3000 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 398-6995

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Kelley Hicks

Good food. I gave it a 4 because even though they were extremely busy, I asked a female employee working in dining area "if there were free refills on drinks still?" And she said "no" with a confused look on her face....I was thinking maybe she didn't speak English?? So I later saw another guest getting a refill and I went up and got mine too. If on a road trip, most people want a refill for the road, you know!

Darlene Faison

The chicken was fantastic. The sandwich my friend had was excellent, and the staff was very eager to please and make sure you had all you needed.We were so happy because most fast food places get your order wrong or don't give napkins, salt, pepper and don't ask if you need it. Many times we have to go back, BUT AT CHICK FIL A OUR ORDER AND THE SERVICE WAS PERFECT.

Carol Khoury

Manager didn't even care they forgot my lemon in my tea!!Tea without lemon is trash.They have good macaroni. Good service almost every time. However that is disgusting.

Chase Edmisten

I went and got a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon the bacon was absolutely soggy and the chicken might’ve been a 2 ounce fillet was the smallest chicken breast I’ve ever seen absolutely uncooked and wasn’t at all worth paying for! I’m outraged by their quality of food and how small the portion of my chicken breast was. Never coming back!

Kevin Ballantine

Ordered online while pulling into the parking lot and got our food within 10 minutes. Excellent service and the food was fresh.Much needed breakfast stop during our road trip

Stephanie Martin

Totally love it's the best chicken place around and they are quick to get your food out. The tea is awesome and staff are really nice if you haven't had their Mac& cheese do it's so good. The chicken noodle soup is also great the place is always clean as well

Ranelle King

The customer service offered at this Chick-fil-A location is exceptional, being both friendly, polite and efficient, which more then compensates for the at times long waiting periods due to how busy this venue can be.It is apparent that the staff truly enjoy what they do, which reflects what must undoubtedly be effective and positive management - something rarely seen in the fast food industry in this day and age!The food quality is consistent, and pricing is reasonable for both the quality and quantity of food given. You always know what to expect when ordering from this Chick-fil-A, which means you are never disappointed.Due to the consistently high-quality experience this Chick-fil-A location offers, it has become a staple 'go-to' in my fast food restaurant rotation, and I always look forward to my trips here!

Daniel Carroll

As someone born and raised in the "Colonies" I never had Chick-Fil-A and could not understand the hype and almost fanatical following this chain has among my co-workers.I tried it and now I am also a member of the Spicy Chicken sandwich Chick-Fil-A cult! Amazing fast and never had an order gone wrong. There are other chains that claim they have a "craving" status of followers they need to take notes because this chicken is king.

Alexander Barthe

Chick fil-a is always staffed with friendly, energetic workers. Today was no different combined with great food. Hats off to the quick service in the drive thru with quality food.

Eleashya Bowser

They NEVER mess up my order, and have the best coke in town! Could ask for faster or better service.

Amber M.

Great atmosphere, the employee's where fast and very nice. The food was delicious!! Will definitely be going back on a regular basis. My daughter and I loved theCoke Cola bottle chandelier in the dining area! It's so beautiful and creative.

David Elzbeck

As all Chick-fil-A restaurants, this one is no exception. Top notch service and quality. I have visited many Chick-fil-A's and you can expect one thing. Excellent quality food and service.

Max Smovzhenko

It's a Chick-fil-A! If you don't know, get ready for the best fast food chicken you can get! The next service one could ask for, and speedy speedy service!

Corrine M

I love this place, our food is always great the lemonade is the best ever and the employees are phenomenal. I have never had a problem when ordering from here. Thank you all for the quality food & service!

Tiffany Norris

Love this place when I go throu crestview. It is always busy but that doesn't stop me, they work fast and there's not a long wait time. The staff is always very friendly and the food is amazing.

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