BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

6611 W Newberry Rd, Gainesville
(352) 331-8070

Recent Reviews

Tristan Crawford

Has a very wide verity of cuisines, though the ones ordered were not very good. Clam chowder good, but nothing special. Prime rib was obviously over cooked, dry, and bland. The rice pilaf was very oily. Also to top it all off, it took over 30 minutes to get a recipe to pay for what was a bad meal.

Jailine H.

Great place to come and watch the game. The sampler is massive me and my boyfriend share it as a meal!!! I recommend getting the root beer glaze for wings!

Lee C.

My favorite waitress is in the bar area, her name is Karen. The best dish to me is the Jambolaya even though it is very spicy. I also love the Asian chopped salad.

Nancy Si

An ok family-style restaurant that has a bit of everything. Everything tastes pretty decent, but nothing in particular stands out. I appreciated that my Moroccan Chicken still came out moist and the sweet potato fries were crispy. Service was fast and friendly. Prices were fairly reasonable, especially if you take advantage of happy hour. I liked the casual atmosphere as well.

Wayne and Betty Hettinger

We are new to the area and yesterday was our second visit to BJs. The food was excellent. Our server Karen made our day. An elderly gentleman came in using a walker and with one eye bandaged. It was raining and Karen made sure he was seated comfortably and got a towel and dried his walker. Her compassion speaking to and helping him was so refreshing. Karen was responsible for 15 tables by our count and it was quite busy. She went to each table and talked to folks like they were family.

Leonardo R.

This is the best place to go when you have family! The atmosphere is perfect and smells like good set

Erich C.

I was impressed. Very nice atmosphere, but not too dressy. Lots of food to choose from. I just got wings and a burger and fries. The wings were cherry flavored and crazy amazing!! They were cooked perfectly! I ordered their darkest craft beer, and it turned out to be a more sweet than bitter stout called Tatanka. The burger and fries were good too. Can't wait to go back!

Cathy Bliss

My Ahi Poke appetizer was good, and was my meal. Question: how does a place that serves pizza "run out" of small and med. pizza dough but have large? 40 years in the restaurant business and this is the first time I have ever heard of this. If you can make a large, doesn't it make sense that you can make smaller? Or, are they premade? If so I'm glad I didn't get it. Service was good.

Kimmy B.

I know this is a chain restaurant and all but they work hard to make a good product. Service is fine, it's a big place and when they're full it will take a bit longer to get your stuff, but the servers are friendly! I read Yelp reviews, I write Yelp reviews, and I'm telling you, this place deserves more than three stars! Believe it or not craft beer snobs, BJs has great original brews! This BJs pumpkin ale brew I'm drinking right now is crisp, flavorful, and very smooth. I really like the hint of cinnamon I taste. If there's a problem with this menu, it's that everything is high calorie. We got a deep dish pizza that tastes delicious and I know it's high calorie, but that's why we work out, right?!? So thank you Alison for a great experience and great service. We will come back soon!

Daniel A.

Service was horrible. Food was very negligible. My grandson's Birthday and absolutely no fanfare. Will never return. My advice is to go somewhere else.

Sophia S.

I ordered takeout @8:55 and was told to come pick it up with 15-20 mins, only to get there to be told that curbside pick up stops at 9pm. I came inside and had to wait an additional 20 minutes. I am beyond disappointed and probably won't be ordering curbside or Togo again.

Jasmine T.

You're better off going to Chick Fil A. The service was horrible- our server was clearly just going through the motions. Not once did she follow up on us. I traveled across the US to meet my daughter and give her a nice meal. She chose BJs because they usually have good quality food....I think the supply truck ran out of gas before it got to Gainesville because I had the saddest ahi tuna that was offered at an astronomical price of $16.50. There were MAYBE 6 1/2 sized slices of tuna. I would have complained to our server, but she didn't check up on us. I couldn't even get a refill on my iced yeah, I'm a bit salty about this BJs. This BJs also missed the mark on Southern hospitality I felt like an exchange...not like a diner or a customer. We should have gone to Chick FilA where we would have paid less, gotten more bang for our buck, and would have been treated like paying customers. Update- management responded to my feedback within less than a day- wow! Thank you for restoring my faith in your restaurant! I'm upgrading my review to 3 stars.

Vicki Griffith

A group of gals and I ate lunch there today and we were very pleased with our lunches! I had a turkey burger [no bun] and side salad. It was seasoned nicely and tasted great! Our waiter was very attentive.


Cat (or Kat, not sure which spelling sorry!) at the bar was great. She had honest perspectives & great suggestions on drinks and food. Definitely takes good care of you and knows what sheâ??s talking about. The sangria was delicious.

Allie Roldan

Had the slow roasted tri-tips and it was delicious!! Mash potatoes are super creamy, and my husband's bread bowl tomato bisque was excellent! Sat in outdoor seating as we had our dog and the server was very attentive about bringing us water.


Shout out to Slane our server. He is very attentive and very fast in serving our food. We waited for almost 45 minutes the last time for our loaded nachos. Which was unacceptable since it was late night and it was not crowded at all. Keep it up!

Ronald Stewart

Very nice place. Has huge selection of beers and spirits. Only downside is it doesn't have a very big dessert selection

Zach S.

easy In and easy out. we had dogs and they allowed us outside but sadly we got destroyed by mosquitos there and had to eat in the car instead in the evening. The staff was really kind towards changing our in store to a to-go, Food was great, and parking is everywhere, its located adjacent to the mall as well.

George V.

I order drink... get my drink but no straw? Not even offered straw. Guess i have to drink after someone and waitress didnt come check on us for 15 mins . Waiting for food now 25 mins and still nothing. Not nice experience at all till now. We get our food in almost 35 mins. They had to kill the chicken so i can get my breaded chicken. Which came dry so i dont know. Easy dish and it came like that. Waitress check on us 1x in 40mins :)) why not .. even the food get to us someone else. 2* because its still better then Boston market :))

sharon ayers

Was a great experience. First time here. Was visiting town. Waitress was exceptional. Very informative and offered great suggestions. Would definitely go back if in town.

Sabrina Richards

Typically I love this place and never had an issue until the other day when we went in for my birthday dinner. It was a party of 8 adults and 3 children. The waiter was very friendly and prompt on his duties. Until I realized he charged me over $15 for a gluten free pizza that my 5 year old ordered. Oh my, my son said he wanted a pizza, hint- a child's pizza is sufficient...he is only 5. It would've been better if the waiter explained to me what was ordered. When it came to me ordering I told him what my children were getting and he nodded and said he ordered the pizza, thinking he understood it would be off the kids menu. I understand with the hustle and bustle of a bigger party at peek hours of business there might have been a miscommunication. However, a young waiter or waitress should be trained to always verify orders through the son doesn't even eat gluten free food.

Roger Davis

Place is to commercial. My salmon sucked caused they left the silver skin on, no butter or seasoning on my steamed broccoli. Wasn't impressed


The restaurant was busy but we only had to wait about 10 minutes with the Preferred Wait List. My food was warm but not hot. Overall, the food was good and we didn't have to wait too long. Our waitress, Rachel was very helpful.

Michaele Wood

Server was very friendly and attentive. Food was good. Enjoyed casual atmosphere

Xinran Z.

Bj is our favorite spot during happy hours. A lot of healthier options on the appetizer menu. We enjoyed the chicken lettuce wrap and the tuna poke. One thing is I asked for grilled wings and it is completely burned and bitter.

Sean Hicks

Our server was AMAZING. It was a girl with a silver ring on her left middle finger. The food was amazing. Host was an eye rolling hag. Having worked in restaurants for years I know what it takes to be on your A game and this girl was best in class.

Cody Ray

I like the place. I feel like the food is pretty good quality and I know several people who work there that confirm it. You're the reason it's not five stars for what it is that the last several times I went the servers are kind of forgetful. That being said, they're always really great and correct their mistakes quickly.

Amanda Carpenter

Delicious food and awesome customer service

Erinn D.

I love it when i find a place with great customer service. I have been here before and liked everything I've gotten. However, my favorite things to get are pizza and, of course, the pizookie. The pizookie is a large cookie topped with ice cream. They just added more mouthwatering flavors, even a monkey bread version! I think im going to go with the salted caramel pizookie this time and a small pepperoni extreme pizza. Either way, i know I will love both. I've never had a bad experience here but i do find their prices to be a bit high even though the portions are a nice size. This is definitely a place you go to once in a while. I really enjoy coming here and will come again at some point.

Jason Ofgainesville

This is the second time in a row that Iâ??ve had a terrible experience with a large party. Today I called ahead and made reservations for a table for 15. The service was absolutely terrible. From beginning to end. Food brought out over 20 minutes in multiple shifts. Took over 40 minutes for a cheeseburger. Waiter nowhere to be found to refill drinks. So the waiter tells us that he took off the burger.....thatâ??s his gesture for a table of 15 that took literally over 2 hours and 15 minutes with no appetizers, no bar drinks. So after checking out I walk my party out and comeback to speak to the manager and go into pretty good detail beyond what Iâ??ve written. The manager tells me that he was the one who took off half burger and essentially criticizes me for having not brought the issue to his attention until after having paid because now â??there is nothing I can do.â? I suggested that as the manager when he became aware that there was an issue and told the waiter to take half off the burger that perhaps he should have come out to the table. The manager then countered that he would of if he hadnâ??t been working in the kitchen. So consider yourself warned, the service will suck and the manager wonâ??t care enough to even come check on your table or offer an apology.

Rachael M. Kimble

The food was excellent! However, the waitress we had nearly ruined our experience. We never had one re-fill on drinks, she constantly showed other tables attention and skipped ours (it was only two of us). She took forever to give us our bill then return our card. We will be back but cross our fingers she wonâ??t be our waitress.


Our server Karen was very attentive and helpful during our visit. I got the mini pizza and my husband got the slow roasted tri-tip with the turmeric roasted cauliflower. The tri-tip was tender, juicy and flavorful and the pizza had a nice crispy crust with plenty of toppings. We also got a side of the brussel sprouts and the pizookie chocolate chunk that was delicious.

Julia R.

Food was not great. Might as well just go to applebee's. I wanted a penne pasta dish for $12 and the waitress insisted that I choose something else because she told me my choice was "bland." She tricked me into getting another pasta dish that was was $20.00 which was simply pasta and tomatoes with no meat. I had no idea it was $20 until I got the bill. When the bill came I asked her why I was charged for a meal that has chicken on it and she said with or without chicken it was the same price. I asked to speak to manager and he gave me $3 off lol. really? why did they talk me into another dish for a more expensive price? Also, my friend wanted a regular cheese burger and she told her that the cheeseburger is "not that great" and told her to get something different and basically made my friend feel cheap for wanting a regular cheeseburger. She additionally was rude and talked shit about the restaurant herself saying that they need to provide her with pens for work. Lol. Do not waste your time here. I should have just chosen Mcdonald's.

Queneller Renee

Jack was a great server . He made our table so happy . Great service Great Food

Kim S.

I liked this place. We had heard mixed reviews about it, so we were undecided until today. We ordered the avocado egg rolls which were too spicy for me--but I am definitely a spice wimp. My husband ordered the southern comfort chicken sandwich after hearing that the Nashville chicken was very spicy. He liked his sandwich which came with fries. I ordered the mozzarella and tomato salad with the California flat bread. Excellent choices. Fresh and full of flavor. Since we came on Tuesday, we were able to get one of their dessert cookies for $3. We ordered the monkey bread one. Delicious. I would return.

Helen Romeo

BJ's is a very good restaurant. Nice and open atmosphere. My only complaint would be to that the waiter kind of rushed us for payment. He came for payment twice before we finished eating our food.we went ahead and paid him the third time thinking maybe his shift was ending. We ate there last week and we're given a nice Mothers day glass as a gift.

Kamia Mwango

Pretty good eats, good place to hang out with a geoup of buddies, the family or a date. Appeals to all occasions and budgets.average and middle of the road. Has a good bar, great bartenders who know how to pair and help you order. Good selection and choice for food or bar anytime.

Kat S.

It felt like scenes from a movie ... I'm in the car already an hour late to the festivities due to earlier complications with my car (read previous review of Pep Boys). I follow the GPS directions as carefully as I can while talking to my husband on the phone (I normally do not do this, but it was late and I'm in a strange town) who also helps to guide me to the restaurant since malls are huge and who in the world knows where that restaurant could be located; all the while driving a manual shift car, and was spared any accidents. Once I located the restaurant's parking lot I knew half the battle was done. I grab my nice clothes and rush to the entrance where I inform two lovely, young ladies at the hostess stand that I'm here for that 18th birthday party that started without me over an hour ago and I need to know where the bathroom is so I can change. In the bathroom I try my best to change out of my travel clothes into my nice "birthday party" clothes trying not to fall into the toilet bowl and win an Oscar for clumsiness. Then I finally made it into the semi-private party room and could take a big breath. Needless to say I was starving after that whole car fiasco and a 7 hour trip turning into a 10 hour one. After hugs to the birthday girl who was already enjoying herself with plenty of other teenage friends (boy do I feel old) I found her much older brother whom I have considered an older brother for many years and plop down across from him telling him that he looks old. I thought I would pass out from all the commotion, but alas, I noticed that the servers for this entire party of probably over 20 people were bustling and one of them got me a pre-fixed menu to order from (I guess they had specific menu items already picked out for the party). I made an ode to my loving husband and chose the chicken tenders. They were served hot and fresh and this old lady was so happy she finally got her dinner after not eating all day long. The servers were really on top of it and super friendly and I kept thinking I remember BJ's Restaurant from somewhere. And then it dawned on me that maybe a couple of years before I moved from South Florida one of these chains opened up not too far from where I lived and I just never bothered going. So, if you're wondering why I'm giving a chain restaurant a 5 star review is, because I was truly impressed with the service and the food, which barely happens anymore. But, I really enjoyed my experience here, even though I was late and observed the servers never having a bad attitude towards anyone in the party and serving guests with pleasure. Maybe I had left Earth for a couple of hours, really did fall into that toilet bowl and it transported me to some alternate universe where you can still have a good experience at chain restaurants. Either way, bravo BJ's for making one happy birthday girl along with 20+ happy guests. Also, loved those pazookie desserts. I was hungry enough to finish a whole one by myself. There also seemed to be no issues handling the different quantities of checks. I mean, this is unreal when I have nothing to complain about. Later on, when I got home from my road trip I had to look up where the closest BJ's is to me and found one in Columbia with roughly the same review rate, but I'm willing to hit it up with the hubby after another road trip to the coast and check out their long-winded menu to see if this location is an exception (I have an inkling) or if all BJ's locations are this great. Time will tell!

Susan H.

Atmosphere: 4/5 good seating with booths and regular high/low tops tables. Definitely has that tap room feel without overpowering the restaurant atmosphere. Great for large parties. Service: 5/5 Staff is super friendly and was happy to give recommendations when requested. Price: 4/5 Price of food is pretty expensive for food that doesn't taste that good. We went during happy hour, where they had half-price appetizers, but I still didn't think the food was worth it. Food: 2/5 We ordered the ribs, avocado egg rolls, potstickers, calamari, and a double chocolate pizookie. The ribs were extremely dry and I needed extra BBQ sauce in order for me to eat them. The potstickers were edible, but they honestly tasted like ones you can buy in the frozen section of a grocery store. I DO NOT recommend the avocado egg rolls -- don't get me wrong because I LOVE avocados, but these egg rolls do a major disservice to avocado lovers like me. They tasted sour and bland at the same time. The calamari was the only appetizer that I did somewhat enjoy, but I definitely have had better calamari at different restaurants such as Bahama Breeze and Carrabba's, but to each their own. And well, you cannot go wrong with a pizookie because who doesn't love a hot gooey cookie with ice cream on top? Overall, it is not a bad place to go, but I think I will just stick to going for pizookie Tuesdays.


The Pizooki's ð?? Also, girls, the lady's restroom is something else, lemme tell you.