Im skewed

11394 US-98, Miramar Beach
(850) 353-2562

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Shanna R.

They added more to the menu since their relocation. The new area is spacious and clean, very easy to find, parking is free and I thought I'd mention that since some parking in Destin areas have started charging since last year (peak season). They have truly captured the authentic flavors of Filipino cuisine. I haven't tried all of the food on the menu but I was very impressed with what we ordered. Their sisig also captured Filipino flavors but everyone has their own version of sisig. I'm a true kapampangan so I'm a little sisig snob since our version is the original but theirs is seasoned very good and I ate all of it!


The food was fantastic. We got the beef bulgogi and lumpia. The restaurant seemed to be a little understaffed so we weren't sure if we had to wait to be seated or not. Otherwise it was a absolutely great meal, and we definitely will be back. New favorite!

Brittany L.

They were very friendly to us and my kids I recommend this restaurant. There food was so good.

Christina C.

We have been in Miramar for a couple days and although I love seafood this place is an expensive food desert. After a disaster at Acme the night before I was ready for something new and this place fit the bill perfectly! We didn't order much...we had the lumpia and bbq pork and the cucumber salad. This made for an amazing lunch! The lumpia came out and there were a ton of the slim flavorful rolls. Next came the cucumber salad. I was surprised by the tomatoes that came with it but it was the perfect compliment for the slightly sweet and sticky bbq pork. We will probably eat here again before we leave. The service was friendly and attentive and the place also has cute games in the back. Ski ball, table soccer? With the little men.... And ice hockey. Go here now!

Jam M.

I mainly came here to let y'all know that you must try the cakes here. We had a slice of the mango cake and it was so fresh and delicious! They were out of ube cake or we would have ordered that as well! And of course if we are talking about desserts, halo halo is always a good idea! Was so happy to find this place in the area.


EXCELLENT BBQ!!! We drove 6+ hours just to eat here! And we LOVED IT!!! Be aware: This restaurant gets SUPER popular for dinner on a weekend. So you will need to come here not just with a huge appetite, but a high-level of patience and ample amount of time. Because I guarantee: IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!! Especially if you order from their kamayan menu.

Lindsey Briggs

This place was amazing!! Everything we had was delicious. I'm not familiar with Filipino food but now I want to learn more! The tofu sisig in particular was excellent!

Vanessa H.

Food is good and the staff are friendly. Big place to have a party I think. We tried the pancit with bbq chicken and my kids loved it! We had fried bangus and pinakbet and it was good. Must try if you are visiting Destin.

minh t.

My family had so much fun eating here for dinner!! What an experience. Not to mention they have karaoke! Just remember while you're waiting for your food; go sing some songs. It makes the time flies by faster. The waitstaff were extremely friendly and personable.

Gerald M.

Went to "I'm Skewed," Filipino restaurant in Miramar Beach tonight, and had my craving satisfied. Started with the Lumpia and Tolong, both good. Adobo was good, although not quite as tart as I would have liked, the BBQ was good, smoky and slightly sweet, and the Sisig had just the right amount of heat. All portions were substantial, and each was served with about a cup of white rice, and the prices are quite reasonable. As for atmosphere, there are wooden picnic tables, it's a very oddly designed space (looks like it was supposed to be a furniture store) and even at 5:15 there was a singer performing. Not a bad voice but MUCH TOO LOUD! We sat as far away from the band stand as you could get, and even so we couldn't carry on a conversation. Owner take note: music should complement the dining experience, not overwhelm it. Very much of a child friendly place, with kids of the owners/workers running around and playing. If you are wanting a taste of the Philippines and don't want to cook it yourself, this is a reasonable place to visit. If you're looking for a nice quiet meal, don't go here.

Sue K.

They have lousy rice bad service to noisy bad table were not satisfied having echo inside the building and have no paper towels in the bathroom

Chelsie K.

The food was really good! The staff are both friendly and willing to help you choose a dish; if you need help/recommendations. It is a family ran restaurant, so you may see their kids around (their presence didn't bother me one bit). Overall good experience.

Helen I.

Really good! Everything is made fresh, so I have some patience. For some reason it says that it's closed on Google, but I think that's a different address and it's totally open, just look on maps. We tried a few things, including the cucumber salad, the chicken and pork skewers, and the pancit bihon. Everything was outstanding. Highly recommend this place!


Absolutely outstanding food. Everything was fresh and authentic. I tried a few new things that were recommended by our waitress. Highly recommend!

Joe Joe H

Pleasantly surprised to find a Filipino restaurant in Destin. We ordered from the "Kamayan" menu (eating with bare hands) and got the entry level one ($50/60 I don't remember) but it was more than enough for my gf and I. Everything on it was so good but the fried tilapia was our favorite! This is the first Filipino restaurant in Florida I've been to that has a Kamayan menu and I'm glad I found one. Will definitely be back when we visit Destin!

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