Taco Bell

5225 E Bay Dr, Clearwater
(727) 531-8655

Recent Reviews

Hunter Hall

Found a 1.5 inch bone in my bacon club calupa today. How does that happen?Food: 1/5

Evan Wilder

I ordered 8 items and they only got 3 right. I called them and the guy who took my order answered the phone and told me he took me order right I asked him what I order and he said idk.. the manager said sorry sir and hung up.. you guys are nothing but jokes no wonder you work where you do. God bless ya

MissNicole Marie

Staff is always amazing. Patience is sometimes needed due to short staffing but this location works hard to get orders correctly and out as quick as possible..manager Cody is a gold star

mike rosenblum

Great place, good tacos, burrito,s, counter people nice, courteous, patient. Clean seats, tables, bathroom .Chicken quesadillas great !Vegetarian options: My buddy the vegan gets bean only taco's, here, and he luves them. He likes counter people too.

Stephanie Lannas-Mccomas

I love Taco Bell breakfast and I love they serve breakfast till 11 AM unlike all the rest of the places that close at 10:30 AM for their breakfast.

Meghan Harsh

Slowest Taco Bell ever. Sat the in the drive through for 30 minutes and decided to leave because it took so long, down the street to Moe’s southwestern grill, where I was able to obtain my food in under seven minutes

Tonya Pennucci

We were served a few moments after stepping in the restraunt. We had to wait for a bit to get our food but it was good and everything we ordered was in the bags.Parking: There were multiple spots open to park.

Ky TheSweetest

Closed and doors locked at 920 says 10 on the door. Canceled 2 Uber orders at this location due to miscommunication.

Gee Borja

Everything I order was made quickly and correctly. Service was great! Will be back again!Food: 5/5

notoriousscottyb Smith

I don't know if its new management or another cause but the employees really seem to care. (I know, Right?!)I had a really good experience here.Great friendly helpful service really good well prepared food. NOT falling apart inside of barely wrapped paper that I'm getting regularly at other brands.Oh yeah!5 stars for corporate for bringing back the mexican pizza.

Mitzi Stearns

I used to go to this Taco Bell location at least once per month. About two months ago, I put in an order. The food was not nearly as good as previously. Well, today I decided to give this location one last chance … I ordered the chicken quesadilla combo (includes a taco supreme) AND I ordered an extra taco supreme. My receipt read correctly for my order and I paid the full amount (which included an up charge which I was not asked/told about … probably for charity (?) Well, when I emptied the bag to eat, I did not get a quesadilla, but more like a skinny burrito, one taco more like a regular taco. I did NOT receive a second taco supreme at all!!!!! I am extremely disappointed and definitely will NOT be returning to this location and neither will my family and friends! I will spend $12 elsewhere … yeah, a whopping $12 to get disappointed!

Lexi riker

I waited in Drive through for about 15mins because of the car Infront of me. Okay that's fine, expecting a big order.... Well I place my order and It's simple, 1 #2 3 Soft taco's with NO lettuce with a Mt. Dew along with the Chz Burger Griller. To my surprise when I get home I have NOTHING I ordered besides the Mt.dew. I have a Nacho bell Grande and 3 hard taco's... I've Tried calling this location 4 TIMES. Its rings and rings and NO one will ANSWER. Now I am a manager at a restaurant and I would answer that phone on two rings. This is horrible customer service.

Alan Von Bargen

My daily lunch here is a high point of my day. J & Mell are superstar employees. Keep up the great work!

Lala Nikolayevna

This Taco Bell location ensures that the cheese in your chicken quesadilla is NOT melted. This isn't the 1st time these guys serve your food half cooked smh...

Justin Walton

Food was good quality, order was not accurate. They made sure take it correctly

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