Ben & Jerry’s

230 Daytona Blvd Ste G-630, Daytona Beach
(386) 868-5301

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michael phillips

Unable to get milkshakes 40 minutes before closing. The kid working there said 20 minute's before closing we stop making them... it was 40. Thank you for the wasted drive and standing in line.


I asked for 6 milkshakes, 3 vanilla with whip cream, one vanilla with peanuts and 2 custom made. First instead of 6 milkshakes I received 4, 1 brownie in a bag with nothing around it and in a paper bag that was left, like that, in my front door. The milkshakes don’t have any comments or instructions of which flavor was each. They were melted and the appearance was worst. Then when I call Uber Eats (Ayana made the delivery) she told me that I had to call Ben and Jerry’s because that was the order they gave to her. I called Ben and Jerry’s, I was waiting for less than a minute and my phone call was never answered, I called for a second time and the same thing happened. Now I paid almost $90.00 for 4 milkshakes instead of 6 that I ordered, received an order without instructions, a brownie that was not fresh, served in a paper bag without any wrapping, caramel that were disgusting and everything went to the trash because I didn’t want my family to risk their health or something worst.

Lex K.

They had two vegan ice creams to choose from, which isn't a whole lot, but hey, it's something. The employee took his time going over those flavors with us, and telling us about the only vegan option as far as comes go, even though other customers were in line and I wasn't trying to hold anyone up. That was nice. Nowhere near the selection of B&J non dairy as the grocery store, but it was nice to have that experience of eating it in the store, and I liked the wooden spoons!

Andre Harden Junior

Best place in the world. Always have wonderful vibes, good music, the assortment of delicious treats.

Steven Crean

Two hours before closing on a Saturday night, they had no cones and almost half of the ice cream wasn't stocked. Ask for something and the recommended something not even close to the flavor you're asking for. All they were selling were cardboard cups of flavors other than what you asked for even when the card is in the display saying that was the flavor you could see. Offered no explanation as to why there were no cones of any kind available... ?

Vincent Iorpuu

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It’s awesome ice cream. You can’t go wrong. Plenty of selection and lots of options for toppings and cones. Yum yum yummy

Mahogany Wallis

Great customer service. Great ice cream!


I am from New England so I was excited to see a Ben & Jerry’s in the location. Unfortunately they seem to have some unusual pricing and sale practices I have t seen before. To begin with, they didn’t have kid size ice cream posted and I had to ask. When I questioned if they offered small kid size they said yes. Then when I ordered 4 kid size ice cream purchases they said I could only buy a kid size for the kids not for the adults. We are seniors and did not want a small size scoop but something smaller as we just had lunch. So we ended up splitting a small. They were limited in toppings mostly limited to candy, no nuts. They are limited in flavor offerings, perhaps due to supply issues or something else. Pricey!! Service was okay. It did not remind me of the Ben & Jerry experiences I remember.

Patricia Wilson

I'm not a fan of this place,it was the closest ice cream shop I could find. They never have the ice cream or all of the toppings I want. So,I'm only there once a year.

K C.

I love that this is located at One Daytona. You can walk around and get cooled down with ice cream in this 90+ degree weather. Just make sure you eat it fast.

Bella Snow

Today Sunday, I stopped in to enjoy a ice cream with my granddaughter and when I went to pay for the cone the cashier Who said her name was Angel said she could not punch in my phone number to give the discount from the members card. She displayed a negative attitude and lied saying she didn’t know what I was talking about … she was not interested at all in good customer service. The on duty shift Mgr Andrea came over and put my number in that didn’t work but then Angel spoke up and said I can leave .. I wasn’t yelling or even causing a scene but I did tell her that wasn’t customer service . I have been coming to this location since they opened and never been so dissatisfied with rude disinterested and unmotivated employees like “Angel” horrible service

Rob Smith

EXPENSIVE!!!One scoop of ice cream. $7+with tip and tax.Wow! Really???Family of 4 one scoop each figure $30 bucks. Wow

Kirsten Stuver

Joseph is a superstar! When we visited, it was very busy and he greeted every single customer with a smile and warm greeting. He was patient and informative too, answering questions and kindly changing course with customer selection changes. Give that man a raise!

chris durham

One employee is great waiting on a line of 15 + while the other one is just worried about getting everything ready to end the shift that she can't help anyone waiting. Sad to say such bad work ethics 25 minutes later we get ice cream that the other employee had to weight everything before she could leave

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