Applebee's Grill + Bar

215 Rasberry Rd, Crestview
(850) 689-0050

Recent Reviews

Remond Forbes

Food was good. Service was great.

Danny Austin

Service was fine. The food though…. One of the worst steaks I’ve ever had. Just tough and grisly. Also be prepared to listen to hip hop at a fairly loud volume. Just sayin’ everyone has their own taste in music, throw a bit of variety in there.

Patti Davidson

45 minute wait, due to only having 3 servers. Half of the place was shut down, lights off, chairs put up. I believe about 7 groups left because of the waiting and reasoning. After awhile they would just laugh and say I know, sorry. Our waiter was really good..

Jason Blocker

The staff were rude and unhelpful. I was put in a position that was undeserving and my 6 yr old daughter was unable to eat her favorite meal from our hometown Applebee's. Its a shame that people allow their personal feelings to affect their professional attitude.


Good food with friendly staff. If they are busy waiting may be expected but that is because the food is good. I have never gotten a bad meal here. One bad thing, when they fill the cup with ice I have to keep asking for refills. Why do waitvstaff not just put a little bit of ice in a drink so you can drink the drink and I have just enough ice to keep it cool?

Renita Bowman

Ok place, to dang cold inside. But service was good.Only thing the cheese withe pretzels sticks looked like a nasty gravy instead of the sauce they were out of.

Linda Kennedy

Took forever to get our food but staff was friendly and food was good and restaurant was clean.

Maria Sanchez

Love their southwestern bowl. Good service too.


RUN!!!! If you want anything other than the complete opposite of what you order then you should definitely skip this location! The cook needs a major education on how to cook steaks. We gave this location a shot THREE times over the course of two months and ALL THREE times our steaks were not cooked how we ordered them AT ALL. They are always out of something, the service is sub par and the only thing they do when they mess up your order is say they are sorry and “hope you have a better experience next time”!!!! Absolutely done trying here- just drive on to the next one if you must have Applebee’s.

Vineese H.

Really don't understand how the rating is so low I've literally had this place on and for about a week due to moving from Navarre to crestview and every time we ordered car side to go our food was fresh it was prompt and it was exactly what we were expecting none of our food was bland the people who helped us were very nice haven't had their drinks yet but in due time I'll post another review speaking on the bar

Amanda Hoover

Our server was so helpful and nice she had a great personality. The food was amazing, so full of flavor. The prices are very responsible especially for the amount of food you get


So, they are a pretty good place to eat. Its a bit pricey but not to bad. The employees are polite and overall good customer service. The food is pretty good and they serve really good alcoholic drinks.

Jeannette J Brown

If I could have given less stars I would have.1st, the service was shameful! We ordered appetizers and to go orders. No ones order was correct! Half the people at the table was “attempting “ to eat while the other half of the table had to wait another 15-20 minutes for their food. By this time NO ONE wanted anything!Half of the to go orders came before the appetizers... unboxed!On top of this, we got home with the to go order only to find the burger still raw in the middle!

Amanda Boulier

My fiancé and I ordered via DoorDash tonight, it was a bit later in the evening. We ordered the steak medium, it came very rare. It looks like it was only flipped a couple of times and they called it good. I usually don’t post these, but it’s disappointing that I have to re cook my food because it wasn’t even made correctly.


Went in with my family today for a nice Mother’s Day dinner.Service was great , my dinner was hot and delicious which was the Chicken Cranberry Vinaigrette salad. Everything was great.

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