Ward's Seafood Market & Take-Out

1001 Belleair Rd, Clearwater
(727) 581-2640

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iris hall

Prices high so far i didn't care for scallops to small fishie taste. Hope shrimp is better. Pass on large shrimp.. no taste.. The orange ruffy was great cooked in garlic/onion, olive oil, coconut oil and seasoning.

Gabrielle Lebhar

I bought grouper cheeks, way overpriced and not fresh. One of the cheeks was a piece of grouper that smelled bad.The cashier was snooty, impolite and had a bad attitude probably because he thinks that anyone who communicates has a problem with his appearance and his gender, and how he moves and talks, which is just ridiculous.When I moved here in the 80s, we used to go shop there all the time was family-owned and it was decently priced and clean and fresh but not anymore and I’m very disappointed I will never go back.

Gina Gramly

Trent was awesome!..We realized we didn't tip after we left. Came back and they were closed and we even called like 10 mins after they closed. No ans. BUT the scallops were AMAZING!

Rosanna Logan

My nine year old son said you are rated a million stars he got the kids chicken finger combo today! We are on vacation from Missouri and are so thankful for you all! Take out was wonderful! Everyone try the crab cakes they are delicious. The captains fish and chips special is great. Wish we were closer, God bless!

chris mead

probably the best seafood place from naples to Tampa. i live an hour away but would still make the drive! fresh seafood, creative seafood salad, great frozen selection - take out orders, wine, beer. gad zooks ain’t nothing like it!

Cindi Tindol

Always fresh and delicious! We have ordered take out several times, always awesome. We have also gotten lobster tails and shrimp to grill at home. They are delicious! Never disappointed ?

Larry Gareau

Ward's is the best in the area. The maine lobsters were great. We also added some middle neck clams and a calamari salad to our New Years eve feast.

Emily England

Ordered jumbo shrimp steamed with old bay. Very tasty and made to order!

Christa Jackubiak

We used the carryout service and purchased a variety of small items for our lunch. Unfortunately some of the items we're not up to the best standards. We really enjoyed the fish spread and seafood salad but the cooked clams and shrimp were not up to Wards standards. My family has been buying fresh seafood from wards for years and this is the first time we've ever been disappointed in something we got from there.

Suzanne Mccaffrey

First time we got cooked seafood from the kitchen. 12/09/22. My grilled salmon was good. The hush puppies were still doughey in the center. And got the fried fish platter ( special) 13.95 serves 2 great value. I recommend eating their or in your car maybe. We live down Seminole Blvd and 102and. It was literally falling apart and very greasy?? And breaded not battered.

Tamika Williams

This place is amazing! They have everything for your seafood needs. They have a variety of fresh fish, shrimp, lobster, crawfish, and so much more. I’ve had their smoked salmon and the j*** shrimp from the cooked side an it was so seasoned ?. I love the cashier here every time my husband and I come she is happy and cracks jokes I love it! I’m so happy I stumbled upon this place on my way to work one day.

Rugged spartan

The fish was very pricey here. They also had some ahi tuna labeled as sushi grade that did not taste like it. It was tough and not as soft as you would expect. The staff was great and very nice. The location was also very clean and presentable.

Isabel F.

Incredible selection of fresh caught fish! They will also cook it for you if you would like. I've had a few delicious last minute meals cooked here.

Marty M.

Ive been going to Wards for years. If you want the best freshest Florida seafood this is a a great place. I'm having medium Florida pink shrimp for dinner tonight. After baying fresh shrimp, you will NEVER go back to frozen. Their shrimp are meaty and delicious. Ill be buying stone crabs soon. They're expensive but worth a one a year treat.

Gina Fuller

I stopped in to buy some halibut and shrimp for dinner. I know why this place has been around for years. The halibut was absolutely delicious and their display was clean with an amazing selection. The service was top notch. I am definitely going back here.

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Ward's Seafood Market & Take-Out

1001 Belleair Rd, Clearwater, FL 33756
(727) 581-2640