595 diner

2705 Burris Rd, Davie
(954) 368-3850

Recent Reviews

Young Love

This is where I get my medical card. Not the cheapest but also not the most expensive. I'd say it's just right. In my case, it's convenient for me. Also, the chicken wings are pretty good too.

Wil Jose

Actually chose this place for a lunch meeting with clients in the area... surprised it was atruckers pit-stop... but once you get passed the rough exterior you run right into the classic I'm on the road diner... good eats, tasty, clean and comfortable! I recommend emphatically!!!

HTX Trucker

Waitress was friendly but my meal just didn't seem too appealing to me. The tons of grease didn't help. Lighten up on the grease. Try to remove as much grease as possible before serving the food, we already got other things in this world trying to effect our way of living. I lost my appetite after a few bites.

Jose Antonio Sermeno

Wash out is BS

Charlene Marie Hanson

First time I got to eat with my husband inside since Covid-19 hit. I truly love this place. breakfast is the bomb too!!

Shane Manuel

My evening waitress Jessica

Artur Witek

Good place ?

Daniel Simon

Good food served in huge portions. A little pricey but you pay for convenience. Good service compared to what you get at most truck stops. Their coffee isn't bad either.

Gregg Malcolm

My breakfast was awesome (salmon omelet) and never been served honey with hot tea before, service was great and delightful.


4/5 they are closed on the weekend due to Corona over all great food


Great little diner. Menu is very big. They have oxtail. The food is amazing and the staff is great. Maria was very attentive and made sure I was well taken care of. Julio is an excellent chef and even the dishwasher Roy was cracking jokes and singing songs. I will definitely be going back

Man Moreorles

I went in after fueling and was surprised to see they had a DOT examiner’s office. I got my DOT exam there and it was and good experience. I would recommend them to anyone that’s around the area.


Nice array of options and friendly staff


Very very good place to eat!!

George Stentiford

Waitress was slow and could not remember orders.

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