Boston Market

6483 W Newberry Rd, Gainesville
(352) 331-1519

Recent Reviews

Amanda Dahl

First time eating here and it was a nice change from the usual fast food options. Staff was very friendly and informative and tolerated all of my questions. Everyone working there lacked professionalism except for when it mattered (like taking my order and answering questions), but everyone was relaxed and got along really well with each other. It really was nice to witness and felt uncharacteristically "at home" while my food was being prepared. I wish I lived closer so I could go back more often and more places operated in this manner.

Vicky Brown

Best baked chicken I've ever had that comes from a restaurant considering that is fast food.

A. Arnold

My visit to Boston Market today was very disappointing. I ordered the Large Meat loaf. They look like 3 bricks and was just as dry.

jennifer pelletier

Cashier was excellent. Place was very clean and quick to order.

Celeste M.

Excellent service, Thanks Rod! Food was great! Restaurant is clean as well as the bathrooms.

Kim S. Helmey Townsend

The food is always great!

Cherri Prevatt

Meal was ok. Chicken was good. We brought 2 meals, it wasn't much food for $20. Bathroom was dirty. Probably wouldn't go back.

Terri Pletcher

Tried the prime rib it was rare and like chewing gum. I won't make that mistake again... I went in to get the meatloaf ð???left wishing I had have ordered the meatloaf... The sides were delicious!

Robert Belding-Miller

Great meatloaf! Probably the best lunch I've had in a while. Comparable price to fast food but sooooo much better.

Lanika Walker

Great Staff and Clean Facility! Elvis was so generous and kind. It was a pleasure.

Eero Mauerman

Always fond memories of Boston Market, this time was no different. Staff was quick and kind, food was delicious and always a favorite. I dont think much about what Ill eat beacause I always enjoy it. Very satisfied.

Lauren Honeycutt

Great for a home cooked meal. Super fast when I don't want to cook.

Lu Wu

Great place! People work there are polite and get out of their way to make you happy.

Vickie O

Super quick and very friendly servers! Only three stars becsuse my plate was dirty with dried up food on it. Everyone enjoyed their food.

Jaime Jones

Super delicious rotisserie chicken, served up with cornbread and sides. Very fresh food, friendly staff, and clean dining area.

justin white

Hotbar food that's overpriced, service was fair.

Justus Self-Medlin

The staff are very friendly and there was good service. They also seemed to have a good work relationship which made it a very friendly environment. The food was great. The only complaint I had was the green beans were a lover cooked but it is a minor complaint. Also the food was appropriately priced.

Connie Johnson

First time eating at a Boston Market restaurant. The Southwestern Cobb Salad was delicious! The staff was very professional. The restaurant was clean.

Matthew L.

I really hate to give 1 star reviews, but when I think about it I really can't give Boston Market anything more than this 1 star review. This past week I decided I would go to Boston Market for the very first time in my life. I was excited because I have seen the commercials, had some of the frozen meals at the grocery store, and been wanting to try it out for some time. I am sad that I did, because it was just awful. I arrived on a Friday night and I was decently hungry. I looked at the menu and noticed there was a regular and a large you could get. The large was a good amount more money so I decided to go with the large. The large means you get more protein, but that is about it. Everything else including the sides are the same size than if you got a regular. If you are paying more money you would think everything would be large. I ordered the Large Meatloaf dinner. The meatloaf was awful. It was not anything like meatloaf that I have ever had. I have eaten meatloaf at a hospital before and even that tasted better than whatever they call this. The meatloaf was dry and just had no taste to it at all. Also, I got the Mashed Potatoes and Mac and Cheese. The Mac and Cheese is disgusting. How can they even call it mac and cheese? Also the mac and cheese was cold... it was awful tasting. The Mashed Potatoes were okay, you can tell they are not real potatoes. The sad thing too is they put the smallest amount of gravy on it. They said if I wanted more gravy it was going to cost more money. The staff here were not nice and extremely inattentive to their customers. I had asked for a cup of water and they told me know or they would have to change me for the water cup. Overall a really really bad meal. I won't ever go back to Boston Market and most likely won't buy the frozen meals anymore either. Just Bad!

Taylor D.

I have to say that this used to be my favorite place as a kid to go to with my grandparents but I haven't been in quite awhile because of the last time I went. Service wasn't that great but then again, I'm sure it's changed (:

Son M.

Until this visit, I have not been to Boston Market since before the chain's bankruptcy in the late 1990s. However, while visiting Gainesville for business, I got a buy-one-get-one free coupon on my social media so I decided to give Boston Market another try after all these years. Traffic around this location is heavy since it's near the mall. The dining area was clean, and the servers are friendly. However, I was not in the mood to dine in so I ordered to-go. I ordered two meals to-go, a three-piece dark rotisserie chicken with a side of green beans and Mac & Cheese as well as a Chicken Pot Pie. I also ordered a drink--they serve Coca Cola products at Boston Market. Instead of dining in, I took both meals back to my hotel room nearby. The roasted chicken was exactly how I remembered it, especially the mac & cheese, but the chicken pot pie was a little more rich than I expected. Both meals came with cornbread, which was moist but fine. Overall the meals were good, and took me down memory lane when I ate at a Boston Market regularly during my undergraduate days in the late 1990s. There are no locations where I live, so visiting one when I was in Gainesville for business was a nice treat.

Belle Turner

Another special place to eat for good food. Choices of meats, vegetables and desserts. All delicious. Also, you can enjoy their drive through for take home meals. A great way to take a break from the kitchen.


The food tasted homemade, it was hot and fresh and tasted great. The service was nice. The place was fairly clean.

Veris Tidne

Theyâ??ve changed from normal servings to little containers that look like airline food servings. Youâ??re paying the same price for 1/3 the food. Theyâ??re off my familyâ??s list for good.


At 5:10 pm April 23rd at the Gainesville, Florida restaurant, my husband and I have visited this location for over 10 years and go specifically to enjoy the TURKEY meal. This day/time, we went, the customer before us also ordered turkey, however, I had noticed that it was quite PINK, rather than the beautiful light tan that it NORMALLY is...I did not initially say anything, until that other customer asked the cashier if the turkey is DONE....the cashier turned to a tall, white haired older man-I can only assume the manager-and he assured the other customer that it made the 165 degree mark. The customer looked at it again, and I went much closer to look at it and then I stated, that this turkey is NOT done cooking, there should NOT be a pink tone to fully cooked turkey. The 'manager' again repeated his remark of 165 degrees. I turned to my husband and told him I will NOT eat undercooked turkey. The other customer changed her plate to have chicken. My husband and I told the 'manager' we have ordered turkey for over 10 years and it was NEVER pink before. We left the restaurant to go to another restaurant for dinner..SAD..Please get this corrected, we WON'T eat uncooked poultry. FUNNY, I gave this SAME information to the Boston Market Contact form on their website the SAME day....I am STILL waiting for a response regarding this that is why I am now informing others about this issue here on TripAdvisor....

Roberta Shiver

Good food. Got a meal for 3 for 5 people. More than enough. Great service. Helpful employees.

Michael Shahan

Very clean. Staff very friendly and helpful. The food was great and a good deal. Took 3 teenagers plus my 1 year old feed all 5 of us for less then a trip to the burger joints.

Penny Hatfield

I had the Panko crusted cod yesterday and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Very good. Not dried out!

Gregory Woods

Food was cold and the chicken was dry as if it had set out under the heat lamp for awhile. The food is usually good there but on this trip it wasn't so good.

Connie Musselman

We have not stopped at a Boston Market in quite awhile. Very disappointed. The food was very bland, chicken pieces very tiny. The service was fast and staff very nice.

Peter Dormeyer

It would been a lot nicer if food was still hot when we reached our table the restaurant was extremely cold and the dinning area was empty

Melvin Walker Jr

Oldie but a goodie there may not be many locations left but the Meat Loaf is still just as good as mothers ever was... They now have Prime Rib Dinner super tender.

Davion Jones

I must give credit where credit is due.

Erin & Dee Vogel

The food was good with the exception the forgot the gravy for all the potatoes and we live a 1hour away. Nothing worse than a retraunt that doesnt pay attention to detail

Chuck B.

Very tasty lunch of 1/2 chicken, cornbread and two sides and a glass of water. I love Brussels sprouts and these were seasoned very nicely. This meal was only $9.40. A similar meal at Whole Foods where I often eat would be $15 or more. The restaurant was clean and staff checked on my satisfaction. I'll eat here again.

Kevin P.

I got dark meat chicken, roasted potatoes, macaroni, and corn bread. They all tasted great and the corn bread wasn't dry at all. Dried corn bread is a turn off for me. The chicken was tender and fell off the bone. I also love the diverse sauces that they had. I combined sriracha and bbq and made a spicy bbq sauce for my chicken and it was delicious. The potatoes were seasoned with salt and pepper and I've had some greasy potatoes before but these weren't like that so it was great. The food and place met my expectations and the price is fair. Overall score: Food taste - 3.5/5 Quality of the food - 4/5 Portion size - 4.5/5 Price - 4/5 Menu variety - 5/5

Curtis S

I have eaten in Boston Markets in South Florida for Years.We I seen the Boston Market in Gainesville Florida I could not pass it up as my Wife has never eaten there before.We had the Rotisserie Chicken and it was super tender and tasty, as it reminded me of Costco Rotisserie Chicken...all the veggies were fresh as was the Corn Bread served with the Meal.We had an appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes.Now it is one of my Wife's favorite places to eat.

Kayla Luider

Iâ??m so full but I canâ??t stop eating. Everything is delicious. The place is clean! Staff was quick and kind. Rod helps you to your seat with your plates, tells you to leave them when your done. Iâ??m very impressed with him & his work ethic. I caught him greeting a familiar elderly lady which was so sweet to see. This location was a great first experience for my son. Too bad we donâ??t live near by, I would be back all the time. Love Boston Market!

Gerald Garza

Love this place. I have been coming here for 2 years now.

Kenneth C.

This is the worst run restaurant I have ever visited. They have gotten my order through the drive up window wrong every time. They are disorganized and very unprofessional.