Blinkers Beachside Steakhouse and Lounge

476 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater
(727) 754-1757

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Vincent C.

Best spot on the Clearwater strip- staff great, location great food good. None of the dishes were out of this world but all were quality.

Nina Hosch

We visited the restaurant for the first time for a parents anniversary on 8/11/21. We’ve heard great things from people on beach. Since this was our first experience we were surprised with how loud it was, you could hear everyone’s conversations, kids crying and screaming. We thought for a pricier steak joint it would be more elegant and quiet. The waitress already informed us when we sat if it was too loud to let her know. That was already a bad sign. We got out drinks and the straws were already opened and in our drinks the waitress brought over. We didn’t particularly like that because we don’t want other people’s hands touching where we are about to put our mouths, especially with the covid situation going on. Just in general though I wouldn’t think most people would like that. We asked the waitress for a new straw and she went over to her middle area and came right back with it in her hand opened, she did grab it with a napkin. We again asked what? Where’s the straws with the paper covers so we can put them in ourselves. She said they come like that. So their shipped open in boxes and transported all over and opened by their associates at restaurant free air to coughs, sneezes and germs from the restaurant. Someone in our party wanted a plain baked potato with no salt or oil on outside. Waitress said we can’t do that, they come like that. She said they can put a plain one in microwave. We asked well were paying descent money to eat here, we don’t want our food in the microwave. We settled then for the potato the way It came. When asked about broccolini, she explained to us it was basically broccoli and asparagus, but in one, but it was asparagus. Caused confusion and laughter but ok. She was gone a lot for very long periods of time and when we asked for refills and water she forgot and was nowhere to be found many times. We really were in high hopes that the food would at least be good. Indeed it was. Despite everything else the steak and the sides came out good. I will say that everything was extremely seasoned with salt. I will admit we will not be back. I do know times are hard to find good staff, but were better off going across the street to the Beachcomber pay a little bit more for a steak and receive outstanding service. We love our steak joints Ruth Chris and I’d rather pay the extra $ and really receive outstanding service, amazing food, as well really enjoying this special moment we are trying to celebrate in our lives.

Brittany M.

Service was good. I got the seafood Alfredo which was good and my husband got the ribeye which he said was just "meh". The complimentary bread is very good! We also got the chocolate lava cake and key lime pie to go which was decent. Good experience overall but overpriced in our opinions.

Vanessa Colina

I’m so glad we discovered this restaurant while we were walking near Pier 60. We were so tired and hungry that we just saw the special and went in. Such nice attention, care, dedicated customer service. From the hostes, to the waiter to who I assume is the manager, stopped by to ask how our food was and if we needed anything else. Very friendly, very attentive, which we appreciate very much! The food was outstanding! We had the NY Steak.

Cleophus Givhan

I tell you Blinkers is all right with me little over price but the steak was cooked perfect. The young lady that was waiting on me was so nice and knowledgeable about restaurant. The manager was on point and very interested in your dining experience their. Oh let me tell you about the desert bread pudding it was a great treat. My mother use to make it for me when I was kids. Thank you !hospitality hospitality hospitality

Lashes By Jamie

QUALITY!!!Blinkers is the local best kept dining secret. The manager and staff are so amazing at accommodations for you and your party. Even when they are busy they find a way to keep you from leaving and they get us situated quickly. The food is delicious and doesn't taste commercialized and cheap quality like most other beach restaurants. The menu is extensive so there is something for everyone. The ambiance is beautiful inside the establishment and definitely good for family, meetings, or a date- you won't be embarrassed ? Lastly, even Tim from the kitchen gave us bread when they were closed and we tried to get food late night.

Gwendolyn Koghee

Ordered 5 different things to go - quality issues with every item. Overcooked steak , poor quality /prep of tuna unappetizing presentation, way smaller portion size of calamari , no bread , no utensils. I Usually don’t take the time to complain or leave negative reviews but be advised either management or kitchen employees have changed for the worst. Have worked in hospitality for many years and definitely don’t mind spending money on quality food and service but this experience was a total bust . Spoke with James the manager - who sounded disinterested and unbothered by the fact his kitchen is putting out Sub par food - so I guess he made the service to match. Disappointing because this was one of the better spots on Clearwater Beach to have a nice meal for sure .

Victoria R.

We made a reservation for 7 people . Upon arrival they seated us in a nice section by the window, two of us were getting dropped on from the AC being on right above them. When we addressed the issue to the server he gave an attitude and said " Well your only option is to scoot over into the booth." Instead of resolving the issue or offering to take a look and see what they could do to make it better. We all asked for bread when we ordered our drinks since we were out at beach and shopping all day. We didn't get bread till manger brought our meals out. They forgot one of our meals. Another person in our party who was pregnant took a bite of her salad and when the runner came to bring the last entree out he witnessed her pull hair from her mouth from her bite of salad. He handled the situation like a champ took it out of the way and said he will make sure it is comped and apologized. So we start eating and she found another hair in her seafood alfredo. So at this point we wanted the manger since our last night on vacation turned into a disaster. He apologized said he would remove entree from her bill but was short . So finally we get our bills and the server ended up double charging the person who was supposed to be comped and charged incorrect entrees for people and their cards and would not provide a receipt of the removal of one of the double charges , we ended up sending each other money for the difference in entrees because we didn't want to wait however long for them to issue refund to post . Absolutely worst experience our and we were there to celebrate a birthday . This is supposed to be a nice restaurant so we expect better service . If you want subpar service and alright food we would have went elsewhere. Do not go here !

Annelise B

I would’ve loved to be able to write a good review but unfortunately I have almost nothing good to say. When we got there the hostess was VERY nice. there wasn’t an available table so I left my number. Not even a 10 minute wait before we got a table. I had high hopes. It took a little longer than expected before the waitress came over but it was a little busy so not a big deal. She took an order for our appetizer (crab cakes) which were not bad. A little while later, she came back and took our order. My fiancé and I both ordered a filet minon, I got 6oz, he got 8oz. Both asked for medium rare. When the food arrived it looked amazing and we couldn’t wait to eat it. My fiancé normally doesn’t get his cooked medium rare, typically he’ll do well done but he wanted to try it. My steak was cooked a perfect medium rare but my fiancé’s was almost uncooked. We would’ve told the waitress sooner about the issue but unfortunately she didn’t come back after another waiter gave us our food. I looked around and saw her talking to another table so we waited, but she didn’t come back for a pretty long time. When she finally did, we told her and she said she’d grab a manager. So we waited for the manager to come speak to us. When the manager came to our table, I explained the issue and I was basically told that I was WRONG. I was told that my medium rare steak was actually over cooked and that my fiancé’s steak was a “perfect” medium rare, the manager was pretty rude to us in our opinion after he said all that, we didn’t even get a chance to respond before he walked away then the waitress just put the check on the table and walked away, didn’t even say a word. We were very polite about it but my fiancé never gets his steak cooked anything other than well done so he had no idea that his steak was way undercooked. We would’ve sent it back to be cooked more but unfortunately our waitress only came to our table twice and by that time it was too late. Wasted $110 I would’ve much rather spent elsewhere. VERY disappointed on how the issue was handled by the manager. This place was definitely not worth the price at all. Don’t waste your money and go a few doors down to the salty crab.

Brian F French

Outstanding service the staff sure knows there stuff

Royce Doan

Blinkers is one of the best steaks you will find in the area. The staff is awesome!


Do not pass up the chance to eat here!!!! Capriccio, fried provolone , hand made cocktails and incredible service!

Jason Jett

Fantastic . Made reservations for a fairly early dinner (6pm) however didn’t even need them as they were not busy . I had previously read reviews and as always they were mixed but I was completely satisfied.We sat down quickly and given bread and water. Waiter was nice and gave us information about the menuFood came out quickly and was delicious. Would definitely return

Arnold Santamaria

Service was really good from the moment we made the reservation till the moment we left food was amazing great atmosphere had a great time with family will definitely come back and will recommend !!


This place is exceptional! You never really know what you are going to get from tourist area restaurants, but reading all the great reviews, we decided to go here. We definitely weren’t disappointed! The service was excellent, shout out to Maggi! She did a great job with explaining everything and keeping drinks stocked and very outgoing. We went for the steaks and we were so glad we did! We wished we had done it two nights earlier, so we could of had it again , before we left! We eat a lot of steakhouses when traveling or back home and this one is in my top 3 now! The food was wonderful! Steaks cooked to perfection! I had the NY Strip and my wife had a filet. We both cut into our steaks and took the first bite and instantly looked at each other and said wow! They just melted in your mouth! The flavor and tenderness was amazing! We would go back to Clearwater Beach just for this place!

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Blinkers Beachside Steakhouse and Lounge

476 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater, FL 33767
(727) 754-1757