231 NW 10th Ave, Gainesville
(352) 727-7604

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Jordan Poore

Great staff and delicious foods! Large variety of brunch/breakfast options!

Courtney E.

We went to afternoon while our bikes were being worked on across the street. The vibe is cute - lots of bright colors and pretty fresh flowers on the table. The menu is fairly simple. Every table has glasses for free water, but you need to ask for it when you order. Both of us were very happy with our food. It was delicious. The onion crema in bowl - wow! The scrambled soft eggs were also pretty perfect. My husband loved his sandwich and particularly enjoyed the homemade bread. The food really makes this place special. That said - I felt the prices were a little too high to be a local here and the food took a long time to come out. I also wished there was a little more variety on the menu. I would recommend this place as a light spot to eat on this side of town if you're looking.

T F.

We had heard good things about Afternoon but its a 20 min drive one way. After learning they had comfort food, locally sourced farm to table ingredients, and focused on brunch we tried it out. Thumbs up from my husband and me on the service, delicious food, and relaxed atmosphere.

John T.

Cute little place, food was great great fresh and well cooked but took a good forty minutes they had somehow forgot our order. After 10am it becomes busy and noise is a tad bit too loud for me personally mixture of many conversations going on for me. But the menu had a lot of great items and the lattes where top notch. For most people I could see it being a solid 5...

Rebecca P.

Had breakfast at this cute college town place in Galveston. The menu consists of about 10 different healthy options with many locally sourced ingredients. First you place your order at the counter then go and find a seat. I had the snack plate which included salmon, eggs, focaccia and an amazing side of pickled onions, capers, and tiny bits of peppers. As if that weren't enough I also ordered the crispy potatoes delish garlic, lemon zest and some creamy sauce. I topped it all off with a nice cold mimosa. The servers were sweet and the vibe was super welcoming.

Daniel Wagner

Excellent food at a reasonable price point, but expect to wait an hour for your food so I recommend grabbing a beer when you order, and be aware it's very loud in the indoor dining room.

Margaret Gullion

The food was good but not worth the wait. I ordered the egg and cheddar sandwich (which did taste very good) but it took 50 minutes to get to our table. The restaurant wasn’t even that busy. It would have taken me 10 minutes to make the same thing at home for much less money. Only come here if you’re not very hungry and have a way to pass nearly an hour while you wait (i.e. conversation, game, book, etc).

Mayra Denisse

Great lunch spot . Minimalistic earthy vibes.

Yolanda C.

I like the food and drinks,especially the pastries . The environment is pretty good as well. Just one downside. The breakfast is way too expensive and the portions are so small. $11-13 per meal? That's outrageous ! I mean, Gainesville is a small city, now Miami or San Francisco. I do think they should lower the price for breakfast.

Ellie H.

Oh. My. God. This place is to die for. The food, the coffee, the interior and exterior seating, it's amazing! The staff are all super sweet and make you feel like you're at home. We love going for some brunch and enjoying our iced lattes outside on the patio. Definitely worth trying!

Edie T.

I ordered to go online and except for having to wait behind everyone trying to get seated, everything was great. I do wish they had a quicker pick-up location though. My daughter and I got the egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich, crispy potatoes and the whipped feta toast. All of it was amazing and we would definitely go again. The description of the egg sandwich is a little off-putting, but it all went together amazingly. The only thing I would do different is order the crispy potatoes without cilantro, but you do you. Over all, a great meal and we will be going again soon!

Darya M.

Really cute and quaint brunch spot, lovely interior and amazing food for great prices. Was quite a wait just because it's sooo popular but can't knock them for being a great spot to grab brunch!


Just went for the first time after living in Gainesville for 4 years and it is hands down my new favorite restaurant here. Staff was awesome. Food was amazing. The building itself is adorable. 10/10 :)

Christina G.

We tried this place for the first time this weekend! The staff including kitchen were amazing, and the food was beyond amazing. I also really enjoyed the grapefruit mimosa. No pictures posted since we devoured our food. lol. We can't wait to go back!!!!

Paul LePine

Defintely a few notches above a traditional breakfast/diner place, but without seeming pretentious. Interesting menu, moderate prices, relaxed vibe, indoor/outdoor seating. Clean place, courteous staff. Busy enough to know it's popular, but not so crowded that it feels cramped (we visited mid-morning on a weekday.)

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