3000 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 398-6995

Recent Reviews

Misty Whyms-Gray

Service is good and all but they don’t provide menus to the workers outside for some reason?? So you either have to guess at what they have that you want or look it up. I asked the girl for a menu and she just said no and looked at me for a minute and the. Just said a few things that they had. So it was just awkward and weird all around.

Abbie Franc

This CFA delivered the fastest service at the peak of lunch time! With a long line, I had my meal in less than ten minutes. And that grilled chicken sandwich was delicious!Oh, not to mention the awesome customer service:)

David Haberle

Beautiful people, courteous outstanding service and delicious food. Clean restaurant and good vibes. By far one of the best if not THE best place to get food fast in Crestview.

Clint Troutman

I've ate at Chick-fil-As in several states now and so far, it's always great, fast, and delicious. Most consistent fast food in the USA

Kathy Beck Ellis

The best customer service and fastest drive-thru. You can tell the Employees there LOVE their job and they are so friendly.

Ashley Jenkins

Who doesn’t love Chick-fil-A! They are efficient and deliver excellent quality food! My only criticism is I get a tea daily from there (I know I’m addicted) and even when I ask for extra ice I still get a cup of just lukewarm tea. I understand if it’s freshly brewed and hot but at least pour some out to be able to add ice. Other than that love this location!

Jane Wonder

I wish chick file would switch to paper containers and sustainable cutlery. There are plenty of alternatives these days. It would suit the christian values these business claims to incorporate in their policies. And it’s about time to teach all children and families going in and out regularly how valuable our environment is. They are the future!

John Jordan

Great place to eat. Everyone was friendly and had smiles .

Stacey Lawson

I mean do we really need a review, Chick-fil-A is always a pleasant experience no matter where you visit.

Ashley Colter

Friendly staff. Low line wait times as the ordering process is quite efficient. Food was just as ordered and delicious. Job well done

Thomas E. Stringer, Jr.

Great service. Hot food. Never disappoints

Jeff Hardan

Very clean and like always the staff more than happy to help and make you feel welcome

Nylah H.

The chick fa la it self was very organized and very fast and efficient but i had a one problem , I ordered a large sprite with extra extra ice and I got the same 1 scoop of ice and that wasn't what I asked for . Chick fa la ice has sum very good ice and I wanted a lot of it but it's fine .I was just very destroyed about that .


Good food. Business is run well despite the large bus of young campers arriving when we did departing from their tour bus. Employees kept their cool, taking orders along the the meandering line of screaming kids using their portable hand-held POS to move the line quickly. The double-lane drive through was hopping too. Impressive!!

travis browner

Great atmosphere and people. Hot food and quick service. Menu needs more cjoices

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