Arirang Restaurant

172 Woodruff Ave E, Crestview
(850) 398-8903

Recent Reviews

Matthew Benford

Food was decent however the serving sizes for the fried rice were smaller than expected. Pork fried rice was 14.50.

Gabby Booker

I use to go here a few years back and thought it was nice so I went on a date there with my boyfriend. The waitress there wouldn’t leave the table at all during the whole time we were there and insisted on spilling her entire life story to us while we were trying to eat. I have a seafood allergy and had asked for them to cook my food separately from all the fish oil so I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction but when I got my food I ended up still having an allergic reaction after they had assured me that they didn’t cook it anywhere near their fish dishes. Prices were a bit high but out of whole experience that’s the least of what’s wrong there. Terrible service and ok food, wouldn’t recommend

Juliet Sites

Best restaurant in Crestview. Every time I go I get something new and it all tastes amazing.

Kimberly Francis

The food is good but when I got my check the prices were higher then on the menu....

Lilee Cuff

Delicious seafood pancake - crispy on the outside and moist inside. The dolsot bibimbap was served in a hot wide stoneware, which made mixing easy. The pork kimchi stew was offered in 3 levels of hotness - mild, medium, or spicy. Medium was just right for me. Would recommend mild if you are not used to spicy food. Could spice it up with kimchi provided, if needed

ProMoto Racing

GREAT SERVICE from Thomas! He explained every dish that I had questions for, and great in attention to detail! The food was just the topping on the cake!

Benjamin Moore

Best Korean I've had. Place was understaffed but well run. Will return

Michael Bregon

Got a bento box lunch special it was awesome enjoyed the meal, the place is a little hidden but it is a must-have to go to. The staff was well attentive and I will make it a regular stop for lunch from now on.

Midnight Special

First impressions...clean and presentable atmosphere. Service is very polite and attentive. The food was very delicious. They also had some Korean dish which was not on the menu...harmful pajeon (seafood pajeon: seafood scallion pancake) which is very delicious. Everything was well prepared. One minor issue...the hot tea pot needed a bit more polishing...stains and finger prints. Besides that, I highly recommend this restaurant.FULCRUM

MJ Colors

We always get the bagogi here. Hot and fresh. So many amazing sides. And they make fresh sushi. I like the BBQ roll. (Steak,avacado,Avocado, cream cheese roll.) I have also had the ribs.. the best.. The staff is so friendly.

M Patt

My husband and I were passing through town and stopped for dinner. The food was very good, as was the service. We look forward to stopping by again, next time we are in town.

Jenna P.

This spot is authentic! Mandu guk is great - wonton filled with pork cabbage and glass noodle in beef stew broth. Bibimbap - great portion coming on a grizzling pan Galbi beef - the best I've had! Tender and sweet with white sesame and onion. You have to try Impressed.

Susie Seigler

I had to put one star to leave a review, but this is a zero star review..... They started by serving us soured tea.... Then when our sushi roll came out, there was no wasabi or ginger with it.... After tasting it, we realized the missing items were the least of our worries.... The fish was old and tasted horrible.... Told the waitress about it, and she just shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.... I pray we don't get sick.... We will never go back there....

Ruby C.

It’s great to have the former owners back to managing it. The food is now truly authentic again and side dishes are provided with the take out order. ‘Definitely a wonderful Korean restaurant to eat at on a regular basis.

Meghan M

Amazing food, my favorite is the bento box. They have my favorite ginger salad and gyoza in all of Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Escambia. The owner and servers are so nice and the service is fast. Arirang has been my family's go-to Korean lunch place since they were located on 85 (they've changed names since). I can't say enough good things about Arirang!

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