Ocean Seafood Market & Restaurant

2150 Fowler St #110, Fort Myers
(239) 672-4082

Recent Reviews

Kevin Napier

Best blues in town with a great price. Guys behind the counter are great. Always heavy crab

Levi Killough

It's place where you can find alot of different kind of seafood

jeffrey coffman

Best selection of blue crab in Ft Myers.

Nicole Hall

Service was excellent we ordered half a dozen blue crabs cleaned and steamed for an amazing price.. steamed to perfection


Food is always fresh and taste the same from the 1st time I tryed it..

Keith Carnegie

Lots a selection. The crabs i got from there had lots a meat .

Noeli G

I walked in, smiled and greeted the woman. She scowled and turned away.We had never purchased whole fish before. The other woman asked how we wanted it cut. We told her we did not know.She didn't offer any suggestions. Perhaps it was a cultural thing.But we left without purchasing.


Miserable owner. Called to ask if they have blue crabs live. Told “Small and Medium”. So I asked are they males and what size are your mediums. “I don’t know, you come check it out”. Very Rude I’ll pass.

Amelia Marek

It was a basic fish market. We were looking specifically for fresh mussels. You CANT get fresh mussels here in Fort Meyers. Only frozen ones. I've never heard of frozen mussels. So I bought them. Made mussels in garlic and white wine sauce. It was ok. The mussels are a little rubbery after being frozen. You live and learn. Would recommend the market.

Wonder F Cooper

A great place for seafood needs great customers service

Jenny B

Very nice experience overall, smell as you would expect from a seafood market....... would highly recommend.


Live crabs and Crawfish. One hell of a good deal on live blue crabs! You cant beat those prices.

Catherine Wilson

Online it says it opens at 8:30. I arrived at 8:47. The sign on the door said it opens at 9:00, so I waited. 9:05 I pull on the door...nothing. The side door was open so I yell, "Hello", twice...no response. I wait 5 more minutes. The door was still locked!By the way, I called 3 times and got nothing.It's hard to keep your $$$ in the community when certain parameters aren't being followed.

Delia Plaza

Great price. Fresh sea food

John Simpson

I was looking for fresh fish they didn't have it

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Ocean Seafood Market & Restaurant

2150 Fowler St #110, Fort Myers, FL 33901
(239) 672-4082