Marco's Pizza

19 Poinciana Blvd, Miramar Beach
(850) 460-2999

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Thomas Grappin

Save yourself the headache. This place is not capable of putting out orders in a timely manner. Plan for at least 30-40 minutes past the time it suggest. The dude at the counter is lost.

Jennifer Powell

I just left Marcos pizza and it was terrible I ordered online had a pick up time which was already an hour wait for a pizza. I get their and have to wait another hour. I ordered a pepperoni pizza and while I was waiting me and other guests were ignored then told off and told we could go somewhere else. Then they called my name and the order was wrong. Guests are being ignored I was told off and will never go back again. Marcos has lost my family as customers.

Cody Powell

Don't waste your time. Ordered a pizza... 20 minutes after the "pizza was ready" I got a pizza that had no sauce and half cheese.. I ordered a regular pepperoni! The owner was rude and blamed the hurricane on his delays.. do yourself a favor and go to the pizza place up the street and save the headache of dealing with this Marcos.

David McWhorter

Pizza and wings tasted great. Service was super fast for a walk in order. That tatted up guy that took our order was very respectful and super nice. Thanks Marco's

Jamie Tuggle

Placed a large order for a business meeting and the response and delivery time were amazing. Our pizzas were full of toppings, our wings were TASTY.So happy with the experience.

Mike W

Ordered several x-large pizzas here while on vacation to feed 12 people. It was delicious. I may have been converted to a Marco’s pizza eater.

Brigid McCartney

Nasty pizza….and I’m a Marcos fan…but this place is just gross. Something is always broken and the staff is beyond rude. The place is a dirty mess!! Stay away. I came home with a sandwich I ordered and nothing was inside but bell peppers so always check your order if you decide to eat here. I would go elsewhere

Edward K

Marco's has just risen to the top of our list for pizza. It was delicious and this is an adjective I have not used in this area for pizza before Marco's. We ordered our meals delivered and Raul got them here so fast they tasted like they just came out of the oven. They have a winning combination here with Marco's and Raul.

Jonah T.

Absolutely worst place I've gone to. I love Marcos I'm a huge fan but the staff and management here. I will never come back here again. There are 10-15 pizza parlors on this same road. If you see this go somewhere else. Staff was rude laughed in my face and wasn't considerate about time at all. 0 out of 10..

Vicki Langley

Great service as we came inside not long before closing. We asked if they were in closing mode and Kamoy politely waved us in and offered to make our pizzas. We appreciated it so much!

keeley baker

Delivered my cold nasty food 3 hours after ordering it …. On a Monday night. Also the lady on the phone was very rude for no reason. Get a different job if you don’t like doing your job and want to be rude to your customers for no reason. You’re better off ordering from dominos lol.

Mike tatham

Great pizza! Delivery was a huge plus. Price for the pizza we ordered was reasonable considering delivery. Driver was very polite and friendly. Would definitely order again.

Nick Nitkowski

The computer reads carryout, I order but it keeps getting asn error message to contact the store you call the store and they say nothing they can do. So my large 2 topping is a large 1 topping and double the special price. This store is always having problems when it comes to the specials being offered!

Kevin Robinson

I love Marco’s back in my city. This Marcos pizza in Miramar Beach has got to be the worst one I have ever experienced. I understood they were busy but after 1 1/2 hours I just had to walk out. Not 1 person in this store could tell me where my order was in the process! I left an hour after my app said what the pick up time should have been. People that had later pickup times were coming in and getting their pizzas and walking out. Still every time I asked they could not tell me a thing! They would just ask if it was the correct order number and it was the same every time. I have never been to a pizza place that couldn’t at least tell me if the pizza was in the oven or not. I was fuming when I walked out. They may or may not ever have made the pizza but I’m just glad I didn’t pay online before I went.

Mark L.

Very poorly ran Marco's. Typically out of a certain size pizza, cheese, etc. They don't honor any of the Marco's corporate specials or coupons.

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