Pepper's Mexican Grill and Cantina

1900 S Ferdon Blvd Suite 140, Crestview
(850) 398-5042

Recent Reviews

Lost Motion

Always a treat. Great staff. The food is absolutely top notch. Of course I started to dig in before I thought to snap a pic.

christine Kelly

Always have a great experience there! Go often and some of the servers actually know us now. Margaritas are awesome!

Lewis Lamb

I entered the restaurant about 2 minutes before 3 pm. Was promptly seated but my server took ten minutes to take my order so it was no longer lunch, so he charged me dinner price. When I complained about it, he was a jerk. No more eating at this mediocre restaurant.

Hannah Fortune

Great service, friendly people, DELICIOUS FOOD. The price wasn't bad either. Definitely want to go back!

George Juarez

Be careful when you order alcoholic drinks, they charged me 9.99 for one large draft beer and when I complained about the price I was told that I was getting a deal at this price. They advertise 2 for 1 drinks and they will charge you for 2 drinks whether you order 2 drinks or 1 drink, when I told them that I only drank one beer how much is the price of one beer, the person who worked behind the register had come to my table to hear my complaint and walked away when I asked him for the price of one beer. It’s false advertising when customers think that they’re getting a deal at 2 for 1 drink but in reality they’re getting ripped off, they lost my business for stealing from me, I wonder how many unsuspected customers have received the same ripoff as me

Samantha K. McDaniel

Seated almost immediately; GREAT salsa, fresh chips (and plentiful), attentive wait staff, continual cleaning/sanitizing as soon as tbales emptied. Shoet wait time for food, well-seasoned and large portions. Great meal and experience @ Pepper's.

Diane Marks Smith

Awesome food!!! Great service!

Eric B

They were absolutely packed for fathers day. But since I dine alone, I was seated at the bar straight away. The bar tender was very friendly and engaging, as were the couple seated next to me. So nice to have dinner and convo with nice folks. Will be back my next time through.

Kenneth Jackson

Great place to have lunch if your in the area and have a taste for Mexican.

Sara D.

Easy and fun for the family! Great margs and chips and salsa! Everyone was great, very attentive. Thank you!

Christie Little

Stopped here for dinner and glad we did! Try the La Fuega drink and the Carne Asada Fries. Yum!Service was great too!

Sara P

We eat here often, we come back because its a clean, family friendly restaurant and the food is pretty good.Last few times the meals were a bit cold but I'm guessing it's a staffing issue.I will say, if its a kids birthday, give them the Sombrero and little song, its just a fun touch. We picked here for my son's birthday, he talked about the Sombrero the whole way because he'd seen others have a birthday here. I told the waitress it was his birthday, ordered him ice cream ( didn't expect it free)... kind of disappointed she didn't give the little extra. Just a thought for the next kiddo.

Nancy Vance

Both the food and service were excellent. It was fairly busy and we were seated immediately. It is very clean. I myself am a former server so I check. I feel under tables, the sides, check any bottles on tables for cleanliness. All clean. We were greeted and served quickly and everything was fresh and delicious.

andy watts

so freaking good and authentic food.I love it.I have been eating here for a month or so now.i have been there to eat about 20 times.The food is always good and so is the service as long as i do not get one particular person and when i do the service is horrible to none existent. Some one needs to make a hard business decision and do what is best for the restaurant and its customers.Me and my son ate there this evening.I watched many walk through the door and eat then leave before our waitress asked us "have you already eaten"lol it then took forever again to get our food.when it was brought to us we asked for refiles and that took forever then we asked for to go plates.we left most of our food on the table because it took to long to get out to go boxes

M M.

Fantastic food! Best guac in town! Really great shredded chicken enchilladas. Definitely recommended.

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