511 N Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 683-5310

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They were out of sweet tea and decided to give us Pepsi instead of asking what we'd like to substitute it with, would not substitute sides on the five piece tender basket, and were overall very slow. While waiting for them to bring our order to us my roommate had time to run inside to the bathroom. However, as always, the food was good, quite what you'd expect from any KFC.

Jennifer Spivey

Very good chicken wish we had 1 in Andulisa Ala

Laura Harrison

Ordered a 12 piece family meal with extra cole slaw. Really good tonight. Fresh and wonderful. Chicken was also very good. Thanks.

Trenton S.

My wife an I like KFC chicken but will not ordwr from this location again. We have tried 3 times...thats it. 1. The first time I ordered a 16 piece meal from them and when I got home is was all wings legs and thighs. I personally am not crazy about chicken breasts but my wife likes them...and she was disappointed we did not get any. 2. The second time I went through the drive-thru and asked that they include chicken breasts in my order. A female manager in the background started berating me (I wont repeat it but I could hear everything she said) and I felt sorry for the guy who was taking my order. I explained to him over her yelling that I just wanted 2 chicken breasts in my 16 piece. This order was correct but the experience made me cringe. 3. I ordered delivery. The driver contacted me saying that KFC had no crispy and it would be 18 mins (I ordered original). I responded that I wanted no crispy , all original, and no wings. The delivery driver apologized to me and said KFC was difficult to work with and they would not substitute anything. I completely understood and said that was fine. I didn't want him to go through what I did before. When my food arrived, I had no chicken breasts again and 6 wings! This will be my last order from this location.

Teresa Noel

We waited 20 minutes to get our order taken only 1 older couple in front of us in line and very few people came through the drive through, took over 10 minutes to get our food, notning was special ordered. They only had extra crispy chicken. They forgot my cole slaw. The kitchen was horrible. Flour and water was all over the floor. The food was normal KFC fare. But I won't be going back.

Jaylene ellis

Meh, always a disappointment. Tomb thumb has better fried chicken, I don't know how this place stays in business.

Billy Sanders

Waited at the counter for about 20 minutes before anyone even acknowledged that I was there. After they came to me very Rudely asked me if someone had took my order when I told them no they walked away again and did not come back to me for a good 10 minutes. When they finally decided to take my order they told me it would be another 20 minutes before they could have the chicken ready because they didn’t have any chicken breast cooked. I will have to say this is one of the worst experiences I have ever had at KFC. I would not go there if I was you.

Paul Thompson

I'm not sure if it's just this particular KFC, but, the quality of food and service has gone downhill here over the last 10 years or so! Sad, because I really used to like KFC, put me off KFC altogether.

Jose Ayala

The men here completely ignored me when I came back from the drive thru to ask fro utensils. Food was great tho I'd come back just for that alone


Somehow they managed to turn it around. I went through the drive-through the other day and got my food hot and fresh with friendly service thank you

Joseph Palmer

I don't often go to KFC. Wait, let's be real here, I used to loveKentucky Fried Chicken. Don't hide what you are KFC, let it out, be bold, be yourself, people don't like grease drippin' down their arm...F#&'em. We love you for who you are. Few things on earth satisfy a man's taste, stomach, and psyche, like fried chicken.And that $3.99 chicken sandwich?... maaan, please.

Rose Milburn

Waited at least 10 minutes to get my order taken then another 25 minutes to get my order. They appeared to be short staffed. But dinner was good.

robert pulson

Honestly the food has been hot and fresh every time and the employees are very nice. Used to be the exact opposite both with the food and employees. If you haven't been here in a while.......go, it's way better than it was before

Melissa Rohde

This KFC has been struggling since we moved to Crestview 3 years ago... I will say, that I feel that they are trying! I'm not sure what the deal is, exactly..Management, staff or a combination of the two...? So far, I have had more good than bad experiences and the new staff are very friendly... The food is as expected for this chain..

Shawna Reigh

The rudest, nastiest, hateful establishment I’ve EVER been to in my life! I love KFC! But I’ll NEVER visit this KFC again!!!

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