1900 S University Dr, Davie
(954) 472-1123

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Clara M JL

Love it. The best chicken sandwich


Good flavor as any other Chick-fil-A. Location is a nightmare for drive-thru. Would recommend to download the app and order ahead. Staff works hard, good costumer service, it's just that location is too close to plaza entrance and traffic can get backed up and on the way of non-costumers

Sean K

Service Is white glove and food always quick, hot snd fresh. Yeahhhh!!!!

Salease Randolph

I would give 1 star ,but because I love chick Fil a in general so I’ll give 2 however, this is the only chick fil a that serves a bad quality of food every single time . I usually get there around 7 a.m., but after testing it out 3 different times I purposely drive to another location 15 minutes from my destination just to get a sandwich that doesn’t seem to have been warmed up from the previous night. Even the cookies taste old.I’m not sure what it is, but this is by far the worst location when it comes to food.


Went through the drive thru very quickly. My food got mix up because the driver before me went before her turn. They told her to go behind my vehicle (2 lane) but people just don't listen ? she took my order a left, they had to make my order back. The staff work hard to keep the line organized and moving they are also very friendly ? I always wonder what is chick fila A hiring process because their staff is so good at what they do...??My Pleasure?

Megan Rosales

If I could give this location 0 stars I would. It takes FOREVER to order and they consistency mess up orders and charge for things not ordered. When I called the store and asked to be reimbursed after spending already an hour there ordering and waiting for food I was told oh well, even though I didn't order the extra food and was charged for it the only way to get my money back was to bring back my food and wait again in line. Also the manager Jimmy is real mouthy. ? It's insane. Go to ANY other location but this one it's trash.

Elizabeth Monzon

Food is always fresh and taste great! Location is always busy. The staff does a great job managing the traffic and gets everyone out quickly!

B P.

This review had nothing to do with covid. This problem was just as bad before. Drive through traffic is a disaster. It backs up onto the road, it backs up onto the intersection. You literally need to wait in line on the street in order to enter a parking lot which is half empty for curbside pickup They did make some traffic flow improvements, but I think the real issue is this store is just really poorly placed. The adjacent Costco makes this intersection absolutely miserable on a Saturday. More accurately Chick-fil-A makes getting to Costco miserable. People drive on the wrong side of the street regularly because the traffic is so messed up. The bottom line is do you really want to wait 25 to 30 minutes to wait through a drive-thru? No. I love Chick-fil-A, but I think it's best to just avoid this location entirely during peak times. Chick-fil-A probably needs to allow another franchise location nearby to offload the ridiculous demand for this store. For those that think coated is making this problem worse, my response is not really. It honestly was just as bad before.

John Duckworth

Quickly served even tho the usually long lines. Nicely operated and organized. Outstanding employment.

Jose Sierra

I have always had great experiences with chick Fill A, here service was great with the guys outside, food was good over all. Why 3 stars? My order was incomplete. I was missing my tenders, I called the store to let them know but no one answered.Maybe they should take an extra minute to check order is complete.

TechnoDragon 09

The person that took our order was awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable, and made ne smile behind my mask.

Phillippa Sanders

The young people are so nice and polite that work there and the best part the fresh chicken fry and nuggets I love it thank you

Joseph D.

Disappointing visit.. with Florida reopening slowly. Huge wait time and didn't have the sauce I ordered and paid for in stock. Issued a refund after not having the sauce in stock. Please block all items that aren't in stock for future use. Food wasn't really warm, Sandwich had 1 pickle. Disappointed visit


I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Everything cooked to order the Lemonade taste like real lemonade, it take me back to the country. I love it. They building one 16 minutes away from me and they will be my new friends. Cant wait!!!! Hurry guys I cant wait to meet you but take your time and build it right. But hurry.

Honest Reviews

I’m giving them 1 star cause I have not heard from the management in this branch regarding about the messed up order I received. I contacted the Cares dept and said that they already informed the management about my complain and they will be in touch but no emails or response at all!!!!

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