1900 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale
(954) 453-7745

Recent Reviews

Guarionex Ruiz

If you want to spend your 30 min break in ordering coffee go there

Jim McClymont

This place is the best guys, highly recommended.

desiree santiago

Cashier lady very nice and friendly our food and drinks were great

Laurence Thau

After having haagen dazl this one tastes too chemical flavors

Jonathangreg Venturini

I always stop for a small black coffee!!

Pete Saites

Rocky road ice cream is awesome.

Mike Towson

Love the ice cream flavors, especially chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.


The donuts are delicious and they offer a large selection of Baskin Robins ice cream. The staff is very friendly.

devon campbell

Baskin-Robbins has good ice cream its not the best ice cream place ever of course there is no more optical ice cream restaurant you can go to but as for just the ice cream shop on the corner its probably the best choice and has very fair price is my wife and I love taking my nieces to best of Robbins for a treat


Average ice cream inside an above average doughnut store.

Shawn Hyman

Great service. Girls were very friendly and helpful.

David McCarthy

Mailing it in at best. Couldn’t produce a sundae directly off the menu board. Didn’t have basic hard is it to make a sundae, and yet they failed.

Patt Patterson

Always good treats and fast service. ..very tasty donuts...the maple frosted are my favorite...and I'm not even a cop!

Gabby B.

I ordered a Birthday Cake for my sons Birthday. I went inside to order it and they said I had to order it online. Then I went to pick it up they didn't write his age on the cake like I ordered and paid for. When I asked them to do it they just said sorry. They didn't even write it on the cake after they messed up. Also I ordered and paid for candles to go on the cake and when I got there they said that they didn't have any and to go to another store. I asked for a refund on the candles and they said that they can't do that either. They once again said to go to another store.

Richard Penn

Good service and great ice cream

Brian Henwood

Store manager is outstanding and store is always clean and organized.

Casomatic 1

Always great. Always hits the spot

Richard Penn

Good service and great ice cream

Big Fish Pros

Great icecream

John Keough

There is no better ice cream place that I know of on this planet. So many great flavors. I love the Chocolate Chip & mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, bubble gum, rock road, etc, etc, etc. This place is very clean. They are always busy but help you in a timely fashion. They also have tables inside to eat. They have prepacked quarts. Also this is a split operation with Dunkin Donuts on one side. I am happy they do not have a drive thru, so you get personable customer service attention.

Holly Lou Edelmayer

Love ice cream any day and any time.

Big Fish Pros Fishing Charter

Great icecream

John Campagnoly

Good smoothies

Jerry Britt

You usually find me here its about icecream

Alixae Bell

Good place. A bit slow on the service but they get the job done!

PRGirl Angel

Came hoping to get some ice cream. The toppings as I looked for what I wanted had hair in it, I was totally disgusted. Told the manager and she rolled her eyes and asked to help the next customer behind me. I wouldnt be surprised if this place was closed soon.

Robyn S.

Unfortunately I ordered a mint chocolate chip blast and the lady making it had no clue what she was doing. I ordered directly off the menu-- the order was not customized. The lady must have confused a blast with a smoothie or coolata because she mixed ice chips in with mint chocolate chip ice cream and I paid for water down ice cream. This store needs serious training if the employees cannot make a blast.

Thien H.

On a busy Saturday night a while back, there was only one employee. She was scooping ice cream and working as cashier - running back and forth. They need more people because the wait can get long. Overall, I like their mint chip ice cream the best. As with most Baskin-Robbins locations, they need an update to the interiors and more cleaning.

Krista A.

Pre-ordered my daughter's birthday cake and I went to pick it up only to find out they didn't make it.

kiana batten

The woman who served me was super rude and very unpleasant. No matter where you work you need to be professional. Be grateful that you have some kind of income and show that gratitude, or give the opportunity to someone more deserving.

Colton Grubbs

TERRIBLE SERVICE! One person was working. Waited 10 minutes to order ice cream and got ZERO service. Walked out the door.