MaMa Street Food

6467 Stirling Rd, Davie
(954) 870-5171

Recent Reviews

Nerves Quach

My whole family love this place…We lived 2 hour away but we dont mind driving here for the foods….Staffs are friendly….Food are good…..Place is vintage looking ….Highly recommended


I have to eat here every time i coming down to south Florida. unique atmosphere

Thuvan Nguyen

Great food , good service and very friendly

Tuong-Chi Pham

If you visit Ft. Lauderdale near either the "Blue Guitar" Hardrock Casino or airport, you get to check this place out. Don't let the small look from outside fool you. The Vietnamese seafood menu here is dynamics. The service can represent the South Florida. It is a new trend of street food like what you see in Southeastern Asia. Let me know how you love their food. Ask for a big combo tray.?

Sandy Le

Highly recommend if you a fan of Vietnamese good .


It was my first time here ?.. never heard of the place.. I googled it to find it.. I was a little nervous.I ordered take-out of "Vegan Ramen". The person that took my order was very friendly. Very quick service.This was my first time in trying Vietnamese food. ? I was surprised. ?It was DELICIOUS! ? It was served very abundantly and generous in portion. It tasted fresh.I look forward to coming again. ?Thank you.

Ling Ling

I’ve eaten this place many times before and we had no problem but the past few times i went we have. I ordered bowls for my family because i live fast and it went sour shortly. One good thing they did was give back the same amount of bowls no charge. Somehow they were sour again AND i found HAIR in two bowls!This was my favorite place to eat when i visited Fort Lauderdale but i don’t think so anymore.

Bella Halim

I loved this place specially for lemongrass tofu and curry snails. Their candy snacks taste good also. Unfortunately they not stock a lot of food so most of the time some items sold out.

George Cruz

We loved that it felt like a very authentic place. I’ve never been to Vietnam but my wife has been there several times. We liked how they have the tiny chairs and tables outside just like Vietnamese markets. Also, we were the only non-Vietnamese customers; that is a very good sign.

Leah V.

Fucking horrible!!! I ordered chicken congee to go and I guess the cook thought he was smart of giving me water with a scoop of rice and some pieces of chicken!!! WTF!! Never coming back to this piece of hole! I should drive by and throw this shit back at them!!!

maria servanda

Good food but bad ?service

Christopher D.

I come here for the hu tieu at least once a week. The place is pretty clean and service is fast. Banh xeo is good but a little too pricey.

Patrick T.

How do you rate a place that doesn't serve you? A white man, a black man, and an arabic man walk into a Vietnamese street food place...there's only one other table in the place, a Vietnamese family eating a lot of food and ordering multiple plates. We order and wait, and wait, people come in and order, people pick up orders...we sit and chat and wait... 40 minutes later, all we have been served is an appetizer and one of our three meals...and this is only because they were incorrectly made for the Vietnamese family... We handled ourselves respectfully but at this point we did ask how much longer our food would be...and we heard back from the cook it would be another 10 minutes or more... No apologies no offer of appetizers or any sort of verbal courtesy... And we ask for a refund...watching more people now come in to pick up Togo orders that were made ahead of ours... I heard the food was good I mean this is listed as "street food" Where I have been in the world street food is designed to be quick and easy to make/serve How can I recommend a place like this Super disappointed and feeling like we were racially biased against...

Jimmy N.

By far one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Davie. They just incorporated new snail dishes and it's so good. Great customer service. I didn't catch the server's name but he's definitely a hard working man. He catered to 7-10 tables. In and out the kitchen. You got pushy customers asking him to get this and that. He didn't crAck under pressure. Kudos to you, man! Definitely a spot to hit up if youre around the area. Not even kidding. Their CHAO LONG IS AMAZING.

Nubienne Love

Not a Pho joint. Quaint spot to enjoy some Vietnamese street food. Place is always busy every time I visited the Pho spot next door. Decided to Give it a try. Not disappointed. We had one beef soup and one pork & seafood soup. The beef soup was good while the other was alright. Service was alright as well. Chef gave me a head nod and asked if All was good on his was back from a mini break outside. I felt special. More connection with him than the male attendant who took our order, served us, but never came back to ask if we were alright. Anyways. Witnessed a family order from Pho next door and were served in here. May be same owner. Glad to know that’s possible. Here has a nicer dinning room and outside Vietnamese style tables. IMHO.

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