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3285 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 398-8885

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dev wade

We went to the drive-through around 6pm on Sunday, March 19th. For description purposes there were two Caucasian males one about 5 foot the other about 5’6” Both were wearing glasses. The shorter male claimed to be a manager. When we went through the drive-through we order two fresh bread loafs. When we pulled around to the window the taller male opened the window and just stared at my sweet heart of a boyfriend, who has never been rude to even a fly, for more than 10 seconds before finally saying “oh did you want me to tell you your total? I thought we were just staring at each other” and of course my boyfriend said nothing because he is very unconfrontational, So I said excuse me what did you just say why are you being rude for no reason and then of course he starts backtracking and saying oh I wasn’t trying to be rude and trying to weasel his way out of accountability for his rudeness. I tried to call after we left to talk to get a general managers number because it was only the two of them there and they refused to give me the number and also refuse to give me a refund for the terrible service. I get that these boys are still in high school and they have a lot of learning to do, But it’s absolutely pathetic to be rude to someone for no reason at all. grow up and learn how to properly apologize and take accountability. Don’t Have a guts to be rude to customers for no reason if you’re scared of accountability because people are not gonna accept that kind of service. But i’m sure you guys learned your lesson today with me giving you a hard time. It never had to escalate like it did. The worker literally could’ve just apologized instead of continuing to lie and say he wasn’t rude. It’s very pathetic to be so bold and not take accountability for your actions. Anyways, Enjoy that 9$ an hour

Bella G

On Sunday, January 2nd, I went to this Jimmy John's and I ordered an Italian Night Club with NO onions. I got my sandwich, took a bite and all I could taste was onions. I tried taking them all off, but that just caused my whole car to smell like them.. Check your orders before you leave this place!!


Bread was hard, meat portions were very slim. Cashier was very snobby. The front door was proped open with a chair, ac wasn't working , neither was the ice machine. Poor maintenance and apperceive. Subway has them beat hands down.

Michael Simpson

Kinda upset first time ever trying this place wasn’t to happy it’s all bread maybe we went to late to where they didn’t wanna open another one but still costly for that

Alexander Barthe

Always liked Jimmy John's and this was no different. Like other restaurants, they only had the owner and a new hire working. Both made it happen and were both very friendly. If you know someone is looking for a job, they them to go give these guys a hand.

Destini Jackson

The service was good but the sandwiches weren't. All three breads were hollowed out. There was literally a single layer of meat (maybe two slices total on each). It just feels like there wasn't much effort into it or that supplies were low and they were trying to save money

Jim Davisson

Quick order and received. Will go back.

james singleton

The tuna on wheat is a good choice.

Sherry Gosch

They always make your sandwi h fresh and what ever topping you want to add or change .I like the bread very homemade and fresh love it .Will always go back to get our sandwiches .....Very nice staff and friendly service ...

I am Superman

It is a nice place to get your lunch and brunch

Scott Hepworth Sr.

The young blonde delivery driver likes to wave to people with her middle finger. Doesn't look good when she's doing that with your sign sitting on top of her car.

Christa Gaither

These subs are huge! They do not skimp on their sandwiches!

Crystal Hyers

Subs are good, delivery is fast (usually), but was surprised to see the delivery fee has gone up to $6.00. That's a mighty large fee for going less than s mile. Will not order delivery again


We love their sandwiches, we have been regulars to the same location for a while now. Two kids working there are really nice, the rest of them roll their eyes at you when you ask for something. Sadly, every time they are missing one or two ingredients. We never complain, but this last time they messed up the whole sandwich. They remade it and still got it wrong. So that tells me they’re poorly trained, they can’t follow instructions, and they don’t pay attention to detail. So now we are complaining because the manager was very rude, even though we were being nice, and she’s never there when we go, so she didn’t know we’ve been there multiple times. We will not eat in this location, not because the kids working, but because the manager clearly doesn’t care about customers. And it’s sad, because I love the food, and the other location is 30 min away.

G.I. Schreck

It’s a new site! Everyone is working hard to make your experience excellent! TY Jimmy John’s!! Keep it up!!

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