Waffle House

3810 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers
(239) 931-3337

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Gerald Fossum

The lady that ran the grill was unbelievable. Cooking everything that people order fromEggs toast ham sausage you name it she did it put on the plates for pickup. While the other people seem to be in extra slow speed. Food was good and price ok.

Christopher H

They do not check the freshness of their food, this is the 2nd time I have been served ROTTED food. The bread was moldy, one of the servers stated that happens all the time. They need to step up thier quality controls, the are potentially making their customers very sick. I am forwarding a complaint to the health department, because this is the 2nd time ROTTED food was served to me.

Darrin Strunk

They did amazing, if it weren't for being rushed to let them close at 830pm on a Friday night they'd have had 5 stars..

Blanca Lesley

Me and my son went to have breakfast and our server was dreka she was FANTASTIC GREAT ATTITUDE…. Everyone also was nice and friendly that’s a GREAT CREW. Thank y’all all so much ?

Anthony Marolda

Food at waffle House is actually pretty good, it's made fresh and it's inexpensive and it's exactly what you would expect from waffle House. Like everything else in Joe biden's world extremely understand due to various reasons so workers do their best to get everything for you. When you go in extra Cynthia she'll help you out, she's been there forever and she is the best.

Nicole Battista

Horrible experience no grits because the cook didnt make. No waffles available because the machine was down. Really like your name is waffle house. My food was cold and just plain gross. Am so disappointed because I have gone here before but never this bad. Complete waste of money.

dustin hawkins

Didn't like this waffle house. Waffle house is my favorite place too eat, but I won't return here. Asked for medium rare steak and got rare. Out of straws. Out of sweet tea. Waiter spoke like a mouse and it was difficult to hear.

Kokomo Girl

Hands down, the best Waffle House I've ever been to!! The best service, very important, the best food, also very important, and the absolute best music, Bob Marley, and atmosphere that you could possibly hope for in a Waffle House. Loved it!!

Michael Fitzpatrick

Waitstaff was super friendly, fast, and helpful. Food is always delicious!

Alexis Glenn

best server there named cynthia

Eli Portella

Ordered take out and received only the sides (no waffle), no condiments, and eggs were severely over cooked. Staff members were publicly bickering over who would take my order. There is no customer service available over the phone and I refused to put in any more time, as I had spent roughly 30 minutes traveling to and from the location. I paid $15 for overcooked eggs, a mall cup of grits (plain) and 4 slices of barely toasted bread. Do not order from this location!


Absolutely wonderful. We love eating here when out of town. Everything is always made fresh and to perfection

Katlyn H.

Living in CA my entire life, I have never gotten to experience a Waffle House in my life so my boyfriend decided to take me. First off, according to multiple people, Waffle House is usually opened 24 hours but this one closes at 9. Cool whatever. We went in around 7:45. That's about an hour and fifteen before they close. We walked in to no acknowledgement and basically sat ourselves. Proceeded to sit there for probably about 20 minutes waiting JUST to get a menu. I've worked in food service before so I definitely know how busy things can get especially if you're short staffed. But they literally looked at us while passing, it doesn't occur to ask if we need a menu? We're only sitting there trying to wave you down. When someone finally does come over, we placed our drinks and food order. We spilled one of our drinks somewhat but figured we'd get a refill so it wasn't too much of a problem. Except it was, the drink wasn't even refilled til we were about ready to leave. That defeats the whole purpose of having a drink, we could've just waited to get water at home. The food took FOREVER to come out despite people leaving. They didn't even let new people in, by 8:15 they were telling people that they were closed for service!!! You guys close at 9 pm though? The food didn't even come out correctly. My boyfriend had asked for the extras on his hash brown, it came with nothing on it. I had asked for sunny side up eggs and was given scrambled. How do those two even sound the same?!?! Both of us had ordered something off the menus that included a waffle with our food. When we asked about the waffles because everything else had already disappointingly came, the girl was asked responded with attitude which is completely unnecessary given I didn't give any when my food came out completely wrong. Again, I've worked in food and I know what it's like to want to go home after a long shift but it's still your job. The guy who eventually gave us his waffle dragged his feet the entire way which was annoying and just threw down our plates. Not even asking if we want syrup. I was so fed up that I just asked for a to go box so I could get out of there. To top it off, as we're sitting there waiting for our food, one of the girls had grilled bacon and was snacking on it while preparing our food!!! Like what?! This was a horrible first time experience for me. If I ever do decide to try Waffle House again, I'll be sure to make sure it's not this one. Edit: I went home to eat my food and there's eggshells in my eggs!!! What the actual heck!!!!

Tyler Reid

Best damn waffles. Keeps the inner fat kid in me happy and full. If you haven't been here, seen the memes, then you need to get down there asap

Humberto Anselmi

Always good breakfast ? the waffles are #1

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