Sette Bello Ristorante

6241 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale
(954) 351-0505

Recent Reviews

Javier Mendez Vazquez

I never can back to this place very disappointed for the food, price, service to slow we can for vacation here to Florida and this the first place visit and never can back .

Hemigue E.

The food is not work for the price and pasta is over cooked service terrible we tried two times in this place and you never get the steak cook the correct temperature is better places to go very disappointed.

Jack Mc

Walked in and was totally ignored. Walked out. (see update below)...

Dori L.

What a fabulous experience we had at Sette Bella! We were a party of 8 and each of use were extremely impressed with the ambiance, service, and menu choices. I wasn't sure what I wanted for dinner and our server, Kevin, suggested a shrimp dish with papperdelli pasta YUM! It was the best dinner I have had in a long time. Kevin, James, and the rest of the staff were excellent and so was all of our food. I highly recommend Sette Bella if you love good Italian Cuisine.

Nisha B.

Had a 715 reservation, arrived 10 min early, they gave away our table, not once, not twice but three times. No offer of water or any apologies. Worst service and rude staff. Disorganized.

Kim Liakos

Food is definitely worth 5 stars but overall, I give it 3 stars. We had an awesome waiter and the chicken marsala was the best I've had. They don't have liquor, only wine and it is small, so small that when it's crowded you can't have a conversation.


Excellent neighborhood gem that has the best Italian food in the area. Servers are attentive to even the smallest details, your evening will be beyond expectations as they are backed up with a very talented kitchen staff.

frank l

thank you so much for the very nice review, We work very hard to give the very best. We hope to see you again next time you are in town.

Elliott Lercher

Good food. Service was not what you expect. Either the kitchen or the wait staff could not handle it. Noise level was very loud

Megan C.

The restaurant was pretty good! We went on a Saturday night and had reservations, but still had to wait a few minutes. The restaurant was very busy and it seemed like they had maybe 3 or 4 servers. We had the burrata appetizer and meatballs, the meatballs were really delicious. We also ordered the pasta piselli and I think that was the winner for me. I ordered the veal pizzaiola and while great the sauce tasted like just tomatoes, it might have needed salt or something. The side of pasta was delicious though. While this restaurant was really great, and our server, Reza, was super nice and attentive, I think it might be better to either come earlier on a Saturday night, or another night altogether.

Solange DAmelio

Amazing service, good food. The place is very cozy and nice for a date. The service was really amazing. They give you pan con tomate as a free welcoming appetizer and also their warm bread is to die for. The food was a little bit oily for my preference but it’s just because I don’t love oil. But quality of food was great. Their mozzarella was a must try. They include it in a lot of dishes so be sure to ask something with fresh mozzarella on it (I had a salad with mozzarella and polenta). Meatballs are a must try!


Appetizers cauliflower cauliflower flowers with excellent Gaba Unfortunately, the waiter we had was Was new Joe Cadillac was a gracious host. Joe ended the feast with his own personal anisette

Tony Kelly Angelini

The food and service was excellent. Would highly recommend this restaurant

Gianluca Malatesta

Settle Bello is by far not only one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Florida, but in Canada too. The food is absolutely delicious, service is fantastic, and the atmosphere is great. My family were there for New Year's Eve and my mouth is still watering from the lamb chops. Please put Sette Bello on your list and when you are there make sure to say hi to Joe Cadillac!!

Gina Wolters

First of all, Will our server was amazing and this review should not reflect him in anyway, he was very attentive, friendly & informative.

Annie Sniezek

I've eaten there plenty of times it's always fantastic.. had the bronzini. Amazing

E. Tino Roncone

Excellent quality Italian style food. Just like you would get in Italy

Linda Scariano Shaw

We had the best time at Sette Bello. Food and wine were fabulous and the desserts-Wow! We will definitely visit again on our next trip.

Tru Livingston

I came in about 45 min to closing time and the staff was AMAZING. I order a spicy shrimp linguine and it was very flavorful. Its tasted exactly how I needed it to. I didnt need to add or take away. I loved it so much I am going to get another one tomorrow. This is a super beautiful and initmate restaurant, PERFECT for date night with babe. I highly recommend this place .


From beginning to end, what a great dining experience- we enjoyed all of our entrees and our waiter was so attentive and friendly. Delicious from start to finish. We will be back.


Delicious food and the service was excellent. We felt very welcome and our server was attentive and knowledgeable. We will definitely come back the next time we are in town.

Billy Barnes

Food was amazing. We all ordered different things and shared. Each dish was delicious!

Adam J. Butler

Fantastic waitstaff! Amazing Italian food! The BEST Maitre d! “Cadillac Joe” was entertaining and made us all feel at home!! A must to visit when in Fort Lauderdale!

Gene Burkett

Great service. Wonderful food. My wife and I were in town for a conference and went here based on reviews. We were not disappointed. .


This restaurant had been recommended to us by friends and we did enjoy the food. Good Italian with big menu, lots of choice!

Merryl B.

UPDATE: Although the below review does reflect my experience on this specific night, I do want to commend the chef/owner for reaching out to me to discuss my experience, offer an apology and ask me to give them the opportunity to provide. a better experience. Our experience may not have been great on this instance, but the level of customer service in response was EXCELLENT and for that reason, we look forward to a return trip. Such a disappointing evening at Sette Bello. I was looking forward to their 16 oz veal chop with gorgonzola that I have enjoyed on previous occasions. Our waiter told us that they were not doing that preparation this evening but had a special preparation with fresh porcini mushrooms and pumpkin truffle which was highly recommended. We decided to share the burrata appetizer, and I ordered the special veal and my husband ordered the zuppa de pesce. The buratta was very mediocre. Typically, buratta is very soft and creamy in the center. This seemed like it came right out of the refrigerator, was very solid and tasted like a hunk of mozzarella. The $59 16 ounce veal chop was pretty tasteless and although it was their "special" that night, the waiter confirmed that "oops - looks like they forgot the pumpkin truffle which would have provided the necessary flavor and moistness - sorry" and asked me if I would like to have them add some marsala sauce to my half eaten chop and told me that next time, I should ask for the original preparation I was hoping for - you know - the one he told me they were not doing that night. My husband enjoyed the zuppa da pesce and said the seafood was fresh, well prepared, plentiful and had the right level of spice. Our waiter asked if we wanted dessert and we said no. He decided to bring us a piece of chestnut cheesecake with sabayon gelato. If we wanted dessert, which we did not, that is not what we would have ordered. In my opinion, although the gesture was appreciated, I would have appreciated it more had he asked which dessert we would prefer. In any event, the dessert was very good. Although an attempt was made to correct errors, it was disappointing. And just in case I was not aggravated enough, I got home to find that they had not credited my reservation - oops sorry - again.Again, it was corrected, but all the aggravation was not worth the dinner. Hmm.. is that why it was half empty at 7:30 on a Friday night?

Maria Goll

awesome Italian food!! amazing service!!! absolutely reccomend bonus prices are excellent for the quality!!

Randall R.

Took a group of 12 for dinner. Great food and outstanding service. Wonderful apps, main dishes, and desert.

Christopher Davis

The food was great.The service was fast and the staff were attentive.The atmosphere was really nice with a good ambiance.

Frank Biscotti

My husband and I ate dinner there tonight The food was amazing and the service was fabulous. We will definitely be returning.

Patty Miranda

National Pasta Day at Sette Bello.

Damon Collazo

Another great Resturaunt found on groupon. Very quaint little spot, not very big but packed full of people. I had the the Pasta alla Vongole, and my girlfriend had the veal Picata with risotto. I was in the Navy stationed in Italy for 8 years, and this Italian food was very authentic. The portions were good and the food was tasty. Great place for a date night, and a good wine selection.

Michelle W.

Over salted and over priced. I write this review with huge disappointment. I have looked forward to dining at Sette Bello in Ft. Laud for months now. From the moment I saw the post on FB of the chef tossing pasta in the Parm wheel I drooled until I could get there. I even contacted the owner a couple times to see when this deliciousness would be available. It was a calamity of errors and "are you kidding me" moments from the time we sat down. We waited an extensive amount of time, probably about 10 mins, before anyone acknowledged our table. Even the host realized we were sitting a very long time with no attention and went to figure out why. No water poured, no "hello, I'll be with you soon". Okay, maybe they're busy .... didn't make too much of a big deal of it. The next "are you kidding " moment was when the host took my table mate's purse off of her chair and went around to her other side and asked her to put her purse on the floor because people need to get by. First, you NEVER touch anyone's purse and you surely don't ask a lady to put her handbag on the floor. It was a regular size ladies purse and he simply could have asked her to switch it to the other side of her chair if it really were such a problem. The pasta dish tossed in the Parm wheel was mentioned as one of the nightly specials and it was presented as a Tagliatelle Pasta with porcini mushrooms and truffle . We ordered it as an appetizer .One of the other waiters, not a chef, rolled the Parm wheel over to the table with a bowl of hot pasta next to it. He dumped the delicious smelling pasta into the wheel and moved it around for about 8 seconds max. The taste of the pasta was decadent , but very very salty. The temperature was tepid at best. I requested cracked pepper, but the server that did our pasta disappeared and neglected to bring the pepper. We finally got someone else's attention and asked for the pepper. Now the pasta was just about cold. This dish was $52 ! Yes, $52. Holy moley! To add insult to injury, when we looked at the bill when we got home we saw the dish was $42, but the porcini addition was $10 .. Seriously?? You sold me the dish as a Porcini Pasta. The Zuppa di Pesce was extremely briney and salty. So much so my table mate endied up sending hers back. It had very little sauce and she asked the server to bring her a side of marinara hoping to cut some of the salty brine. That never came. Next time he came around she told him she could not eat the dish. He was surprised no one brought the sauce. . It was graciously taken back and he offered her something else. . Our waiter asked if I wanted to send mine back but I decided to mill through it. I ended up leaving most of my lobster tail, half of my jumbo prawn, all of my pasta and some of the seafood because I felt like I had a salt lick on my tongue and lips half way through. The Veal Chop was nice and perfectly cooked. My husband's Chicken Scarpiello was very ,very good. We ordered the Chocolate Torta dessert which took almost 45 min. Somewhere into the long wait the waiter brought over a Apple Tart dessert and said the chef sent it while we wait as an apology for all the mishaps we had. Apple Tart was very nice and once we got the Torta it was heavenly and the best molten chocolate dessert I've ever had. Our server went out of his way to cover, fix , and rectify ALL the imperfections of the night. No complaint there. I did think , though, that as a chef/owner getting a $52 dish returned and another one only half eaten you may want to address the table personally. Before many of you ask if I complained.... I said to the server as he took my table mate's dish away, " you need to tell Franco that all of the pasta dishes were extremely salty, even the Porcini pasta" Maybe he did tell him, maybe he didn't . I don't know. But he did not come out of the kit

José C

Appetizers are delicious, Great Veal chop, good wine.I reserved that table by Trip advisors, instantly we received an email confirmed the table. Service is outstanding but the special is the food in a nice Italian environment! I'll be back again!

Liz M.

I ordered the lunch portion of Spaghetti and Meatballs(mind you, there was only one), to a massively over salted meal. I paid $14.00 dollars for a completely overrated meal, that should've costed less than $7.00; especially since it was a lunch special. I would not recommend ordering from here and will be informing my colleagues to not use them for catering services.

Mitchell R.

Over Priced Food, Poorly Prepared and Mostly Flavorless My family members from out of town ate here last year while visiting. They said the food was great, worth the ride from Lake Worth to enjoy a fine dining experience, so it was with great anticipation that I met them this year at Sette Bello Ristorante for a family dinner and celebration. The evening started out just fine, the waiter who spoke with such a thick accent that we all had difficulty understanding him, rattled off the specials and took our drink order. My mom and I had a glass of house wine. My nephew had a beer. A few minutes later, the waiter returned with a meatball appetizer which was very tasty and moist. After scanning the menu, I decided on the Ai Ferri Jumbo Shrimp. My mom ordered the salmon and my nephew ordered the Veal Chop Parmigiana, which he had last year and raved about it. As we enjoyed catching up, the food arrived after about a 1/2 hour wait. My nephew offered us all a taste of his veal chop and it was very good. We all offered a taste and my mom cut a small slice of the salmon for both of us. It was properly cooked. It was my turn, I offered shrimp to my family members, they weren't interested. So I began eating. The salad was well dressed and flavorful. The shrimp, however, was tough and dry. I thought about sending it back, but I didn't want to then watch everyone else eat while the kitchen remade my dinner. So I continued eating. I finally asked my family members to taste the shrimp to see if it was just me, they all reacted the same way. Ugh, dry and hard, no flavor. Oh well, it happens sometimes. I decided to try the salmon and to me, it was bland, mostly flavorless. I asked my mom what she thought and she said the same thing. I really don't like to give restaurants bad reviews but I think that for a $170 meal for three, before the tip, the food should have been much better. And, if it were me, I would want an honest review before I traveled to the restaurant and spent a fair sum of money to enjoy a special dinner.

Patty M.

National Pasta Day at Sette Bello. Chef Franco & his team knocked it out of the park! Warm inviting space, spectacular service & delicious food. We had the special ... Brie wrapped in prosciutto with fig jam Walnut crusted goat cheese frisée Tagliatelle in the cheese wheel w/black shaved truffle Osso Bucco ravioli One of the best meals I've had!

linda gutman

This place was excellent from top to bottom! Our waiter Bob was great! Would recommend it highly. Hubby said best veal chop parmesan he ever ate!

Alejandra T.

My boyfriend took me here on a date and from the moment we walked in, it did not disappoint. The service was phenomenal, the food was exquisite and the ambiance of the restaurant is cozy, romantic with an air of sophistication.

Rachel F.

Best Italian food in Fort Lauderdale! Had a wonderful dinner here last Saturday night with my boyfriend. We shared the burrata, and tried both the cheese and pesto risotto. All of the food was absolutely fantastic and the tiramisu was the perfect end to our meal. Service was great and the ambiance was quiet and romantic. We will be returning soon!