Indigo Room

2219 Main St, Fort Myers
(239) 332-0014

Recent Reviews

Ceil Yost

Went there for the first time Thursday night. And the I ordered a soda and ordered a mixed drink for my friend and I was charged 20$. The blonde hair girl took my order . Very scummy and low life bartender. How can you charge 20$ for a soda and one mixed drink. My friend said hey get another soda I said not for another 20$

Atmosphere: 1

Service: 1

Zach Martin

Pool table ate change and didnt give balls, it even ate the que ball which is Supossed to never get caught. The music was static and going in and out at the dj tried to set up for an hour. Smelled like piss, and the service wasnt good. Overall would avoid unless you are dragged there by your

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 2

Service: 1

Brick Layer

The format for working here is 20 shifts. The instant you apply and get hired here, you get a total of only 20 shifts, whether at Indigo, 86, or Edge. After 20 shifts, the boss sends you straight out, tells you that you don't have a job here anymore, hires someone else, and repeats the cycle. It's no wonder they get no customers, because everyone is going to bars where bartenders are there for months and even years. They don't want to keep facing endless strangers behind the bar. And it's the same at 86 room and Edge Nightclub, all of which are run by the same boss.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Whitney Leline

Was having a great time. Bartenders were super nice. Up until my dad walked up to join us in the celebrations of his daughters 21st birthday and they tell him he can’t enter because he has a tank top on. I bring out the point that I, my sister, my mom, every other girl in the establishment is wearing tank tops. The bouncer literally said “it’s different because you’re girls”. That’s gender prejudice bro. Especially for a bar as chill as indigo, I’m very surprised.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 3

Cann Eickmeyer

THIS IS MY FAVORITE BAR. Hands down. Gabe is the best bartender in Fort Myers. He makes the best drinks, wonderful personality. The whole vibe here is fun. I love the bootleggers alley for photos.

Atmosphere: 5

Service: 5

Nickolas Quartez

The reviews are correct.The owner doesn't update the place. "Fixes" it at bare minimum to comply by the law. They charge for everything (and sometimes double). It's never clean and yes, you'll see the roaches in the bathroom and pray that you can flush or wash your hands for that matter. I left and decided not to come back there anymore.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 1

Service: 3

Christopher Stavrou

Bouncers are terrible. They don't check IDs, definetly underage girls in the club, not good. Apparently if you wear a sleeveless shirt its a problem, but if you smoke a joint right outside the club its not. Guys, the bouncers will harass you to separate you from your group so they can hit on your lady, so I advise you stay away, plenty of other places to go to, I recommend City Tavern! Cheers!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Dewhyte Michaels

Great place to shoot pool early when they open so it isn’t full at all and usually all tables are open. I usually stay a couple hours. Bad run thru one time with a bartender where he tipped himself off my card more then I had left and I noticed it a couple days later on my bank statement. Haven’t seen him back tho. He knows who he is.

Marcus P.

Rude bartender. They were also showing blackface on their projector. Came again and 10 minutes for nobody to serve me. 0 stars.

Giselli Declet

They check your ID at the door, then check your ID at the bar....what's the point? Very annoying to have to keep looking in my bag for it, you wouldn't let me in without it so assuming I should be good to buy drinks without the hassle once I'm allowed in..I got carded 3 times at the bar..

Olivia Garthwaite

STAY AWAY. If I could give zero stars I would. Bouncers are awful and so rude. Only had a $20 bill and cover was $5, stated they had no change. Less than a minute later saw them making change for another person in line. Would not recommend Ft Myers nightlife in general, very dead for a Saturday night, go elsewhere if you can.

Mitchell M

Went here during spring break. All seemed okay with the bar until some guy fell back on the dance floor, broke his beer bottle, hit his head, and died! He was standing one minute and down on the floor the next. People around kind of tried to help until paramedics arrived but they didn't seem to do much good.The crazy part is the way the bar handled it... The music kept playing and drinks kept going... I would have thought they should turn on the lights, turn off the music, and clear the space for him. I guess profits are above all else at some places. Sad.

Vanessa Waters

Dirty, dingy, smells really bad and full of seedy looking people. Walked in with my husband, we looked at each other and knew without having to say anything, and walked right back out. Yikes.

Kate L

The worst experience of my life going to a bar. Yeah, this place plays good music and has a dance floor but wait till you have to pay your tab or go to the bathroom! We went 2 nights while they were here. Both nights we were over charged up to $80 on our tab for drinks that were clearly not ours. Try going to the bathroom?! If you're a woman just forget about it! The bathrooms were absolutely DISGUSTING! None of the toilets flushed, there were no locks on any of the stall doors, the soap was in a container from the bar, the trash can was broken, there were barely any paper towels. Apparently, they just want the $15 you have to pay for a cover and your drink money... but don't plan on paying the correct tab or using the bathroom! I wanted to tell an employee about it but it was too loud and crowded in the bar to tell a manager so when I left I tried to tell the door guy and he legit looked at me, took a step back like he wanted to fight and said "I don't give a BEEP! JUST WOW! The Health Department definitely needs to step in here!

marti nunnally

This is the most disgusting place and is a serious health hazard!! The womens rest rooms are disgusting, the doors don’t lock and the toilets don’t flush! On top of that, the staff is rude and they put other peoples food and drinks on your tab! This place has great music and so much potential but unfortunately, due to lack of customer service and cleanliness it gets a 1 star.

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