Wings Of Fire

397 E James Lee Blvd, Crestview
(850) 689-3473

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Rachel Poore

I would give a negative star if able!Our service was BAD - waitress brought food and NEVER came back! Had to go to the bartender for check. Had a seafood platter where oysters and shirmp were OFF. They smelled terrible and were rubbery. We did not eat cause afraid to get sick. There was no part of our order that was edible. Waited around to speak to mgr but got tired after 15 minutes. All in all would not recommend.

Brian Gillock

This is one of the few places I'll eat wings. Mine are better than almost any, but I love WoF's sauce. Sadly they've had issues with staff for a long while now. If it's not wait staff it's cooks. Last time I was there I called ahead and still had to wait almost an hour.

Lynn Stokes

Very overdone fried onion in take-out order. No onion left.

Ashkon Bihamta

Can’t even judge the food… can’t even judge the drinks. Don’t even know what was on the menu. My son and I came here on a slow Sunday after the lunch crowd. There were four other tables there, all pairs, so a total of 8 customers.We waited for about 5 minutes, then though it’d be a good idea to wash our hands. Came back, and sat down… for 20 minutes. A server visited the two tables directly next to us, each twice. Didn’t even look at us. Didn’t greet us. Didn’t drop off menus, or bring us anything.Then, another table came in. Within 2 minutes, they were greeted…Got up and walked out.I understand being short-staffed, but if you can’t use your eyes to see “hey, they have no menus, no drinks, no food, maybe I should talk to them in the 5 visits I take to the dining room…”Nope. Trash. Not going back again.

Cindy Szczepanik

Went to this establishment for the very first time. Everything went wrong from the very beginning. First, our water was forgotten,then our order, the sauce, the plates, the salad. Everything kept being forgotten. Then in the end, THEY LOST our CARD!We get that everyone has a bad day. And things happen. However, how they handled everything afterwards was beyond dissapointing.1) No one even told us our card was lost,. They just avoided us and had us continue to wait.2) They insisted we pay for our meal.3) We asked to leave our name and phone number-so they can call us when they find the card. They refused, and demanded more personal information. They wanted a copy of his ID and confirmation of who he is and our mailing address. When we refused to give more than our name and phone number, my husband was threatened. They demanding he give in or they will call the police. Which my husband refused due to plausible fraud. Of course, my husband's reply was, " Okay. You're just going to sound really ridiculous..."In the end, we ended up leaving and just canceling the card, and agreed to pay for our meal.This was our first and very last visit with "Wings of Fire". I do hope that in the future, that this establishment will reconsider how they conduct business and their conflict resolution.

matt gruber

Short staffed. Took over an hour to get the wrong food. Gave the other table some of our food. The plates between the tables were mixed up with the wrong sides and burgers made incorrectly. Here’s the best part still charged full price for the mess up. They did offer to correct it, but I’m sure it would’ve taken another hour.The food blah! Over priced for the low quality.Don’t eat here unless you just wanna flush your money down the toilet.Rule #1 in the restaurant business. Compensate your mistakes!We won’t be back.

Elizabeth Rivera

Absolutely delicious best jalapeño popers ive ever had. Wings were a finger licking delight. The stuffed mushrooms are to die for, so juicy. The onion rings could use a little work on the recipe but other that that the place was great ?

Cynthia Wilson

Went for dinner last night before fireworks. We have been here quite a few times over the past 2 years. We arrived around 6:30. We ordered our drinks and had menus. Were told that kitchen was put on hold due to several staff for restaurant didn't show up for work. Suggested we get appetizer because it would be a bit. Due to we wanted to be close and eat so kids could see fireworks. From getting there service was slow(not waitress or girl from bar) and we didn't get our food until 8:50. I could understand this ifit had been first time we've heard this excuse given, but it was 3rd. Was told we could sit outside and see the fireworks really good and they would bring ever outside. Well only seen fireworks above the trees. On check out we complained. Were offered $1 off each appetizer that they suggested we get and happy hour prices on the 4 beers. I would saythere is a management problem and no real care how customers concerns. It's guaranteed we will not return. And for the record we have loved eating there but the same old excuse for being backed up has occured to many times at this point. I gave the 1 star for staff that tried very hard.

Karen Campbell

Wings are fabulous


Terrible service. The food was still cold for the adult plates and children’s plates. When confronted the management was rude and argumentative. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this establishment.

Janie Marie

our server Candace was awesome. The best service we've ever had going in there to eat. She was so friendly and was so helpful with our questions of the different foods we asked questions about before ordering. We loved the food and atmosphere.

Brian Chapman

Great service by the bartender. One helluva menu. If you can't find something that you want to eat there's something wrong with you.8 did take out for our first try. The wings could have been cooked a little more, but everything was good.I'll definitely come back.Did I mention the EXCELLENT bartender service ?

Kenneth Jackson

Locally owned, Family Restaurant/ Sports Bar. The food was cooked when ordered, everything was hot and fresh. The service was fast and friendly and everything was reasonably priced.

Spoonful of Nature

We had a very poor experience at this restaurant tonight. Our fries were under done, the chicken way over done (chicken strips which were very thin), and the potato soup was more of a goop than soup (at first we thought they had brought mac and cheese on accident). On top of that we discovered that it is the restaurant's policy to only give military discount for the meal of the active duty member, not his whole family/bill. This was shocking to us, as we have always had the opinion that it is not just the military member that serves but their family as well. Unfortunately as a result if this experience, we will not be dining here again.

Nichole Ellington

The plain wings and parmesan wings have no flavor. They should at least season the chicken with something. Also they did not give my kid's meal free on a Monday because I did not order a drink. I said I would order a drink, then they said no, my meal needed to be a bigger meal to get kids meal free....when their menu and promotions say no such thing and the waiter said our kids meals would be free when we walked in.... Overpriced and bland wings. They did have on good sauce (some kind of chipotle sauce). I won't go back.

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