Papa John's Pizza

1320 N Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 683-8888

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Christopher Meeks

Ordered online and had to wait an hour and a half at least for them to deliver it to the wrong house they had my correct address so I have to go pick up another order instead of giving me a credit they want to cancel my order make me pay again and wait a week to get my credit I don’t think so

Abe M.

Pizza sucks from this place, the drivers race through neighborhoods like it's the Daytona 500. Confronted the kid driving like a idiot through mine riding my a** and he was a little girl hiding in the car yet waving his arms around like I need to move faster. Confronted him at the store and he talks tough behind the counter about how I had stopped in the street to have a conversation which is why he was trying to go around me not to mention having to pull to the side of the road with an ambulance going by must have been a nightmare for him, well smart guy I have the video and the conversation was about two seconds which doesn't explain why your trying to go around me 200 feet to slam on your brakes at a stop sign but I guess you would just run that because well f*** laws. The manager then threatens me to call the cops to cover for this punk a** millennial arguing with me about his mad driving skills in the store. I'm sure he will go far in life with that mentality. Rather than make the situation any better he wants to debate it in the store. If you order anything from here make sure your kids aren't in the street when he delivers. I will add he's not the only pizza driver that thinks america is a racetrack, hungry howie drivers are just as bad.

June Bethel

I am not impressed with the size of the pizza. I had to feed 4 kids and an adult with an XL pizza. I was thinking that we were going to get something really large since it’s a Shaq inspired pizza. For future reference just stick to your usual order you will be more satisfied with that overall compared to this pizza. Not worth the hype. I have 3 stars because they delivered faster than the time than the computer said they would.

Michelle Jordan

Not even tasted the pizza yet...what makes them think that 1 small cup of marinara sauce is enough for an order of cheese sticks... and the price is OMGOSH..I hope it's really good and not dog food..tasted it..its dog food..sauce is sweet(who adds sugar to Mariana sauce) and I had to salt the pizza ...I mean really.

Saquan Hart

Horrible customer service. I ordered through the papa johns app and apparently they use door dash . The app said the pizza was delivered but I never received my order. I contacted the drive no answer, so I contacted the store to explain the situation. The woman on the phone was extremely rude and tried to make it seem like it was my fault and I was lying . I will never order from this location again.

Jasmine W.

I placed a order for a garden pizza and specifically requested NO CHEESE OR meat. After waiting 50 minutes for ONE medium size pizza I arrived and my pizza had cheese. They did not accommodate me nor apologize for order being wrong. I had to wait for them to make another pizza and it was very piss poor. Half cook and toppings just thrown on the bread. Highly disappointed . I don't eat out but 2-3 times a month and the one time I do this happens. They need to get it together.

D.j. V.

I ordered a Lg thin pizza with Extra Cheese, LS= Three cheese blend RS= Spicy Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Extra Pepperoni,. This is what I received Maybe 8-10 Pepperoni and same with sausage. Very skimpy on toppings. Is there a SHORTAGE? I received mostly crust.

A F.

Mmm, cold pizza. Shaq would not approve. Yelp wouldn't post my review till l wrote more. So here it is. The crust is bland. It took forever to get it. The pizza was cold and even pepper was dried up. It'll be another 5 years till I try papa Johns again. Sorry Shaq.L

James Reynolds

Pizza was cold opon arrival, very little ingredients and thin as paper. Last time I'm ordering.

Renee M

If i could give zero stars I would. Paid $35 to be told by courtney that they did not recieve my order. She gave me the wrong number to customer support. I will never order from North crestview location again. The manager was rude and offered no resolution after I already paid and recieved nothing. Fraud at its best. She said bring the email confirmation to them. Wow

Joe Deufemia

NO! Bought two Papadia's this evening. Were they worth the money: NO, tasty ok. There was hardly any filling in both sandwiches, just a taste the rest was bread. Restaurant no. 2357, order no. 0067, code no. 607985559239.

L Leigh Green

BUYER BEWARE!!! you not get what you want to order! If you are lucky they will have all the ingredients to complete your order. Do not waist your time. You will be soon disappointed ?

Cassie Brown

They did not make the pizza the way I ordered it online! Very rude will never go back to that place ever again. Do better with talking to your customers Papa John's.

Adam Painter

Papa John's is my go-to pizza when I want something good and quick

Marie Anne

The customer service here is impeccable!!! Not once have I been to Papa John’s and received bad service. I have so many favorite employees that I can’t name just one. Thank you all!!!

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