Uhmazebowls Fort Myers

6881 Daniels Pkwy, Fort Myers
(239) 689-5224

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Angieeditchy Fousek

I just moved here from out of state and in the hospital nearby unfortunately. But I needed something to eat Not hospital food. Put in restaurants near me in this place popped up and with my stomach problems I figured why not try it. I'm very picky and normally do not like places like this. So I tried the basic bowl kid size even though I'm an adult they still let me order the smaller size because I can't eat much. My husband brought it to me and it is literally my favorite thing I've ever eaten in my entire life! I literally call them to ask if they would sell a franchise....lol But I guess they have 2 locations privately owned. Very excited for them because this is a great product that will be around for a long time. Tonight he brought me something I have no idea what it even was but it was better than the 1st bowl and I didn't even think that was possible. So please take your kids and go try this place out. I live in Naples and I'll be making frequent trips here!!!

Alex H.

I was so pleasantly surprised by the helpful staff, happy environment, DELICIOUS acai bowls, the fresh sushi-grade ahi tuna on the poke bowls, and that AWEsome smoothie that was so refreshing on a hot SWFL day. My wife and I love coming to this oasis of nourishment and serenity in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. It sure seems like that Marilyn on Yelp was looking to include local competitor Sw33tberry several times in her unspecific negative review. Seems fishy to me!Anyhow, enjoy Uhmazebowls!! They're the nicest owners and now even have a location in Cape Coral too for our friends! Simply the best acai bowls, smoothies, and poke bowls in Fort Myers. Can't wait to go back!!

Andrelina D.

Food was very good had the large açaí bowl with avocado toast delicious would come back again

Will Summer B.

Its very close to us so we decided to try it out. Nothing to special about this place concerning the ingredients they have. It's very expensive considering all the competition around it as well. The employees weren't very friendly and looked to be annoyed when we came in to order. They could have just been having an off day. We would go back again to give it another shot but would have to be in the mood.

Lyndsey G.

Soooo delicious!! Great options and such an amazing ratio of toppings to smoothie! Definitely, adding UhmazeBowls to our "Fort Myers Food Go-To" List!!


Such an amazing place!!! Immaculate guest service and beautiful delicious bowls! I visit the fort myers location several times a week on my days off ? I am hooked!! Thank you for all the fresh and quality ingredients.

Keri Perkins

I am addicted to these bowls! They are so good and healthy. They recently reduced their hours a little bit for summer and I showed up at the door after driving out of my way before they opened. I started heading back to my car and the owner opened the door and told me to come on in and he would help me because he saw the look of disappointment on my face! Excellent customer service as well

Marilyn Mojica

Best bowls in Lee County. Love this place

Stephanie Weston

I finally tried the Uhmaze bowl. It was delicious! I can’t say how happy I am with their customer service! It’s top notch! I accidentally ordered the bowl (my first time) with hazelnut spread not thinning it had dairy in it. I called and came back and they made me one with peanut butter instead. It was so good and filling but refreshing. I’ve also had the tuna poke bowl!!! AMAZING

Marilyn S.

If you compare the acai bowls offered by this establishment to the ones offered at Sweetberry in Gulf Coast Town Center you would see the difference immediately.I live about 6 minutes from Unmazed and still drive around 15 min more to go to Sweetberry Bowls because of how great they make their bowls. I wish Unmazed would check out Sweetberry Bowls and follow there lead. I do not recommend this place.

Geoffrey B.

Love the smoothies. Wish they had some hand sanitizer for customers to use after touching the POS devices and maybe wearing masks behind the counter would make me feels safer.

Jake M.

Really excellent experience here. My wife and I are visiting from Chicago and were looking for something big fresh, healthy, and simple to take with us to our early morning trip to the beach and this was the perfect thing. We've been back a few times since we first tried it and my favorite was the "rise and shine" cold brew smoothie blend with cacao nib as a garnish.

Sofia C.

My favorite açaí bowls! I have tried none better than these and made me actually start to love açaí bowls! I wish they would have calorie counts but other than that this place is amazing!

just shann

What a great little afternoon snack. So fresh and delicious. So happy to have one near my work.

Jessica Trebino

My family & I drove 40 minutes from our home to the location on Daniels several times a month, never once disappointed! Today again took my kids and three friends to the Cape Coral location all ordering different things and the staff was very friendly and both the food & coffee was amazing! We are so glad to have them closer to home!

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