Samuel's Roadhouse

114 John King Rd, Crestview
(850) 423-1003

Recent Reviews

Robby Niemi

Understaffed but great food and great service be patient and you'll have a good time go on the off days or early dinner

Amy Espey

The worst dinner I ever had, the fish was like rubber we threw it away. The potatoes weren't done and the mushroom where disgusting. We placed the order online and put the order in for later due to the fact we had other things to do. They called and wanted to deliver it earlier and we said no, well they delivered 20 minutes later. I know why now, they already made it. Will never eat there again and it wasn't cheap.

Jennifer B

It was just okay. The steak and potatoes weren't anything to write home about, but they filled the stomach. We were under the impression to expect the atmosphere to be a bit fancier, so we all got gussied up a bit. Turns out I didn't even need to put my jewelry on for it.It was also very expensive especially since the restaurant was lacking in so many areas. We all agreed that Longhorns would have been the better option, but we wanted to give the place a try. It's a one and done for us.

Brain Twister

90s steak house. Paid for the large Ribeye. Was about 1/3 inch in thickness. Had alright flavor and was very tender but when i pay 30 for a steak i want something thicker than a sausage patty. Also the jalepeno corn nuggets had an odd grainy texture.

ASMR in the Dark

Service was prompt and friendly, steak was cooked correctly and well seasoned, sweet potato was perfect. The fish my friend ordered “tasted like steak” idk if that’s a seasoning issue or a dirty grill. The biggest disappointment was the portion size of my vegetable. I got MAYBE two ounces of broccoli. I would eat here again but I would get a salad for veg since cooked veg portions are tiny and I would avoid the grilled fish.

Lorraine Bledsoe

Nice restaurant. My steak was delicious! The whole meal was very good. Like the western look. Prices reasonable.

Tina Youngblood

Other than having to wait for a table to be empty, which they can’t help, (because everyone likes their food) we always enjoy eating there.

Lisa Laboy

We are locals and frequent Samuels. Audrey is always such a delight and makes us feel special. That's the kind of service that keeps us coming back!Now the food... the steaks are moist juicy and flavorful. We love the fried mushrooms with horseradish sauce and delish hot bread. If your not careful you might get full before your meal. ?EENJ

Lynne Luther

Never had food in a restaurant that taste as good as Samuel’s. The service by Taylor was amazing also!! Went three times in one week while on vacation; it’s that good!

A J.

I absolutely love this place. We have never had bad service or food here. The steaks are delicious and it's a great little "mom and pop" place to eat. Staff is always awesome.

Amanda Peters

Our service was perfect (tiffany was our server) and we really enjoyed our food and beverages as well!

Maree Smith

Excellent service for my sisters retirement party. Excellent food. Thank you for making her retirement a blast!

Samantha Schandler

The food was hot and fresh and the service was good. It's definitely somewhere I'd recommend going if you're in the area. We went because it was right next to our hotel and we were so happy we did!

Alice M.

Took forever to get the appetizer then the food came and my steak and potato was cold. My grandson got the steak salad and the steak tasted rotten

Abe M.

Steaks were unimpressive and food was cold. This was a one and done experience. Not much in Crestview worth eating that I can't cook better at home.

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