Arirang Restaurant

172 Woodruff Ave E, Crestview
(850) 398-8903

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James Blanchard

Great food and great people. Lunch or dinner, it doesn't matter; the service and quality are always just right. From bento boxes, to sushi, to can't go wrong. And the atmosphere is having dinner at your aunt's house.

edward opitz

Korean food was excellent! Servers were new but very nice and the kids loved ours! Highly recommend

Tony C

1-Not explicitly Korean food aficionado..Food quality deserves 3 because not served in fitted hot bowels, this allowed heat to escape too quickly.Veggie tempora, undercooked sweet potatoes. Soda fountain beverage, flat, poor quality taste. Water, had plastic/chemical flavor.Service was very pleasant.Overall comparison to other locations, limited to this area. Good.

Brianna Jenkins

I used to absolutely LOVE this place until recently. I've been going here a year now . The menu in the restaurant and online say hibachi comes with soup and salad and the lady said "I have to ask for it on a to go order even though it says it comes with the meal on BOTH THE ONLINE MENU AND IN STORE MENU" I've been ordering the sashimi appetizer for months and then was told I have to get the 12 piece and can't get a 6 piece anymore. They forgot my rice for my short ribs and i had to drive back to go and get it. Idk what's been going on these past months but it's ridiculous. Then i hear the cook in the background telling the lady on the phone to tell me "they ran out of soup and salad for the night or tell her she can come and pick it up if she wants" so unprofessional

R D (RJ)

Great place to eat if you understand the menu. Thank goodness we had a local friend with us that knows the place. Will definitely go back...


Food is good, but they don't like door dash for some reason. Ordered delivery once, delivery time got pushed back 5 or 6 times. Ordered pickup and the same thing happened. They didn't answer either. If they don't want to bother with door dash orders, just end things with them

O'Doyle Rulez

I love the atmosphere. Good drinks great food. Diverse crowd. Indoor & out door seating plus heated outdoor if needed.

GL Liddell

Phoned in my order at 5:25pm and they told me it would be 20-25 minutes. I arrived at 5:50pm and there were 4 others waiting for takeout. I tried to get the attention on an employee so they would know I was there, but they responded rudely and walked away. After awaiting until 6:20pm, I finally trapped the male worker (who I thought might be the manager) and asked him about my order. He rudely responded that he didn’t take my order and didn’t have any idea when it would be ready. I finally stopped the Asian lady and asked her about my order and she responded with “one minute”. After another 15 minutes passing, I asked again and she said the order is being packaged now and will be out in a minute. At 6:45pm, my order finally came out. I drove straight home and as we started eating it, it was all very cold. Everything had to be microwaved. We were less than happy with this entire event.There seemed to be people at 5-6 tables and there were 3 servers. UNBELIEVABLE. It add insult to injury, every time someone entered to either be seated or pick-up food, the Asian lady responded with “oh no, more people!” To too all of this off, they never offered a discount or an apology and just said the kitchen is trying to get caught up.It was our first visit there and as much as I love Korean food, I will never give them my business ever again. NEVER.


Very disappointed. First time eating here and was treated like I wasn't appreciated. My friend rice dish for $16 was so small I couldn't believe it !!! And there were no small appetizers served !!! Never go here again !!! Best Korean food restaurant is Hot Kimchee up the street hands down.

Amber M.

The food was great, nice laid back atmosphere outside. Good customer service, the server kept my glass full. This was my first time here and I will definitely be going back.

Brian Fleming

Great food, awesome service and always attentive to seeing if things were good or if we need something. My wife and I always enjoy our time together when we come here. I highly recommend this place to others. If you've never tried it you definitely should.

Kiana V.

Went for a early birthday celebration with my family. Our waiter was very knowledgeable when it came to the menu and made some great recommendations. The portions were perfect and the food was very good. We got the bibimbap, dumpling soup, beef bulgogi, and the Jjamppong. The Jjamppong was so good and fresh. Everything was so good. Can't wait to go again.

Matthew Benford

Food was decent however the serving sizes for the fried rice were smaller than expected. Pork fried rice was 14.50.

Gabby Booker

I use to go here a few years back and thought it was nice so I went on a date there with my boyfriend. The waitress there wouldn’t leave the table at all during the whole time we were there and insisted on spilling her entire life story to us while we were trying to eat. I have a seafood allergy and had asked for them to cook my food separately from all the fish oil so I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction but when I got my food I ended up still having an allergic reaction after they had assured me that they didn’t cook it anywhere near their fish dishes. Prices were a bit high but out of whole experience that’s the least of what’s wrong there. Terrible service and ok food, wouldn’t recommend

Juliet Sites

Best restaurant in Crestview. Every time I go I get something new and it all tastes amazing.

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