The Melting Pot

11394 US-98 W, Destin
(850) 269-2227

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Bradley Hammond

The Green goddess cheddar cheese fondue was phenomenal! I always love the bacon parmesan ranch salad! I chose to cook the entrees in bourguignon as well as coq au vin. Pacific rim and steak lovers are my favorite entrees... And don't forget to add lobster tails to the meal! And then to finish off the night the original chocolate fondue with peanut butter and the flaming turtle just put the entire experience over the top! Definitely a fun experience and relaxed environment to sit and enjoy time with great friends! I will definitely be back soon! P.S. Don't miss the opportunity to donate to St Jude's children's hospital.


Excellent, but wear a sweater! Cold in there😂

Desirée G

Ariel is amazing!! She was very attentive but my favorite thing about her was her fun personality. She made us feel at home. Food is delicious as always. Unique setting where we feel like we have our own room.

OpenTable Diner

Rude staff, every table in the building was dirty, not an ideal date night


Beautiful night with my wife of 47 years. We really enjoyed it.


If I could give zero stars, I would! Our family of five dined at The Melting Pot on Monday. We chose this restaurant for the sole reason of their NCGS training to accommodate someone with celiac disease. We arrived at 5:25 pm for our 6pm reservation. We waited in the bar area and ordered a glass of wine, a Shirley Temple & a cocktail before we were seated within 5-10” of arriving. Upon being seated at our table we waited and we waited upwards of 20” to receive our drinks and for our waitress to even acknowledge we were seated. In hindsight, this was a big flag and we should have left immediately! Big mistake! The restaurant was not crowded and when the bartender brought our drinks, he apologized and stated “he had to cut up everything which contributed to the delay.” I’m no restaurant expert, but shouldn’t this have already been completed prior to opening for dinner service? Over the next 3.5 hours, we rarely saw our server and had extremely long waits between courses, which is unusual as TMP is known for having each course properly timed with the next, except our waitress was consistently MIA most of the night. Food was fair at best & quantity was lacking. Everything including service & presentation was disorganized and It appeared haphazardly put together. For example, the cheese appetizer for 3 (1 adult & 2 kids) included maybe 1 cubed granny smith apple, 1 slice of cubed bread, 1/2 of a soft pretzel cubed, 2 small pieces of cauliflower, 4 grape tomatoes & 2 carrot rounds. The entree for 3 included 1 ravioli, 2 pieces of teriyaki beef, 6 shrimp, 4 pieces of salmon & the remainder was a combo of seasoned chicken & steak. When our waitress brought the cooking broth, she clumsily spilled the bowl containing the mushrooms & herbs into the hot pot . It took another 10” to receive our proteins & veggies, so the cooking stocks had reduced significantly making cooking more difficult towards the end. Raw Shrimp was put in the same space on the platter with raw beef (yuck)as was raw salmon & chicken (weird & not convinced that this is per protocol or safe). My younger daughter contaminated her plate with raw meat & I was forced to share my plate with her because our waitress was once again nowhere to be found for the duration of the main entree. We finished cooking and waited for over an hour with dirty plates/dishes including the ones that contained the raw meat to be cleared. That is disgusting and unacceptable. We could hear employees from the kitchen laughing & having a good ole time as we sat and waited. I’m all for giving grace to workers who show up to work, but listening to this as we waited was disappointing & infuriating. Normally, when service is slow and bad, you can request the check & go, but since TMP requires that you order everything including dessert at the beginning, that option wasn’t so easy! At 9pm, 3.5 hours after our dinner adventure had begun. I never thought this might/meal would end. Each time our waitress would reappear, she was empty handed and gave us multiple excuses including but not limited to staffing. If staffing was an issue, we would have appreciated the heads up BEFORE we had ordered & we could have decided whether we should stay or go and if we really wanted dessert. If staffing was an issue, the restaurant should have limited the number of parties being seated, but neither of those steps were taken. It was as of this was their first rodeo, mind you, the other waiters & waitresses around us were working their tails off and moving through the courses much quicker than our table did. At 9:00, we were all tired and decided to cut our losses (skip dessert despite knowing we’d be charged) but we couldn’t even find someone to give us our bill. Eventually, our waitress surfaced with our chocolate dessert except it was cold. Dippers had been haphazardly thrown onto a plate—one piece of Belgian waffle, 2 marshmallows, 4 cubes of pound cake and cut up fruit. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. Over 3 hours &

OpenTable Diner

Everything was exceptional! I asked for some special additions to our table for my Fiancés birthday. We were both amazed at the job that was done. Truly enjoyable!!


Haven’t been to The Melting Pot in years! We decided to go last night. It was absolutely the best! Will be back!

OpenTable Diner

Taking friends for first time


I received a call from the Melting Pot to confirm my 16:00 reservation for my son's birthday along with the correct age . Once arrived ON TIME. three couples and my son and I stood in line waiting for the restaurant to open at 16:00. The three couples in front of us. Not a group. Three separate couples before my son and I approach the greeter was ask is this a special Occasion. Out of each couple said ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! Once my son and I approached the greeter with No eye contact and ask for my reservation name. No is this a special occasion NOTHING! once seated the waitress asked are we celebrating anything. I said Yes, My son's Birthday she said OH Okay, Anything planned. That was it. The food. I've never had my cooking broth less than half the pot and apparently it was pepper at the bottom of it to the point that we were choking from it being cooked into the food. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF CALLING ME TO CONFIRM HIS AGE AND OUR RESERVATION TIME TO NOT Acknowledge him.. RACISM .

OpenTable Diner

My family and I came to this location while on Vacation in Destin. Let me tell you, everything was phenomenal! We were promptly greeting and guided to our table. Our service from Riley was amazing from start to finish. The manager, Jackie, even checked in to make sure everything was tasting wonderfully. 10/10 would always recommend. Will absolutely be back next time I’m in town! Thanks, Melting Pot Destin!


No better way to start than to say the waitress was terrible. We literally had to get up and go find someone to help us multiple times. She may have been the worst waitress ever!!! Other than her, the experience was cool. If we didn't have to sit around and complain about the service we would have had a lot more fun. The restaurant seemed to have a good buzz inside unfortunately we had a terrible server.

OpenTable Diner

I took my girlfriend here for just a little date and everything was perfect to say the least. The food was great and the ambiance was phenomenal.


Our waiter Stacey was absolutely amazing. She helped us understand because it was our first time. Go here if you want absolutely amazing food and great customer service. Thank you Stacey!

OpenTable Diner

Stacey made our night out for dessert wonderful! The dessert and the service was excellent!

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