4593 S University Dr, Davie
(954) 434-2587

Recent Reviews

Lauren Balsamo

The slowest Starbucks. Doesn’t matter if there is 1 car in the drive thru or 10. Be prepared to wait.The inside moves much faster.

Oriani R

The service in the drive through was very good. Alejandro was very very nice!

OMG and Associates, corp Liberta Accounting

Good service as always . Save place , everyone is wearing mask.

Alannah Ballew

Just got the order completely wrong. M usually not one to write a bad review but it hasn’t been the first time. I ordered a basic holiday item, peppermint mocha frap, and received what tasted like a lack of mocha and peppermint watered down frap. Like cold soup with no taste. Sad ):

Eileen Mata

this is always my go to starbucks, it’s not the closest to me but it’s definitely worth the drive. the barista’s are friendly and are very kind to the customers. sometimes the line at the drive thru gets really long and it’s time consuming but that’s never been an issue with me, and it’s expected especially during lunch times and rush hour. it has a couple of nice tables to eat at outside, and the inside is very comforting, i always go there to study and do homework because the ambience is perfect for it, i stay for hours there at a time. the drinks never disappoint either.

Helena Daly

Courteous service. Social distancing and mask wearing precautions

Web Socket

This is a great location, large patio, and spaced out seating.

Julia H.

This Starbucks makes the best drinks and has the nicest baristas! They're always quick and efficient. The baristas never fail to put a smile on my face. Whenever I know it's going to be a tough day at work, I come here and it makes my morning so much better. Thank you guys!

Colleen Mathis

Has Drive-thru. Really great drinks. They know how to make them taste good.

Omar Chodhry

The staff is super nice. I love coming to this starbucks.

Leigh James

Horribly slow service, extremely long line in the drive thru. Waited a long time for a simple cup of coffee at the window. They said they were brewing a fresh pot. When it finally came it was lukewarm, and tasted funny. Definitely not the quick, quality service I usually get at Starbucks. I'll drive a little further to Plantation Starbucks for my next coffee.

Emile Damato

Love the Frappacinna's

Annette Joseph

Went through drive thru around 5:30pm, no line but they had us wait a bit. Normally every time I want to come to this one the line wraps around the whole building. Barista was able to answer my questions, was kind. They didn’t have the new impossible sandwhich so we were bummed but as always drinks are good and the croissants ?? so good.


I was sooo happy because I noticed that Starbucks finally has something VEGAN the impossible sandwich!!! He told me to hold on , I was so excited , in my mind I was already eating it!! Then he came back and said “how can I help you?” Impossible sandwich please, we have no more!! He sounded happy about it lol I was so sad! But hopefully when I’m back they will! Jon gave great service! It was fast, only one person in line! Thank you!! My wife got something from the secret menu shhhh it’s called the venti pink drink! Try it!

mohammed khan

Amazing coffee and great customer service

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