OddBalls Nifty Thrift

4281 N Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park
(754) 422-7623

Recent Reviews

Amanda Herro (Mandy)

Stumbled upon this place and a thrifter, this place is amazing!! They have the most fun, random assortment of things! I liked that they sold beer, wine and other beverages (to help in the decision making process as one staff member said) ?The staff are all very friendly and helpful. Despite being a consignment/thrift store, it’s really well organized and not overly cluttered.If you find something you like, they’re usually willing to work with you on the price if they can too!

Mario Flores

My new favorite thrift shop. A big area with a lot of things. Staff was very friendly and inviting.

Johnny Fortini

Very cool and unique store with super friendly and helpful staff! Definitely a hidden treasure.

Kathryn Law

I love the new location, so bright and less cluttered. There are many rooms where people consign their goods and lots of sales. This is the kind of place you can through three times and find new things each time. The also sell beer and wine to enjoy while you shop. Be prepared to send some time here.


Has a lot of great items for sale. Some are pricey but can negotiate and great sales. Got a bunch of vintage items. Will go again.

Jorge S.

It certainly has a variety of eclectic stuff. But I found it to be mostly overpriced. So yes. lots to see and check out but just about everything is overpriced. Their vases are on top of that overpriced list. Too bad. It's a great store otherwise if you just want to look.

Iszi H

AMAZING! So many different vibes. Such great selection. SUPER RECOMMEND

Ernestina de Villiers

What a great place! Last weekend on their now old address and they had huge discounts! Regular prices are fair and service super good, all of them very kind and helpful. Merchandise goes from furniture to home decor, including clothes and accessories. Definitely a treasure! Looking forward to visiting their new location.

Chelsey U.

This place is incredible. I can't wait to take friends here. Great way to spend an afternoon, find unique gifts or house decor. Have some cute plants outside. And you can check it all out with a beer in hand. Very fun!

Adventure A.

This thrift shop is full of unique items. They maximize their space and display the items with care. Definitely worth the stop.

Jennifer Annison

This place!! If you’re into thrift or consignment stores, OddBalls is the Cadillac of them. Their inventory is mindfully selected—-funky stuff you’ve never seen anywhere. And displayed beautifully like a boutique. I really appreciate the thought and effort that goes into producing such a gorgeous thrift store.I had expected all that cool stuff to be super pricey, but it wasn’t. And I caught them on a 20% off sale day.The owner was genuinely friendly and cool. The whole place just has a great vibe. They know what they’re doing. Seriously, if I was going to open a store, I’d get a job at OddBalls first so I could copy their formula.I stumbled upon this place while visiting Florida—I live in Atlanta—so I’m trying to come to terms with not being able to shop here whenever I want. Hmmm…OK, OddBalls, now you got me hooked. Maybe you can sell your dope stuff online (Shopify, etc)? I’ll also accept you opening an OddBalls in every major city. ???

Eryka Grant

What a fun place to go thrifting! Staff is friendly and welcoming. You can buy a beer as your browse through the many sections of items. There is something for everyone here. Records, furniture, toys, clothing, bric a brac, antiques and so much more. They have another location as well that was great too! Will keep coming back here.

peaches cream

Alot to see here. Takes a while day to be able to see everything. Store has over 8 rooms of stuff plus the main floor. But they are relocating at the end on March 2022.

Tim E.

Great vintage style shop. Friendly family owned shop. There is always something in there that you got to have. Definitely worth checking out. They just opened a new store location next to Jasper Kane on Dixie Hwy. Their shop is setup as booths/zones somewhat but a better flow. You will find handmade art to outdoor pottery in there. MCM to newer items. Plus a shabby chic zone. You can see the different personalities each owner has in those zones. I am always popping in there.

Cd Thrift

They have a new store! Just opened on Dixie (4281 North Dixie Hwy in Oakland Park, filled with new treasures: Beautiful luxury clothes & handbags, vintage great quality furniture as well as wicker and bamboo! Antiques, Chinoiserie, Artworks, mid century decorative pieces, Lp vinyls, books…and the list goes on….. I love this New OddBalls Nifty Thrift!

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