211 Avenue A, Fort Pierce
(772) 595-3566

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China Gonzalez

This place has a really cute facade and is very cozy inside. Since it's small, the staff is extremely attentive. The Rolls are huge! The family really enjoys the sushi here we come often. I love the entree's!Food: 5/5

Olivia Lechner

We loved this place! The food was excellent! The service is just as good as the food!! Definitely recommend if you're looking for sushi!Food: 5/5

Janee Wolfhagen

Food isn't wonderful, but isn't awful. The restaurant could be cleaner..I was a bit disappointed. We go to other Thai/Japanese/Sushi places nearby so the cleanliness of the restaurant was definitely disappointing.

Katty Runyon

I have been coming here for three years. They have been great in the past. But the last two times I have came in the last month have been not that way. I made a reservation about 11:30 am for 6:30pm for 11 people. We sat down at 6:40 and didn’t get our food until 8pm. Everyone in my group said service was terrible. The hot rolls were cold and the cold rolls were warm.

wilhelmina hall

My first time going into krazy Fish and I'm a person would try sushi but not raw sushi but the tempura crunchy salmon was really good and the dumplings are very tasty


Place sucks. My fiancé ordered a NY strip steak and got thin slices of beef they layed out and smothered with veggies to try to hide the fact it wasn’t a NY strip steak. My tuna tataki was disgusting. My four seasons roll was warm and disgusting. Only thing that was good was the king of seas soup. Place went down hill fast. And prices sky rocketed here. Ridiculous. Definitely save yourself a trip from this place and abort mission.

Elisha Gohl

Great food and service. Limited seating, no outdoor seating. Downtown parking available close by. Homemade sauces and dressings. Great portion size and large sushi size compared to other local options.

Linda Lardino-Semko

Best sushi in downtown Fort Pierce. The rolls are creative, beautiful and delicious. The staff is always pleasant and accommodating. We have been eating sushi for 30+ years and this is the most consistent, delicious place we've had the pleasure of eating at.

The Traveling Lucie

Small hole-in-the-wall place that you must try! A local gem, the sushi is delicious and it's located centrally in downtown Fort Pierce! I'm picky about sushi and they do a great job!

Amanda Moody

Wish I had stumbled onto this gem sooner. Food is amazing. Eating the Duck w\curry. It is bursting with flavors. Not sure why there are not more people eating here.

Renee Griffith

Excellent, delicious food! The spider roll and the double dragon roll are the best!

Ray Isagator

This is a "one star" for our first and only visit to Krazy Fish. We will not go back. After having our meals, which all in our party agreed were below average compared to other restaurants of the same genre' in the area, our bill presented prices that were about 40% more than what was on the menu. When asked, our server stated that the menu prices were "old". This is not the time to tell your customers such information. What a total fail! Service was poor and I had to leave my table and go searching for dishes myself so that we could eat. No bowls for soy sauce dipping, etc. Its a shame to see one of our local restaurants like this, as we do like to support our local businesses. Get your act together!

Gary Cherkas

Outstanding Sushi and sashimi. I find most sushi shacks keep their whitefish a bit too long sometimes and it gets funky. Not so here. Always fresh and paltable. Great service too in a quirky little venue.

Hanzel P.

We have frequently dined at Krazy Fish. While the service was average at best, we have always enjoyed the food we ordered. Last night we visited this restaurant, and had an unpleasant experience. When we got our bill, the price for each item was $ 3 - 5 + over the price listed on the menu card. The staff explained that the reason for the discrepancy in price was because the supplier kept raising the prices on a daily basis, and it was impossible for them to update the prices on the printed menu. The problem could easily be resolved if the price for each item was listed as market value. This would allow the customer to know up front what each item cost. The bait and switch tactic just caused this establishment to lose a customer.

Frank H.

Tried Krazyfish while visiting Florida, glad I did they have very good sushi. I went with my usual Spider roll and this one was excellent, small and tight not like most, the flavor was excellent. The nigiri sushi was very good and good size. Not sure what other sushi bars are near by but this one is a must try.

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