call fancy word for a coffee shop

Margie Woolridge

I tried the Golden Ginger with pineapple drink. It was so good! This Starbucks is in downtown Celebration and by a lake. The staff is very friendly. It is a very relaxed atmosphere. I can grab a drink, and sit inside or outside, then take my time and really unwind and enjoy it.

Aaron Prohaska

Pretty typical Starbucks experience: friendly staff, they got us in and out quickly, fresh product. Parking is a little challenging but due to Celebration's setup, just because of the area.

Mark Whiley

Love this place,tucked in the corner by the lake.

Amel Ladhar-Trabelsi

Belle ambiance et un très bon café

Charylene Brombaugh

Had to redo my order. Made my hazelnut latte iced instead of hot. This was the 3rd Starbuck's we went to this morning to place my order. 1st place, oven wasn't working. 2nd place was CLOSED. 3rd place, made a COLD hazelnut latte, instead of hot. Not a pleasant experince

Leana A.

This place is ridiculous when I first come in I order a Trenta dragon drink with light ice because the amount of ice they put is ridiculous My drink is done after 30 MINUTES I say why is the wait so long in a rude way she says o well your not the only person in the store I try my drink and it is warm and no dragon fruit I say oh this is warm can you remake this for me I had ordered 4 drinks and all of them where messed up I try calling the company no response this is ridiculous .

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