7782 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs
(754) 240-4857

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Brian B.

Cieladito's is a great new ice cream and Mexican ice store on Wiles. They are a few store fronts down from the mainstay La Union Mexican Bakery. Cute place, great Mexican inspired and unique flavors, and very friendly and attentive staff. They encouraged the sampling of many flavors, which really helped me know that they are all great. The lucama was surprisingly creamy with almost a caramel hint, even though it comes from a Peruvian fruit. They had a Ferrera flavor which is made with the famous Italian hazelnut chocolates and is excellent. I settled on flan ice cream in a waffle cone, which had chunks of flan mixed in. It was unique and delicious. We also ordered Maria Cookies Ice Cream in a waffle cone. It tastes just like the cookies and brought me back to my childhood. I highly recommend giving Cieladito's a try. They only have a couple of reviews so far, and I think that the two poor reviews are a little unfair. Neither speak to the quality of the product. One claims that the prices change every time, but the prices are literally written on the walls and printed in a nice glossy menu. We got two huge waffle cones and some candy for less than $9. The second says their first visit and the ice cream was excellent, but yet left only a negative review after "poor service" the second trip. Everyone is entitled to their reviews and opinions, but it seems like the rating only got the negative feedback calculated into the rating and the first experience was ignored. Mind you I am the king of including customer service in my rating, but fair is fair. These reviews are especially detrimental because they don't have many yet. I believe these will be drowned out over time as they get more reviews and people will find the value in this hidden new spot. There are a lot of choices in Coral Springs for Ice Cream and Italian/Mexican Ice. Yet, I believe this one is better than most. I will probably stop by every time I go to La Union, which if my daughters had their way would be at least once a week.

Hiram G.

Cieladitos is hands down some of the best if not the best Mexican ice cream I had in a while. Their galletas Marias and the Gansito ice cream are the highlights of their products. However, let me tell you about the duritos. This is a staple of Mexican culture when it comes down to street snacks. Made out of a flour shell, covered with cabbage, cheese, pickled pigskins, and hot sauce. My mouth just watered describing this. Cieladitos is definitely innovative, fun, delicious and reasonably priced. If you can stop by, give it a try. This place is definitely Chok approved!

Anabella Thimann

Excellent prices for really great, homemade desserts! It's owned by a veteran too ? Support this delicious local place! I got the tamarind raspado (shaved ice) with condensed milk and it was so good and refreshing!

Ashley Grubb

I learned about this place from Coral Springs Talk and been asking my bf to take me here for days for a date night. We finally was able to make here and now it is our new favorite ice cream date spot! So delicious! I would recommend it to everyone! If you can't have dairy like me they have dairy free options. Which made the experience even better! Can't wait for our next visit and try something new again.

Jason P.

Ice cream place serving Mexican-themed flavors such as dulce de leche, flan, lucuma, guanabana. Nice people, all flavors made on premises. Lucuma was nice and custardy and creamy, guanabana cream ice was nice and refreshing. Love the flavor of the dulce de leche but I think it was either not held at the right temperature or something happened during the freezing process which caused it to have some ice crystals in it. It's a new place and every new ice cream shop has stuff to work out with process and equipment. I'd definitely come back as it is right next door to two of my favorite taco places, La Union and Antojitos Esmeralda.

Oliver Riquelme

The most delicious ice cream in Coral Springs. The owners make you feel at home and take immense pride in their craft. Make sure to try all their delicious flavors and you'll definitely come back for more.

Ashton Phillips

Love this place!! The girls were super friendly and inviting and ice cream was soooooo yummy! Very cute little place. Cant wait to go back!

Naomi Naganoma

Amazing family-owned ice cream shop in town! Friendly, welcoming and delish- highly recommend. If you’re in town this is a MUST TRY!!!

Cindy Jenilee

Son los helados más ricos que he probado en mi vida!!! Además del excelente servicio que nos brindaron. 100% recomendable El de gansito sin duda fue mi favorito! Mil gracias!

Sam Flores

As a former Health Inspector for the State of Florida, I can say this is one of the most safest ice cream place I have been in. What impressed me the most, is how the employees want to keep everyone safe. The place is extremely clean. The employees wear gloves and wash & sanitize their hands regularly. My family and I love all the selections Of ice cream and love the place. Thank you for keeping us safe. We will be back many times over. Keep up the good Work. Number One ice cream place To visit and be safe. Take it from a former Health Inspector who knows cleanliness. ENJOY!!!Sam Flores

Gaby Gonzalez

This is my new favorite place in Coral Springs! Authentic Mexican flavors, super affordable prices, everything is delicious!. My favs? Flan ice cream, mangonadas and paletas de tamarindo. But they have also esquites, chamoyadas, gansito ice cream, and a lot more. Do you need a plus? Owners are super nice! Pd. **Ask for the rum and raisins icecream and let me know ??**

Yan Petlyar

Best ice-cream in the area. The nicest sand rarest flavors that I have never tried anywhere else. Love going there! Keep it up guys! ?

Christine Bueno

100% recommend. So many different options. I got a mangonada and chili sour patches. Both tasted delicious!

Stephen Thomas

the best home made Mexican ice , my favorite was Mexican vanilla and coconut. And Excellent Customer Service, owner's very friendly, the shop is very clean and I love writeing on the wall, can't wait to go back! I highly recommend.

Michael Sarron

The best and most unique flavors I've ever had. Great service and Top quality. My kids are addicted.

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