15990 SW 41st St, Davie
(954) 384-5113

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Tyler M.

Super disappointed two times in a row. Love coming here for breakfast but this is the second cold stale chicken biscuit in about a week. I frequent this location but if they can't step it up I'm going to have to switch up my breakfast routine. Sad to see this from a chik fil a. Sawgrass might have to be my new spot not this Weston location

Jack B

This a great take out. Love those nuggets..

Rixi Gonzalez

ALL other fast food places need to take notes from Chick-fil-A's service. They have THE BEST CHICKEN & THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the fast food industry. Not to mention they are super quick and have never messed up my order.

Lourie Mcwilliams

I regularly come by grabbing some food here. I enjoyed the swift customer service and well cooked food. Kudos.

Omar Chodhry

No long line. Great customer service.

Joe Macaione

Like most of the Chick-fil-A stores I visit, their staff is more polite than a high end restaurant! Food isn't too shabby either. ?

Luis R. Cabrera

They are doing grest at covid-19...try oreo milkshake!

Rodolfo Hernandez - Herfa Digital

Was waiting by the window, as always, a lot of crew members, one shift leader (different shirt) was taken temp to employees and logging into a form and the surprise was another shift leader, apparently just in, hugging everybody like she hasn't seem them in days. It is really necessary? What type of shift leader get to work and hugg all employees? That is not acceptable specially with all the precautions that the restaurant should be taken.

Dana Gordon

The lines at this location are quick. The service is friendly. The food is excellent!

Dustin Greenwell

Food was great but the place was slammed. Unfortunately the manager kept taking off his masks to stick his head inside the bag to double check our order. A problem in the current environment.

Barry Shumacher

Wonderful business model. The drive thru is quick and makes it convenient to get a chicken sandwich on the way to the casino

Juan Suarez

Nice staff. Amazing Mac and cheese and nuggets with honey!

Jah Blessin

It never ceases to amaze me how fast they move cars through the drive-through line everyone on staff should be commended great management/staff

Narda M.

I have always liked Chick-fil-a. For almost ten weeks we have not ordered food delivered nor take out. In one of my rare outings now, I was near the restaurant and thought it would be a good idea to get some salads. The first thing I noticed, the cashier was wearing a mask and gloves; inside were many young people without space for social distancing, hugging and playing, most (not all) had masks on, and many did not wear gloves. Then I noticed that the person packing my salads did not have the mask on and I wondered, that is what I can see, how about the people that I cannot see. If I have the courtesy to wear a mask for them, I expect others, specially in the food industry, to have the same courtesy. Needless to say, I asked for a refund and left without my food. Not happy. It will take a lot of convincing to go back .

Michelle L.

WOW! Thank you chick-fil-a! I ordered through the app prior to arriving at the restaurant and clicked "I'm here" once I arrived. I did wait a little bit, but it was quicker than waiting in line. Since I paid online, everything was contactless. The worker brought out my food right to the car wearing a mask. I felt very safe and secure in ordering with everything going on. Thank you, Chick-fil-A for all your efforts in providing safe and delicious food!

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