595 diner

2705 Burris Rd, Davie
(954) 368-3850

Recent Reviews


4/5 they are closed on the weekend due to Corona over all great food

Man Moreorles

I went in after fueling and was surprised to see they had a DOT examiner’s office. I got my DOT exam there and it was and good experience. I would recommend them to anyone that’s around the area.


Nice array of options and friendly staff


Very very good place to eat!!

George Stentiford

Waitress was slow and could not remember orders.

Roy Bickel

One of the best places for food in Davie. American and latin cuisine

Kristina M Thomas

Amazing place. you wont be disappointed

Ken Love

I don’t know what those other reviewers are complaining about. My order was very well seasoned with generous portions. It was also cheaper than a TA or Petro. $18 for breakfast, espresso, AND giant coconut shrimp. Great variety, quality, and price is a knockout combination. Finding this place just made trips to Miami a whole lot better!!

William Glinsman

Great food and great prices.

Mike Eagleeye Schneider

Great place to eat. Friendly staff good prices delicious food great selections fast service. Totally recommend this place.


Sat myself. Not a big deal. Had to wait for the hostess to get off her phone to get a menu. Got coffee to drink. It was cold and bitter at $2 a cup. They didn't have what we wanted off their menu so we left. This used to be a great place to eat. 😔

Chris Chamberlain

The servers were fine. I ordered a taco salad which it came out and was really big. The lettuce was whole leaves which needed to be cut to be edible so it dont look like im cramming food in my mouth. I literally had to butter knife cut my lettice myself. Now the beef tastes like a hamburger cut up, which is fine. There was no taco seasoning at all. It tasted like a hamburger salad with fried tortilla. I dont know the amount of customers you guys get being considered inside a truck stop, but the food seemed fresh and edible. Is why I gave it 3 stars as you will not starve here but the cooks need a few lessons about a kitchen.

Tomas Apodaca

Bad food, chicken was to old, 12.99, tortillas 1.99,soda 2.00, extra black beans 2.99, finally paying 21.37 , homeless food Rd better

Shannon Bickel

Great little diner. Menu is very big. They have oxtail. The food is amazing and the staff is great. Maria was very attentive and made sure I was well taken care of. Julio is an excellent chef and even the dishwasher Roy was cracking jokes and singing songs. I will definitely be going back

J.B. Smith

Everything is fresh,cooked perfectly, great portions. Great selection of Cuban,American and even seafood.

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