Cry Baby’s

1 W University Ave, Gainesville
(352) 505-5026

Recent Reviews

Villa Ph D

Music volume was wayyyyyyy too loud. 5 star cocktails and bartenders. Great music selection and great bar food, but had to yell just to talk to the person sitting next to me and my ears are ringing like I was at a club the next morning.

Jeremiah Loper

Small excellent menu and great drinks.

Rich Denmark

Absolutely incredible. Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff. Great drinks and outstanding food. The vegan options are just as good as the meat options. Love sitting outside to people watch. Great place to get a drink with those you love.

Ashley Meade

Atmosphere is great. Drinks are crafty and well made. Missing 1 star because tots shouldn't be $5.

sean bracewell

Good chill place to meet a friend for a drink

jesse fletcher

Cry Baby?s is great!!

Jim Gillespie

Fantastic bar. The inside is beautiful?a lovely bar area, nice seating, clean bathrooms + the water station is NICE. Great vibe inside (love the vinyl playing). Incredibly nice staff just makes this all the better. On top of this, it has great outdoor seating. Even though it's seated at the busiest intersection in Gainesville, sitting outside feels like its nice own world (it doesn't seem like you're sitting at the corner of a busy intersection at all). This will be a regular spot for me. I can't recommend it enough.

patrick battoe

Nice drinks. Good food. Had a good experience both times.

Sebastian P.

Huge spirits selection and excellent bartenders. The food is great as well

Mary Coleman

Great location, but a bit pricey for drinks.

Allyssa Mikes

Awesome new bar in town. They had a great cocktail list, new and innovative ideas, as well as awesome food items. I'm very excited for this new bar and to see how much it grows after opening.

Michael Massari

Drinks and atmosphere were good, but my God, the service was so bad. Bartenders were rude, slow, and inefficient. One took my order and simply forgot to do it (not hard, a draft beer), the other accused me of taking is 6 cent pen when I went to pay the bill... Not even a busy night. Perhaps with some training of the staff this place could be better.

Derek Myers

Great food and great atmosphere

Brad B

You won't miss anything if you skip this place.

Lauren Hagarty

A craft cocktail bar with amazing food. The place has a cool vintage atmosphere and a few games for patrons to play. Their gin fizz and paloma are delicious, well-balanced drinks. A great location for late-night food, including a bucket of fried chicken, which is amazing. The drinks are on the more expensive side but they're well made and fairly priced in my opinion.

John Beer

Pretty decent. Good bartenders! Great prices.

Elisabeth M.

I eagerly awaited for this establishment to open since they first posted the sign on the door in January and I am here to say: it is extremely average. I didn't try any of the food, but the drink prices were high for what you were getting. The service was EXTREMELY slow and the bartenders didn't know what they were doing- it took the bartender 20 minutes to take our order and another 15 to make the drink (meanwhile my drink was done and they continued to make other drinks before giving me mine). The drinks are overpriced for what they are. I had the Get Down, while my friend had the Jet Pilot and we were not very impressed. Mine tasted (and looked) like a neon green children's fruit juice. If you want a quality drink for the exact same price, go next door to Madrina's. The decor had a lot of potential but it fell slightly short of the appeal they were aiming for. Maybe with time this place will get better, but for now I will be going elsewhere.

Nicole P.

My friends and I were very excited to try out the new bar in town. We ordered two Paloma cocktails, and they tasted ok. The bartender was not knowledgeable about the menu, and couldn't recommend a good food item. After drinking our cocktails and eating a meal, my friends and I started feeling very unwell. We were nauseous and had severe stomach aches. We then noticed a bottle labeled "LSD". When we asked the bartender about it, he said it was to "keep things light when they get slammed". That is beyond unacceptable. It is safe to say we will never return here. Take our advice & don't go.

Jimmy E.

Great tasting food. Good crew. Ate there twice the week of May.24.2019. The fried chicken for two was very good. My second time there I had the "fish" sandwich. It was not real fish but tofu hence the " ". It was really good on a nice bun with fries that were nice and crunchy.. It will be a good to place to eat next time I am in town. Only negative is with high ceilings it is noisy. The owners are looking to remedy the problem

Gator G.

Great new place for amazing drinks and fantastic food. If you're satisfied with cheap crap then this might not be the place for you. But if you appreciate quality that is worth a few extra bucks then you'll love it. The drinks were on point. The Paloma was my fave. Wedge salad was delicious and loaded with crispy lardons (not really a "salad"). Fried chicken is for TWO! So don't let the $25 price scare you. It's a giant portion of food cooked to crispy perfection. Staff is friendly and attentive even though it was packed. Happy to finally have a solid establishment in this location. Just go.

Danny C

Delicious drinks!

Marina P.

We went on Monday after work. Just a head's up, there is no happy hour. We tried The Paloma and the Naked & Famous. Both were delicious! But the best part of our visit was definitely the tempeh nachos. It was so flavorful and had the creamiest tomatillo salsa. Definitely recommend!

Austin Abbott

This place is cool af. Neighborhood Bar and Grill that this town needed. 5 stars.

Delia S.

Disclaimer: They've only been open like a week, so hopefully things will get better. I must say I'm pretty unimpressed with this new establishment. I was really excited when I heard that someone had finally taken over this prime location right on University and Main. There is so much potential, but Cry Baby's failed to live up to it. Upon entering, I saw that there was a long bar and many booths. I waited for perhaps a greeter or something, but alas, there wasn't one. I then stood at the bar, but still I received no acknowledgment. I was confused about the etiquette of the place. Do you seat yourself at the booth? Do you tell the bartender and then take a seat? Is this a restaurant and bar? Just a bar with bar food? A sign in front would be very helpful. I noticed that other first timers were also confused as they walked in. Secondly, there were two dirty tables, yet the establishment wasn't busy, and one of which we wanted to sit in. When we finally got the table bussed, the booth was uncomfortably wet, so I had to wipe it down with napkins. Third, this place has air conditioning problems. This is the Swamp. In May no less! So many customers were sweating and fanning inside. I finally realized that you have to go to the bar, order, and take a number to your seat, yet the bartenders were luke warm and didn't seem to have much urgency about waiting customers. For food, I ordered the hot chicken sandwich and I liked the chicken. It was filling and I loved the toasted bun and pickles. My fries were undercooked, though, and so were my companion's. We did have a very tasty cocktail (the one with egg whites). With Madrina's two doors down, offering craft cocktails, this place better tighten up if it wants to compete.

Hillary F.

I am so glad I got to check out Cry Baby's on their opening day! This is such a nice addition to the Gainesville bar scene! They have a great beer, cocktail and food menu. I personally had the Paloma ($9) which was to DIE for. Several friends tried other cocktails and no one was disappointed. We also had a few bites of the tempeh nachos and WOW, so good. There's a lot of space in Cry Baby's compared to other cocktail bars in town, which is a plus. The bartenders were all so kind and the whole vibe was fun! Make sure to check it out!

Aysha W.

This new place is pretty cool. It's spacious, clean and trendy without being pretentious. It definitely seems to attract a younger, tattooed crowd. The cocktails are pricey but are also supposed to be decently tasty. They also have a few mocktails which was a pleasant surprise for a soon to be mama like myself. They do serve a variety of bar food including peel and eat shrimp, fries, sandwiches and even a bucket of fried chicken. Everything we ordered was well seasoned and delicious. The music was a little loud so it can be tough to carry on a convo inside and outside there is some seating but only if you enjoy a cigarette or don't mind some second hand smoke. The highlight of the joint is their tabletop shuffleboard. It's hard to come by a table in Gainesville. I'm glad to have another chill spot downtown to grab a drink, people watch and play a round or two. I'm curious to see what this place will become over time.