SunFresh Market

3853 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers
(239) 288-2336

Recent Reviews


Awesome fresh food.


They’re alright. It’s Fort Myers tho. But I think it could have been better.

Scott Williams

Great selection of a lot of different varieties of foods and products. Purchased more than I had stopped in for. But very happy. The only downside is parking is very limited

Cherie Yarber

Good meat selection.

James Gilyard

The best giant quarter chicken dinner ever. Inside bravo.

Miguel.E. Lindgren

SunFresh Was Excellent! Did by Good Food!

Maria Blanco

Very clean, organized, fresh home made lunch a very reasonable price. I loved the octopus salad and the 4 leches dessert, and the great variety of Hispanic products. Thumbs up!!

Oriana Valentine

This grocery store is conviently located near my house, I honestly only shopped here once for groceries, just because I like more organic competitive prices, they dont really have that here, but what I can say is their hot cuban food buffet is a minimum once a week visit from my partner or myself. They have daily specials offering one protein and two sides for $5. Tamales, guava pastries and stuffed potatoes. I recommend trying for yourself.

Jacki Boberg, APRN

Its a Bravo market now?don't change anything!! Gave 5 stars to sunfresh always clean

Brittany Snyder

Produce went bad after 2 days. Also very awkward shopping experience the times I've gone in due to management

Adner Beitra

So nice , organized and very good customer service.

Charles Boyd

Hands down the best Latin food in town. The grocery store itself is pretty awesome too!!!

Vi James

This store is in the process of a name change to Bravo. This store offered low quality and high prices. There was a stench throughout the store. I will not go back.

Wanda Revolorio

I enjoy this place very clean supermarket. The ppl are friendly.

Elina Rodriguez

Management is terrible, is not a friendly environment. Too expensive and bad customer service. One of the ladies in the kitchen has a terrible attitude.

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