Firehouse Subs Crestview

2252 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 689-1500

Recent Reviews

William Johnson

Food was great and staff very friendly. First time there. Will go back. Only issue was the Mac and cheese was bland

Amber Short

They are always delicious and the staff is great..

Crazy Redd

The server was friendly and was knowledgeable about different things to add or use on the side wow

David Saldana

friendly staff!!! they made my order right when I forgot half of it. I only saw one bag with a receipt that said 1 of 1 on it and they separate hot from cold which makes sense. The salad was fantastic I did bring home yum!!! thank you for all you guys do.

M Henry

Great food. Good service

Kerry Andrews

Fast and courteous employees no matter how busy they are they take care of you one customer at a time with a very fast wait time

Barbara Wilson

Bread is like air, very good and the Italian sub is great.

Justin Murf

This is my favorite sub in other places. But maybe they are understaffed. This is my second time they messed up my order. Both time I payed for them to remake my food again the correct way. I just payed $22.10 for a Italian sub with NO ONIONS. But again they don't care or offer any condolences for my frustration. You are better off driving to anouther city or making your own sandwich. In fact I can you make you a sandwich that you order without fail. Come to my house.

Ruth Wilkerson

Hook & Ladder, the BEST! Staff very friendly, family oriented atmosphere.

Jason Dojnia

I have no complaints at any firehouse subs and I've gone coast to coast

Sharon Fuentes

They were so nice and helpful. Great sandwiches ?. They beat subway hands down ??.

Martin Smith

Sandwichs are getting skimpyer every day. May be time to find a better sandwich shop. Mcalister's perhaps.


Good customer service and attention to detail. Delicious sandwiches!

Edward McDougald

The Hero is the way to go, always friendly staff

Terri Lewis

Bought & paid for three sandwiches earlier today to have for dinner this evening. Silly me, I didn’t check the bag before I left the store!! Went to get the sandwiches to set up dinner only to discover not only was I short a sandwich, the other two were not what I ordered! I take full responsibility since I didn’t check the order before I left, however I feel absolutely like hell this evening. The mistake meant I didn’t get dinner!!

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