Quaker Steak & Lube

10400 49th St N, Clearwater
(727) 572-9464

Recent Reviews

Blake Russell

Food is great as always… just trying to figure out why they keep claiming there’s a wing shortage and way up charging for wings for months when literally no other wing place has had a wing shortage or up-charged. $20 for 10 wings is getting a little ridiculous.

Sharon Smith

Interesting, fun place. Very popular. Very low cost Happy Hour drinks. Menu is limited as far as healthy choices. Very good salads. Can be noisy at times. Vintage car shows and many other events are held every weekend.

Kenneth “Chewie” Lee

Great food and decor. First time having fried pickle wedges and they were great.

Hippie Mafia 813

I hadn't ever eaten here but had always heard good things, they were a little slow but the food still came out pretty fast. Unfortunately my wife makes fantastic Korean BBQ so I was a little less than impressed with the sauce I got on my wings but other than that everything was great. Neat atmosphere inside too, NASCAR and racing memorabilia everywhere, there's even a car hanging from the ceiling over the bar!

Jane Hindall

good food, great service, fair prices

Alex Lopez

Always cold beer. Always great staff. Always decent food. Can't complain at all.

Sean Chapman

Great food and atmosphere. Large TVs for sports. Staff is amazing and friendly. Beverages and food quick. This was my first time to this restaurant. Will come back again. Thanks for the Florida hospitality.

j lee (Starr Child)

Don't get the blt! Soggy bread, brown lettuce, 1 under cook piece of bacon. 2 stars because the tea was good

Susan Murray

It feels like a beach bar outside, the only thing missing is the ocean! Great wings and sauce selection. Laid back good vibe.

Susan Hughes

All in s it was great food, . Great service, great waitress,

Jesse Whaley

Service was good. Food was okay. I had the breaded boneless wings (i had a white shirt on so i didn't order bone-in) too much breading and over cooked, causing the batter to become too hard and crunchy. Onion rings were awesome though!

James B.

Have been close to Quaker Steak & Lube locations several times but never stopped in. Yesterday there was a car show going on in the parking lot next to our hotel. That was enough to get us to check it out. They seemed to be understaffed for the amount of business they were doing so there was a decent wait for food to arrive. But everything we ate was delicious and the server was fantastic. Next time we are here we will certainly give it another shot.

HRH the Duchess of Pasco

Excellent food and service. Good variety of food offered. Well prepared and served in a timely manner. I like it for lunch better than dinner.

Jennifer G.

We used to come here, a LOT until we had issues. That was a long time ago. We have since been back, only 1 other time, until now. We had family in town that wanted to dine here for dinner. We called ahead with our party of 11. They made us a reservation, no problems. The staff were also very friendly. Our server was great! She was prompt & efficient. We had ordered several of the combo appetizers for the table. We also had some other, small appetizers. For my husband & I, we had the homemade chips with beer cheese. The chips were good, the beer cheese is awesome but, you only get a very tiny cup of it. The chips had to be broken to even fit in that tiny cup. We also ordered 12 boneless wings & an order of magna fries. We never touched the fries & took them home. I did eat 2 boneless wings. I put a third on my plate but suddenly felt sick. I ran to the restroom to puke. Thinking that something just didn't agree with me, I went back to the table. I did not eat anything else. My son in law also ate boneless wings. He also got sick prior to leaving the restaurant. I did not realize he also got sick, until the next day. I'm not sure what caused this but, those of us that ate the boneless wings, all ended up puking. Once we got the wings out of our system, we were all fine. We did bring the wings home but decided to not eat them, for obvious reasons. I will say they've made some staffing changes. The staff that were working Saturday evening were great! Our drinks were refilled, promptly. Our food was delivery timely, as well. My only issue is that something was not right about the boneless wings....

Roland Bornhauser

way over priced , and wasn’t that good either!!!

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