3705 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 689-1224

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C. Kevin Chilcutt (Charles)

Normally good service and good selection. The unsweetened tea was spoiled. Called them, apology, will replace next time we are in town.

Fred Pope

Had to have some coffee for the drive North out of Florida. Great taste.

Kimberly Cooper

Super busy and the employees were working together to get customers taken care of as quick as possible. Thank you all for coming to work.

A F.

I was looking forward to a Wendy's burger all day. Hmm, the burger was cold. How can a "made fresh" burger be cold, when I get it? The crew is in need of training. All but one young man taking the orders inside were clueless. Back to the burger. The bun was crumbly...like it has been sitting out for a while. Fries were ok. Please go to the Niceville restaurant for training. They know how to run a Wendy's!

Jamie Packer

This location needs a course in customer service. Horrible, Horrible service. And you need to get a manager that knows how to run your registers

Courtney D

Pulled up for breakfast at 10:30 they still had all the breakfast menu's up. Had to wait in line while all the worker kids were out back taking pictures and carrying on. We order what we thought was chicken biscuits and it turned out to be chicken sandwiches and fries and the fries tasted like they were cooked the day before. will not be back.

David DD

More like slow food. Staff is lazy, slow, and will never pay money for your terrible service ever again. North side Wendy's is just as bad. Hope y'all go under soon. You deserve it.

Haiyden-Alekzander Wilson

Delivery guy just set the food on the counter and said he didn’t know who it was for and walked out the door. Delivered the wrong food to me. My wife called the store since she had it delivered to me at work. Told her I had to come get the correct food even though I paid for delivery. Staff thought it was funny. Bunch of nothings. You have one job and can’t do that right but you want a raise.

Angie King

Great food and great service. The breakfast baconator is delicious and the breakfast potatoes should be served all the time. Our vehicle is too tall for the drive thru so they let me order over the phone and pick my food up at the window. I'll say Wendy's has been the absolute best fast food to deal with during covid. Every location has been very accommodating for professional drivers. HUGE THANKS!!!

robert stiles

Super hot and fresh fries and a yummy chocolate frosty made this a memorable drive-thru experience. Four stars! :-)


The food is decent, but the employees are inconsiderate. I placed a mobile order for ONE SINGLE POTATO. A few minutes after I placed my order, a very bad family emergency came up. I called and informed them about my emergency and asked if I could pull into a curbside space so that they could bring my food out to me, and they told me no, because it’s not “safe” for their employees.. come on. That’s just simply being lazy. Thanks to them i now wasted money on food that I didn’t even get to eat, and had to deal with a family emergency while being frustrated and hungry. It would’ve taken no less than one minute to bring out my potato. They just simply did not care.

Katrina Zacca

One of the best fast food burgers we've had in a while. Fantastic burgers, great fries, and good nuggets. Would definitely recommend.

Gerrah V O

Line long, but moved along, food fresh and tasty


Food was great great welcoming employees after my meal went up for dessert and attempted to buy my girlfriend and I a frosty they said don't worry about it and gave it for free .

Julie B.

40min to get thru the drive-thru line at 10:40pm. Wow. And it wasn't that long of a line. That's how long it takes to get thru Whataburger's line late at night when there are like over 15 cars, and it's super fresh, hot food. Wendy's food is not what it used to be.

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