Spaghetto Factory

4350 Oakes Rd, Davie
(954) 321-5146

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Andrew A.

I liked this Italian bistro, my girlfriend didn't. We're both very selective, so it's not a big judgement or something. The establishment is run by an owner chef. Everything is made from scratch. I thought it was very tasty. She felt the pasta was a bit raw. I thought it was al dente. The sauces and sides were fantastic. You could probably solve this by asking the pasta to be cooked a little more (I like the medium cook though). I would recommend it.

Paul P.

Great pasta the sauce was fantastic I would eat Many more times. Real Italian Play some delicious gourmet dishes.

Ariel W.

I loved my take out experience so I came back to dine in with some of my Yelp friends. Absolutely lovely meal with impeccable service. We started with the pear pasta in gorgonzola sauce. I had the lemon chicken and Alfredo rigatoni with tiramisu for dessert. Every bite was delicious. The company and food were perfection. They provided everything we needed to serve our wine and chilled the limoncello I brought to share. I couldn't ask for better service or food. Thank you so much!

Lin H.

Had an awesome dinner with new yelp friends at Spaghetto which is an authentic Italian restaurant. This place makes their own pasta and the owner is from Rome, he really took his time in asking me if I was gluten free for health or just I don't like it? For me I am gluten free as it makes me bloated and sick so I was super happy that this restaurant cares enough to make gluten free pasta. The sauce on the pasta was fresh and I could tell because if its from a can the tomato would make a sour agita in my belly but this was made fresh and so my stomach was very happy . I like to add that I am vegan so this was very nice to have this pasta being vegan also they had salads. All my new yelp friends loved their dinners and deserts. At spaghetto you can bring your own wine and this is a nice touch. Deserts were fabulous and the service was impeccable . Prices were comparable to current dinner prices but not over board. My dinner and desert with tip was 20 dollars. Hope to be back soon . Come visit this super restaurant but make reservations as this is a small restaurant. Parking is easy but remember this is in a ware house location off of Oak road across from the dump on 441 .

Holly S.

A big thank you to Ariel for inviting me out to dinner here. It was so nice to try a new place and meet a few other nice Yelpers in the process. Lin, Gene, and Marianne it was so nice to meet you. This is a small, restaurant within a pasta factory about 15 minutes from the Hard Rock on the edge of Davie. To start, we shared an order of the delicious pear pasta purses in a creamy Gorgonzola sauce that begged for a slice of the rustic Italian bread on the table. It was eyes rolling in the back of my head delicious lol. For my entree, I chose the chicken and mushroom ravioli with arabbiatta sauce. The sauce was so good and the ravioli were filled with a delicious mix of ricotta and chicken and mushrooms. It was a generous portion and I had leftovers. Had to try the tiramisu-it was good-but we all agreed not enough ladyfingers in it and needed a bit more espresso. Another bonus, the prices are definitely reasonable and you literally can mix and match any pasta and sauce. Definitely will come back.


So good! Such a hidden gem of S.Fl. I went here for my birthday and had a great meal. So fresh and affordable. You can bring your own wine, no Corking fee. The owner does it all and this place feels so authentic. Really a mini vacation to Italy. Don’t miss this place!!

Rece G.

Pasta is one of the most affordable meals in the world when buying from the store and since the process is just boiling and adding sauce it's easy as well. But when it comes to eating out for pasta the prices usually soar to $20 or more for a dish of "authentic Italian", is their reasoning for the price being so high. This, However, is not the case at spaghetto. With an ambience and energy rivaling that of any other Italian restaurant in South Florida, except for maybe Ill Paesano which feels like an actually trip to Italy. Spaghetto's staff is caring and efficient to the core, they are what Danny Meyer would call "51 percenters", people who are deeply in touch with emotionally helping people in and out of their jobs, and even further they are very very Italian :). The pasta here is charged in two ways $9 dollars for regular shaped pastas, and $10 for the stuffed ones, and $2-$4 for an addition of proteins and other add ins. Each one comes with a choice of sauce, some Parmesan and a bit of bread which is incredibly fresh. I've came both during and outside of quarantine and in both suits they succeeded, they waste no time with orders placed for takeout. Spaghetto is a lovely experience in Italian cuisine and without leaving your wallet hurting, there is no reason not to return. Cheers to you spaghetto I'll see you soon.

Samuel Bolduc

Ordered several times. Great pizza, customer service, and speedy delivery.I believe this is a family run business which makes it all that much more gratifying to support. Keep up the good work.

Valeria F.

Ordered from here for work catering. Couldn't have chosen a better place! I ordered the Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, Meat Lasagna, and another one with Vodka sauce. Everyone loved it at the office, taste is incredible and it was all extremely fresh! Thank you for a great lunch!

Brad O.

Great little hidden spot. Fresh made pasta and authentic dishes. This place is a hidden gem.

Pete W.

Wow! You have to try Spaghettos. I cant put into words how good and fresh their food is. But good luck finding this your first time. Truly a hidden gem.

Henry B.

Awesome Italian food, made fresh on the spot. Really great sauces. Authentic spot with great quality dishes. Solid value too.

Tyler Fordham

Love this place! Delicious and fresh, plus the owner is such a sweetheart! I always feel welcome - even when it’s busy.

Mark G.

I can only speak to the food quality since we ordered for pickup. We ordered several dishes so we could try different ones and have enough for leftovers. I would say their food is more consistent with what you would get in a Osteria in Italy. Having been to Italy several times this is authentic. Most of what is available is Italian/American which is a cuisine in its own right, kinda like Tex/Mex. Good but not what you would typically get in Italy. Homemade pasta was excellent and all the sauces were great. Will definitely order from here again. I may start going there for lunch pickup.

Mary Ann C.

When you go to Spaghetto, you get an experience like being in Italy. We walked in the first time and saw the owner intense on taking care of customers and to go orders. He is a master at what he does and is very serious about his restaurant and pasta factory. Some people take this as being rude, I take it as being passionate! The food is amazing and even though the location is smalI, I find it charming. I love that the owner will only provide the freshest food. He told me they were out of the octopus appetizer and I didn't mind a bit. I would rather honesty any day over frozen seafood. The bread that he served will make your eyes roll. It was perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The garden salad tasted like he went out back and picked the greens himself. The portion was just right. There is oil, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper on the table. I could just eat the salad and bread and be happy. I had the cod in putanesca sauce. It was phenomenal. I've ordered it to go twice since eating it there. The sauce has olives and capers and is pomodorro style. The chicken parmesean was equally amazing. The breading was light, the chicken was thick and the sauce was delicious but not heavy. To go I've had the lobster ravioli. These are definitely made fresh. The pasta is soft and the lobster flavor lingers in your mind. The pink sauce went perfectly with the ravioli. The fusili pasta was great for lunch one day with a jar of their sauce. This is the first time I've bought sauce to go in my life. The sauce is that good! Buy a pound of biscotti and thank me later. They are excellent with coffee in the morning. The Italian cheesecake is the best dessert in my opinion. The filling is not like New York cheesecake or ricotta pie but more like sfogliatelle. The mini cannoli is pretty good too. The shells are crispy and fresh. The filling is light and they add a touch of chocolate on the ends. To get the full experience we had Italian espresso after our meal. We plan to try everything on the menu, one visit at a time.

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