Bamboo Sushi Bar & Hibachi

2505 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 689-1391

Recent Reviews

Ryanne Adams

The new building was super nice, we just stopped by for dinner tonight and finally got to check it out. There was a miscommunication about our order (probably my fault) but Elijah helped us out anyway and handled the situation very well. Thank you to all the fun and friendly staff at Bamboo Crestview.

Quentin Gray

Good food with a nice atmosphere. Going to try the ramen next time

Babs Batsy

Its really nice looking inside. You see it in a plaza and expect midrange but it's actually pretty up there looking. It has a huge menu to choose from. They got everything from sushi to hibachi. I love the filet and shrimp Hibachi with a avocado bacon roll and a Volcano roll. Their fried rice is awesome. So flavorful. Love it. Their veggies that are a side for the hibachi are great. Crisp, flavorful, fresh. Awesome. You can order online and pick up your order like I did and save some time. They don't do mobile pay on the inside from what I was told and that's usually how I pay for everything so thats part of why I gave a 4 instead of a 5. Other reason is cause the sushi rolls are a bit small for the cost. Smaller than I'm used to sushi being. The portions are a bit on the small size also. Where they are lacking in size though they make up for in flavor which is y I didn't take a point for that. All in all this is a great place my whole family loves and everything my husband asks if I wanna go here I'm totally down. :)Small update. When I went here with my parents today the food was good. We ordered chicken teriyaki for the two kids. And I got the steak and shrimp hibachi with a bacon and avocado roll with a Volcano roll. The food was all great and cooked fine, my dad said it was a little strong with the black pepper but good. He made mention the veggies were great. The big issue that I didn't get a pic of was that one of the small square sauce Bowls was dirty when we arrived. Other than that the whole trip was good.

elena salvatore

while the food is good, the service isn’t great. i was waiting for almost an hour for my online order, which should’ve been done by the time i got there. i had to get out of my car in the curbside pickup line to go inside and check on my order. it was about done when i got in there, but i shouldn’t have been waiting that long. that’s what online ordering is for, to save you the wait. i believe i would’ve gotten my food quicker had i just ordered inside. but now i know it’s a waste of time to order it online.

Lisa S.

Found this restaurant while traveling for work. Looks like a strip mall at 1st glance; the interior perfect. Friendly servers & food was great. Cucumber salad & spicy shrimp roll were perfect!

Misty G.

Always a pleasant experience at Bamboo! Great drink selection, the food is delicious and I love the atmosphere of the new location!

Scott Emigh

Little pricey but great food. Not a fan of standing in line and ordering before sitting. Also, it was freezing cold. Employees were friendly. Overall, great place and would definitely recommend stopping by if you’re not on a budget. Everything pictured was $50 before tip.

Britney Bradley

Loved our dinner here! Sushi was amazing! Presentation and taste! I want more.. I have only eaten here once so I can't give a review on the grill side of food they offer but I can tell you so you definitely stop in and eat here! So yummy ?

Nicholas Neil

This place has a very different vibe from your traditional sushi place. It is very laid back, and relaxed atmosphere. You order from the register and wait at your table for your food to come. The prices are inline with traditional sushi places. I highly recommend trying this place out. The sushi is spot on.

Jessica Stern

Normally like this place but nearly 45 minutes to wait on food is ridiculous. Especially while on your lunch break. I guess I won’t be eating lunch today. This is not my 1st experience like this here & according to my friends and coworkers they have had similar experiences as well. EVERYONE THAT CAME IN AFTER ME GOT THEIR FOOD, AGAIN I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH BEING SHORT STAFFED WHEN EVERYONE THAT ORDERED AFTER ME HAD GOTTEN THEIR FOOD AS I KINDLY WAITED. SAME THING I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN THE PAST AND MY FRIENDS HAVE EXPERIENCED AS WELL. I APPRECIATE YOUR REPLY THOUGH.

Codie Adams

Today we were out planning my wedding and bridesmaid shopping and decided to stop in and give this a try. Mr Danny had a wonderful personality but the smell and cleanliness of the restaurant was terrible. My friend went and used the bathroom first off and once she set down with me she was disgusted by what she seen in the bathroom sinks were very uncleaned and the floors looked like they never seen a mop. We knew then we should have left but we still wanted to give them a chance so we did. It wasn’t ten minutes later once getting to Walmart we were throwing up in the parking lot and were both very sick. Needless to say we want be back. It’s like reliving the movie bridesmaids all over except we did get to try on our dresses before the sickness happened.


Hands down best sushi I’ve ever had plus they have really good beer. Highly recommend!

Nathan Anderson

The King Kong changed my life. It's a mountain of sushi guts big enough for 4 people! Loved it!

Jacob Dickelman

Overall spectacular experience. The rolls were absolutely beautiful and delicious. The Volcano roll was my favorite, and it was so good I forgot to get a picture. Price was competitive with most places; nothing was unreasonable.

Chris L.

Terrible service. First they they forgot one of our appetizers and had to wait till all of our food was out to get it. Second, don't expect all of your food to come out at the same time. Everyone's food came out 10 minutes a part and 2 of them were the same dish. Food is ok at best.

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