1355 N Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
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Thomas Williams

Horrible service workers are nasty and when they want to close they close. when ever like if the drive thru line gets to long they just close. Is it Wendy’s false advertising or just lazy employees that get paid 15 a hour. Wendy’s should probably get those employees in check

Danielle Langham

Ordered through the app,normal wait in line they are busy. no complaints my order wasn't small. They had me pull into a parking spot to wait and the lady at the window even asked me if I'd like a drink while I waited. Great Customer service. Thank you as I know places are very short staffed.

Sherrie S.

I don't like to do bad reviews but I was so disappointed, I ordered a baked potato and it was old, cold and it didn't taste good. I could not eat it, we ordered coffee and did not get our coffee until right before we left because my husband went up and got it. I was disappointed ?☹️

Michael B.

Well I was excited to grab some Wendy's tonight and I normally place a mobile order and pick it up inside. That way I can avoid the huge drive thru line. But tonight I get to the door and the lobby is closed. Well my app says to go inside but that's impossible and so no problem I get it, people don't want to work anymore. So I was going to cancel my order and go somewhere else. Well guess what? You can't cancel a mobile order so I called Wendy's customer service and guess what? Yep they had a recording that said we are open til 8pm for customer service but tonight we closed early. Hmmmm needless to say this was disappointing so if you are planning to go inside Wendy's you have to drive to the store and look to see if there is a lobby open or lobby closed sign up. Now I am being held hostage in the Wendy's drive thru. Come on Wendy's you are better than this! Long time very disappointed Wendy's customer. Should have hit up chick fil a. At least their drive thru is fast! Again I get it that nobody wants to work, perhaps at least add a cancel order button to your app when your lobby is closed. I should have brought a snack... 30 minutes in drive thru and waiting... and finally food and then they just let two cute customer girls in the door. What?!? I just can't...

Albert Collazo

First time coming to this Wendy's. Not only was the wait time long, but the staff couldn't get a simple order correctly (just 2 burgers, no sides). Sandwiches were completely wrong (as in a chicken sandwich instead of a burger). Didn't want to wait in line again for another potential messed up order so I'm taking this loss and writing this review so others don't have to

James Thompson

Went to get food after getting off work and when I got home one of the burgers was wrong. Tried to call and they answered but didn’t say anything and then hung up the phone.

Penelope MacPherson

I would have given it five stars but I asked for extra salt and she told us it was in the bag. Salt was not in the bag. They tend to miss little things , a lot.

Chris Webster

My family ordered first... 25 people got their food before we did... my order never went in...we sat there for 45 minutes and never got our food...the crew working that store is incompetent, I watched them Bumble and Bumble over themselves to get nothing accomplished the drive-thru is backed up the lobby was full extremely poor work crew in management

Kelani Karnes

Order was made correct and they gave my dogs bacon!!!! They were so happy!!

Jilaine Dolliver

Had a summer salad....very good choice.


I have a large family of eight, three members of my family with gluten allergies who we have to be very careful with, especially when it comes to fast food. The management staff has never once complained or made me feel like this wasn't a priority. Today, the young lady named Katie who took my order took the time to bag their items separately and labeled all the other items to make it even easier. This has been consistently the best service I have ever received from a fast food chain or any other Wendy's! Thank you employees and staff of North Crestview for making my family's health and safety YOUR priority!

krista bateman

Usually quick service as long as you don't go at lunch time then the line is just outrageous but that everywhere. Friendly service and fresh food.

Candace Davisson

Long line that moved fairly quick. Better than before for sure.

Matt F.

By far the worst Wendy's I've ever been to. Been here 3 times in 3 years and I am just impressed how they have never managed to get a single order right. I would assume after all the probable turn over in this establishment maybe just maybe they might get someone that cares.

Alisa C. Johnson

Everyone was super friendly and the food came out hot and fast

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