Mr. M's Sandwich Shops

3325 S University Dr #122, Davie
(954) 368-4057

Recent Reviews

Chachkis S.

Found this place through Uber Eats. I'm typically not much of a sub person but after trying this once, I was craving it soon after! Ive only ordered the capicola sub from here but I love the fact that the portion is hefty yet not overindulgent. I hate when other sub shops overstuff the sub with so much deli meats that there's no point to even having bread on it! The bread tastes fresh and they pack it neatly. Also love the fact that they give the bread a light toast if requested.

Joel M.

Had a sandwich delivered to Phil Smith Parts Dept. Im telling you. If you haven't ordered from here, you're missing out. Thats it!

Greg H.

It's a shame that I have to only give two stars to this Sandwich shop. Everything that we received was very fresh and the sandwiches were well prepared. The part that really gets me is the price. We ordered delivery from Postmates. I ordered three sandwiches and a pound of potato salad our order came out to be $60! We could've gone out to eat and all of us ordered steak for the same price! I ended up paying this amount because my wife really wanted a turkey Reuben and nobody else was open that would deliver to us during the quarantine. Unfortunately because the price is way out of whack I will not be coming here again.

Lynr L.

I walk in and two customers with mask were in the restaurant with a with out a MASK the lady went outside coughed and came back into the restaurant . Touching the doors and stuff . Her husband digging in his nose . Then the cook with facial beard do not even have a mask on ! Are you kidding me ?????? During this corona pandemic. I went I should have left but I paid 14.00 for this dry sandwich. I am only giving them two stars because my sandwich was super dry, the cheese is sliced cheese that was not mixed in. The chicken had not flavor ugh I have it to homeless person . So not far folks are dying out here and as a nurse that really messed with my head . My first time ordering and look smh

Dean Bryan

The food was great and fresh. Thanks to management Paul

Willie Fitzpatrick III

Very personable team members. When you walk in you feel welcomed. Most importantly the food is always delicious with many options to choose from.

edwardt Baum

I love sandwiches here. They are really big, you can get a combo meal for $12, that's a fair price for what you are getting. NSU students and employees also get a discount.

Holly Hill

Always a pleasure coming here. Subs are so good and they ALWAYS have a smile on their faces!!!!

Ed Smith

One of the best sub shops in the area. Always good!

Muki Nuku Organics

Always friendly, fresh and delicious. They are a super clean establishment as well with LOTS of options.

Jordan B.

I was really hungry and looking for a good sandwich shop to eat at. Yelp suggested this place and it didn't let me down. It made me reminisce about a place I used to get subs called charleys. It may have even been better and I regret not getting a 12 inch sub. The bbq roast beef was succulent and the Philly cheesesteak is next to be had. I recommend you try this place and I can say I'll be going more often as I'm always in the area.

fabienne bathard

The owner's wife is an older white lady who works in the shop. Im not sure what her deal is but she is extremely RUDE to both customers and employees. I witnessed her talk to the staff very disrespectfully in front of customers. If you are unhappy with your job then leave. Professionalism comes first and this place doesn't have it. Sandwiches are average at beat. Publix blows them out of the water!!

Darnell Parker

the old white lady has the worst customer service and I will NEVER eat there again!!!

Adriana L.

I absolutely loved the portion sizes here. I got the half sandwich and soup. It was the perfect lunch. I liked that it came with a pickle, too. The turkey sandwich I got was really tasty but I knocked off one star because of the chicken noodle soup. It was okay but I wouldn't get it again. The customer service was also fantastic. The cashier was super friendly and helpful and patient as I read the whole menu. Great place for a quick bite!

Manda Andrea

Always delicious!!! My favorite spot to get a cold cut sandwich

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