Cristino's Coal Oven Pizza

1101 S Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater
(727) 443-4900

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Pizza was so good. Maybe the best brick oven pizza I've ever had. Gelato was just as delicious. Servers were masked friendly and efficient. Very authentic Italian food. Only complaint is the odd Italian pop music playing at a fairly high volume. Personally I prefer low volume Italian opera. Good outdoor dining area.

Brian Phillips

The first time we came here I would have rated 5 stars. The staff was awesome and the food was spectacular.Today we came and were served one mediocre dish after another. My wife thought the cheese sticks were no better than the frozen sticks in our freezer, the chicken was dry enough to pull moisture from the air, and my glorious pizza from the last visit was far from the vicinity. I have to leave three stars because the staff was friendly and the first impression was great.Unfortunately there are too many great community restaurants to be discovered, and we won’t be returning here. This was a one hour drive for us and I was excited to taste really great Italian food again. We aren’t even taking the food home with us. Hopefully the trash can is hungry.

Matt Coddington

This place was recommended by an Uber driver. Said it was the best pizza he's ever had, and he's a pizza lover.Looked forward to trying it out the next time I was in town. WOW, it did not disappoint!The coal-oven pizza was outstanding! Service was great too - Nicole recommended the sliced (vs crumbled) sausage, and it rocked!

Drew Ladopoulos

WOW FOLKS... This place has some AWESOME Pizza Pie! Been in Florida for 8 years now looking for good pizza - we found it!! The crust was delicious..the sauce - very flavorful and cooked to perfection! Started off with some fried calamari - lighlty breaded and screaming hot along with some of their great sauce! Finished it off some pistachio gelato and lemon sorbet.. DELICIOUS! It was a perfect ending to a great meal! Cant wait to try the rest of the menu!!Our waitress was Maya - very attentive and super friendly! Nice job Cristino's - will be back soon!

Eddie Oakie

We are there last night and loved the food! Pizza was fantastic along with the salad, shrimp and raviolis! Employees very friendly and helpful.

Josie Erwine

We are pizza crazy people and we agreed this is one of the best we’ve had. We started with mozzarella sticks. They were average mozzarella sticks BUT the marinara was served hot which made a huge difference. Pizza was hot, not expensive, more than enough (16”). The crust was amazingggg, sauce was the best I’ve ever had, and the mozzarella was super fresh!! Finished off with some “famous” gelato that was also super good. Service was great and atmosphere was awesome!! Overall 10/10!!!


I loved it, I got the 4 cheeses pizza & Sis got the babysitter. They were both equally great. Service great. Not 1 complaint.

Nikki Keller

EASILY the best meal I’ve ever had in my whole life. The service is outstanding and the food is INCREDIBLE. Just go. I can die happy.

Juan Celestial

Brooklyn in da house. Good pie! Great customer service.. owner is awesome!

Damian Schultz

good is always good as is the service. no complaints here

AngryGoat 6.0

I called in to get a pizza to go. I ordered a large margarita and added chicken to it. They told me 15 minutes and the pie will be done. I got there in about 12 minutes and the pie was just coming out of the oven. The person on the phone and the person that served me were very nice.My first bite into the pizza was salty. I'm not the one who likes a lot of salt but am tolerant of some salt. I'm not sure if it was actually this crust that was salty or the sauce on the pie. Upon eating other slices I found that it was salty in certain areas. The crust was good in terms of the texture and the taste when it wasn't salty. The chicken seem to be flavorless. The presentation of the pie was okay. Some areas had less chicken some slices almost didn't have any chicken. Overall there was not a lot of chicken put on the pie for the price.I would probably only go back if I was very close and didn't feel like driving somewhere else.

Juan Pablo Vengoechea

Overall experience was good, we ordered a Margherita and a Quattro Formaggio, the taste of the pizza was good, we also ordered an hazelnut ice cream, very nice loved it. They can perform better at the service, to many waiters walking around and not taking care of what we wanted to order, usually an italian place the service is more than better.

Whitney H.

Well, I think I am being kind with 3 stars. We called and then picked up our meal. I'm going to start and stop with the appetizer. The capresse salad was okay, if best. The tomatoes were not ripe, few in number and size, and the addition of wilted (yes, I said wilted/soggy) peppers on top was just an unpleasant addition. I found the dressing to be too sweet for my taste. But I'm not a huge dressing fan. The veal Marsala was eaten by my dinner companion. However, I was not impressed. I'm sure I will come back. So, when I do.....I'll probably stick to their pizzas or attempt another dish.

Rufo Lomahan Jr (Jun)

This is the best pizza place in the Clearwater area. There are pizza places and there’s Christino’s. Go ahead and try their clams with linguine. They are really good and full of flavor.

Joy D.

This is a MUST when in Clearwater! Everyone in the party loved their meal. Save room for gelato, it's made homemade and tastes amazing. Mikey, our server, was amazing.

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