Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

6500 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale
(954) 493-7779

Recent Reviews

Makana S.

I ordered take out from here and it was pretty good! I loved the ribs and the baked beans the most!! The Mac n cheese was alright and the donuts were pretty good. Everything was kind of expensive too for barbecue. The ribs alone for a full rack were $27 and the added sides that we got cost extra too. I would probably get it again though because I really really liked the ribs and baked beans. They were literally delicious

Cyndi McLamb

Our service was great! Harlan took great care of us. There were only 2 servers that we saw and they seemed overwhelmed. The salmon was delicious but the pulled chicken was quite dry.

Matt McCoy

I've been in the restaurant business my entire life... including BBQ and I can say this place has it going on. Mac &Cheese is in point! Burgers are huge and juicy...staff friendly...will be back. Need to open one up in Knoxville TN

Rosley Louis

The food choices were limited I believe due to the corona pandemic. But all in all the food was impeccable. The baby back ribs were amazing.

Pharaoh Ezar

Nice cozy atmosphere. The seating booths are really comfortable. I had a build your own chicken sandwich with some sweet potato fries and did not disappoint one bit.

Zaid Morales

I prefer this place very much. It has a great atmosphere. The kitcen is splendid. the service is effective and the stuff is friendly. The pay is reasonable. greatly recommend.

Karl Olsson

The prices were too high. $25 for lunch was a little too steep for me

Michael R.

Sadly had to walk out of this restaurant tonight because they are not enforcing mask regulations. When I brought this to the attention of the manager she stayed that this very elderly gentleman had health issues which prevented him wearing a mask. But he is a nice guy and has been going there for 8 years. They clearly have parking spaces reserved for diners picking up food, which he was. The spaces are right outside the door so not great distances to walk. I realize that it seems callous but we all gave an IOutta there part to okay during this pandemic. Their contribution for this valued client would be to say, you take it wary just wait in your car and we will bring your order out to you. That way his health is not compromised and neither is mine.

Carmen Carter

We arrived at this place for dinner. my friend recommended this place. Well, it was a winning. The crew were extremely nice and we had an excellent feeling. The food was just great. We loved this place a lot and we shall definitely come back again. we highly recommend this place.

Janet J.

With the restaurant practically empty at 6pm, we looked forward to getting in & out quickly. Pleasant waitress took our food & drink order. Twenty minutes later, (just as we expected our meal to arrive) she returned saying, "Sorry, we don't have any turkey. What else would you like?" Not having turkey was not a problem but being back at Square One was! We received our food exactly one hour after arrival. Food was fine. Received our bill and waitress had not applied coupon I'd given her. Now 8pm, we just wanted out!!

Matt Lagrotte

I used to really dig this place but the food has gone downhill. Maybe just the effects of covid? Not sure. But our latest experience there wasn't so positive.

Diana Thar

This has to be the best place I've ever had ribs!We were able to sit down and eat really enjoyed the meal!We had a FULL rack of ribs and 2 sides for $26.99And I mean a FULL rack of ribs!Raul waited on us with excellent service and and even though he wore a mask I could tell he had a smile on his face ?!I will never eat ribs anywhere else as long as I'm in Broward county again!Dine in, take out and even made a drive thru for those who prefer!Oh and I have never been to any restaurant that gives you a butter knife for the ribs!But didn't need it because the meat just fell off the bone!

Cat D

Have ordered from here a few times and food was decent. Ordered last night and had just started eating the broccoli when I pulled this out of my mouth. I literally almost threw up. Stopped eating and threw it all away. Had barely started. It’s not like I haven’t found the occasional hair in something and had to throw it out but this was disgusting. I called manager and he couldn’t talk for some reason but promised to call back. Never did. Last time I eat there. Especially during these times, you hope they are being extra clean and careful. And Incase anyone might think it was mine, my hair is blonde.


The worst wings I have had in my entire life! Smoked wings sounded so good, and looked so good on the picture when I was ordering the delivery, but I received little wings, so dried out, it was like chewing on pieces of wood. Never again!

Christina Rodriguez

To start they have a sign that stared "drive-thru"It and that's a total LIE! My order was a pick up order that was ready upon my arrival, which was great, then I got 5 minutes away before I realized they forgot the donuts. I had to wait nearly 10 minutes for the (5 for $7) donuts, fries were soggy when I got home, burger was not well done, no BBQ sauce for the pulled pork, "creamy coleslaw" barely had any cream, not good. I can say the donuts were hot and tasty but not worth the price... overall they are better for a sit down meal for sure, but for pick up, just not worth it.

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