Cypress & Grove Brewing Company

1001 NW 4th St, Gainesville
(352) 376-4993

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Jeremy Brinson

An amazing venue with nice staff and good beer options. Can reserve for special events with a chill atmosphere, watch a game on the big screen, or even have a game night. Would definitely try this place out!

Cabi Style with Leza

Super fun way to spend a Gator Game. Huge TV. Pool tables and lots of space. Great food truck and amazing beer. Clean bathrooms and beautiful vibe

Joseph Scannella

C&G porter is perfect for a chilly night!

Justen Baker

While Gainesville is not shy about its breweries, Cypress & Grove surely does not let the competition outshine them. The location is set adjacent to downtown Gainesville and manages to encapsulate the "off the beaten path" feel while still being really central to the town. The facility is very much a take-it-as-you-see-it arrangement, however that does nothing but add to the charm. It's warm, inviting, and oozes the local vibe. Now for the important part: the beer. The beer selection is roughly over a dozen taps as well as a wine list ON TOP of house made seltzer water. The main room is prone to echo when it gets loud but that can be remedied by sound dampening. C&G if you read this PLEASE ADD SOUND DAMPENING TO THE MAIN LOUNGE - it will help a ton. If you need a consult, I have someone in mind.

Matthew Darus

We go here all of the time. if you don't drink here, than you are an idiot and you deserve whatever happens when you choose otherwise.

Simone De Oliveira

Great local brewery and amazing beer! Fell in love with their Japanese style Lager "Crane's Song". I live in Miami so had to buy a 4 pack to bring home with me. Can't wait to go back.

Brian Stanton

Old ice house on well, food trucks, Monday farmers market, large indoor and outdoor seating, gas heaters outside when cold, live music, clean bathroom, non alcholic drinks offered. Service dogs only

Quigley M.

Want to support local business and really enjoy the atmosphere and the beers at this brewery. But staff have been consistently not friendly. They seem either indifferent or almost like it is an imposition to pour you a beer. Hope this is just a Covid thing and they can develop a more welcoming attitude.

David Dangerfield

Great place indoors and outdoors-come and enjoy good beer and friendly people!

Holly Shapiro

My husband and 2 kids were visiting Gainesville to do all kinds of outdoor stuff for 1 night but it rained the whole time...I found this brewery online and it seemed like the only kid friendly one in the area. We weren't disappointed! The kids had a blast playing foosball and pool and so did Mom and dad while enjoying a beer. The kids also had the house made Raspberry-lemon selter water and loved it. The atmosphere is awesome, we couldn't enjoy the outdoor space b/c of the rain, but it looks big enough to host plenty of people.

Joe M.

Stopped in Gainesville to see my brother-in-law and checked out this place.Great beer, ales and ciders. Different food truck each night. Classic movies on Saturday nights. Indoor and outdoor seating, quiet garden and large private event room. Highly recommended.

Blake Bowles

Great atmosphere, excellent beer!

Mike Suarez

Great selection. Its nice to see a brewery that makes a wide variety of beer styles

Examiner 007

Ok so I love our Local Breweries but I gotta say the Porter and the IPAs are very well done. Special crafting went into these and all the rest of the offerings. I’m glad they allow local chefs offer their meals. But today I was here for the beer. Again I love all of our local brews and these guys give you plenty of reasons to love them too.

Bonnie O'Brien McCormick

Good beer and cider! Fun atmosphere.

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Cypress & Grove Brewing Company

1001 NW 4th St, Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 376-4993