4593 S University Dr, Davie
(954) 434-2587

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Emile Damato

Love the Frappacinna's

Annette Joseph

Went through drive thru around 5:30pm, no line but they had us wait a bit. Normally every time I want to come to this one the line wraps around the whole building. Barista was able to answer my questions, was kind. They didn’t have the new impossible sandwhich so we were bummed but as always drinks are good and the croissants ?? so good.


I was sooo happy because I noticed that Starbucks finally has something VEGAN the impossible sandwich!!! He told me to hold on , I was so excited , in my mind I was already eating it!! Then he came back and said “how can I help you?” Impossible sandwich please, we have no more!! He sounded happy about it lol I was so sad! But hopefully when I’m back they will! Jon gave great service! It was fast, only one person in line! Thank you!! My wife got something from the secret menu shhhh it’s called the venti pink drink! Try it!

mohammed khan

Amazing coffee and great customer service


Coffee is great but service is so slow. Drive through always takes 20+ minutes even when there are two cars in line.

Sydney Blanco

They’re super nice here and never get my order wrong which is rare. Thanks for making my quarantine days less horrible guys!

Brad J

I get so excited every time I take that first sip. It’s just so good! ??

Diego G.

Great customer service and always a pleasure to visit they always seem to have a smile on there face and greet you with a hello


store closed but drive thru opened and line around the building but moved fast. Employee was polite and helpful. We tipped as the service people deserve a tip for exposing themselves and keeping us coffee rich during this pandemic. thank you


So slow! No matter how many times I come the service is slow. Drive through or walking in. Slow. Slow. Slow.

Dare Bee

Everything I go into the drive through at this specific Starbucks NO ONE assist me.

Tim Baldwin

Drive through didnt give card back and I forgot it. 20 minutes later my card was used at target for 700.00. The girl stole it. Still works there

Michael Alan

Nice kids, but they don't get it right in the drive through very often.

John E.

Great drinks as always but the SLOWEST service. Every. Time. I've been at least seven times at all different hours. Currently waiting at the drive thru 22mins for a nitro brew.


They got my drink wrong and it didn’t taste good. I asked for white chocolate mocha and they gave me so emptying with dark chocolate.

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