Midnight Cookies

3345 SW 34th St #1, Gainesville
(352) 371-3535

Recent Reviews

david eckerfield

Best cookies I have ever had it gave me a out of body experience that changed my life

Michelle Williams

Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake , & The Snickerdoodle Yummmy !!! Midnight Cookies changed my life !!! I freaking love this place. It's my second time coming, but these cookies are gifts from God truly. Best Freaking Cookies Ever ! Made with lots of pure love and goodness.

Cory H.

From the looks of this place you would think they are going out of business, but don't that fool you. You open the door and are greeted by the smell of fresh baked goodies! The menu has their current features followed by classic and favorites. Figuring that it was early enough and I was going back to my hotel to do some work I got 8 cookies: cookies and cream, chocolate chip, smores oatmeal raisin peanut butter. I was very surprised when they told me 10-12 minutes, I thought they were all made and just in theaters, nope they make them batch by batch, now my anticipation is even higher. The flavors melt in your mouth, well maybe that has something with being hot! The cookies are served in a box (see photos) which adds to the presentation even more appealing.

mike 9979

They’re cookies are very exquisite and there food is very fresh and hot all the time


Some of the best cookies I’ve ever had! Love this place

Kayla D

Absolutely delicious cookies! We will be stopping in every time we are in Gainesville!

Annette L.

Thanks to Becca for helping me out tonight...my son and his roommate had a terrible day and was powering through and when he got the call that midnight cookies were making a delivery he called me and told me I was the best mom! So thanks for helping me give a long distance hug

Sara Beth Wade

How fun! A cookie-only hole-in-the-wall joint and only open at night. I accidentally got 8 cookies (they misunderstood that I wanted only 1 of one kind and I got 4) but you know, not the worst problem. It's not like a bakery, there just seems to be ovens and several fridges...and that's about it! Definitely nothing fancy and no place to eat there--call ahead and take it to go. And be patient!

Suzanne Wilcox

I have loved this place since I was a student at UF. As an alum, they helped me surprise a friend on his birthday, and were incredibly kind and accommodating in doing so. Great service, great people, and - of course - DELICIOUS cookies

Victoria Ashley

This is probably my favorite place in Gainesville at the moment! You won't ever want to eat plain old cookies that you buy from the store ever again. The cookies are made as soon as you order them so they come out fresh and hot, and I enjoy the variety they have - there are a number of great ones to choose from, like S'mores or their signature Midnight Cookie as well as their Birthday Cake one. There are a few more as well as some vegan options, but it's not an overwhelming amount of options (which is good for me since I'd spend forever choosing!). I also feel like the prices are good for the quality you get. From the two times I've gone I haven't spent more than 15 minutes waiting for my order and I haven't been disappointed at all. The staff is very friendly too, so with all this, I'd highly recommend for you guys to stop by!

Claudia T.

I have never dealt with a less friendly person on the phone. Our daughter lives right off of campus and they do not deliver there? I'm surprised a business with such lousy people manning the phones is able to survive.

Luther Boyd

Coming from a self proclaimed "Cookie Monster," this place is super clutch!! Vegan cookies, almond milk, and amazing cookie creations!

Peggy Steeley

Homemade cookies delivered to UF for grandon's birthday

Toni T.

Whenever you need that sweet tooth fix, midnight cookies is the way to go! I ordered a deal with 8 cookies and got them nice and warm. I called them in on the phone and it was ready within 15 minutes to pick up. I recommend calling ahead to save time since there is a special line for pick up. MC is located in a huge plaza so parking was not an issue. They do have different hours so definitely check their schedule to make sure they're open when you want them.

Emily B.

Not the best customer service. Called to have my sister delivered a dozen cookies (of their own choosing!) as a surprise for her her birthday. Paid a generous tip upfront (probably my mistake) when I called at 8:50 I was told my sister would be called right after 9:00 when their next window opened for gift deliveries. She was as not called, was texted several hours later and ended up having to pick up her order herself. Was a little disappointed with this overall customer service.. when I contacted them after the fact they made me feel like it was my sister's fault for leaving her location 3 hours after I called the order, when I told them from the beginning these expectations. Spend your money elsewhere if you can

Tiffany Trenice

Cookies are always good! Workers are so polite and cheerful when I call to place my order

Shannon HP

Great way to treat your Gators when you are missing them.

Darthdave 17

Great cookies, wonderful staff and an overall pleasant experience. Cookies are made fresh and the taste really yummy. Would recommend 😁


Absolutely love this place! The cookies are delicious and they always have interesting new flavors. However, the famous midnight cookie is my favorite. Definitely try this place out! Take out and delivery are both pretty quick and a good experience.

Dorothy Harris

No frills storefront for take out or pick up at this brilliant business emanating fresh baked cookies as you enter. Couple tables/chairs & a bathroom if you decide to walk in to order and pick up. Otherwise phone and enjoy great tasting hot fresh cookies. Wow. Late night hours and you can send some to your student too as a surprise. Seriously yummy.

Noheli G.

Midnight Cookies offers great cookies at a convenient price. My go to dessert spot in Gainesville for sure. My favorite cookie is the birthday cookie and one is never enough there is a $5 minimum on credit/debit when you order in store but, trust, you should be ordering more than $5 to begin with.

Jacobi B.

Made to order! Great cookies! I would definitely recommend this place!! I come here all the time to eat and I look forward to it every time!

Keri Kittinger

YUM!! Super delicious cookies!

Harrison Liebrecht

Had a negative experience here tonight. I ordered 4 chocolate chip cookies for pick up. Went and picked them up and got home and realized they were the wrong cookies. No big deal, mistakes happen. So I call them up to let them know and ask if I can come up and get them swapped out. Immediately I get attitude from the cashier who answered the phone. Pretty insane that you messed up my order, I’m cool about it, and I get an attitude for simply asking if it can be corrected. Poor customer service, the girl needs an education on how to appropriately talk to customers that want to patronize this business.

Rebecca Wright

Try the s'mores. You won't regret it. Also, eat them while they're warm.

Lisa Conn

They are just normal cookies. Over priced for sure! No seating so we sat on the floor!

Alyssa Z.

Okay cookies served at an okay speed. When you have any late night cravings, this place is convenient since they're open late and sell a variety of flavors. They also deliver which is nice (especially if you're lazy/tired/studying, etc). But the quality of cookies isn't that great in my opinion. Even though it takes some time to receive them since they bake them after you order them, they still taste somewhat stale/old leading me to believe that their dough may be old. I do like the classic chocolate chip but some of their specialty cookies have tasted dry and old to me. Many of my friends who have shared in cookie orders with me have also found them lackluster. I have ordered multiple times to give them the benefit of the doubt but they really haven't been anything too memorable. I just go to McDonalds for ice cream or a chocolate chip cookie if I have any late night cravings now.

Dominique C.

Mediocre cookies, too sweet for me. I can taste the white sugar more than anything else in their recipes. This place is constantly packed, so patience is important to keep in mind if you're in the mood for these cookies. My munchies never crave this place, but it's a Gainesville staple so.... check it out I guess.

Venus Garcia

Every cookie I ate was superb. The smell is divine. Good show!!

Jenn M.

Odd little place with amazing cookies. First, they have odd hours. I love it. They open at 6:30 pm and stay open until 1 or 2 in the morning. This is the time when I really want a cookie and the time when I am least likely to make the cookies myself. Second, the inside of the... store? Restaurant? Husband says that it has all the ambiance of a plasma center, whatever it is. I was just going to say, "odd" again. The set up is, well, odd and hard to move around in. The walls are painted bright blue and yellow. Which is a good start. But there are no decorations or ambiance beyond that. The service is average to friendly. The line moves quickly, if there is a line. But odd as it is, I go there. Why? Because I do not accept substandard cookies in my life. Life is too short to be eating cookies that are in any way wanting. These cookies are high above standard. They even have vegan cookies. The cookies are baked to order, so they are always hot and fresh. I really enjoy the s'mores cookies. And, of course, they have milk. The cookies overpowers the drawbacks and I can highly recommend Midnight Cookies.

Kiley yale

Sooooooooo goooooooooood!!! I appreciate that they always have creative vegan options available.

Richard V.

I have quite the sweet tooth when it comes to baked goods. Of all the baked goods places that I have been to in my life, Midnight Cookies is by far my favorite. I don't live in Gainesville; but, during my monthly visits, I always make sure to stop by Midnight Cookies multiple times. I have been here many times of the past few years, and I am finally getting around to posting. Unfortunately on past visits, I've always eaten the cookies too quickly to photograph for Yelp. I made sure to wait long enough this time. There is nothing quite like WARM, GOOEY Midnight Cookies. Cookies 'n' Cream is a classic and my favorite; I also love Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Oatmeal Raisin.

Jamie S.

I've been ordering from here since I moved to Gainesville five years ago. They've never disappointed. Every cookie I've ever gotten has been amazing. They're always delivered hot and quick and the chocolate milk and cookies deal can't be beat. The birthday cake and the cookies and cream cookies and the pbj are my go to cookies but everything they sell is great. Love them.

Sara Z.

I think this place is just convenient, at a good location, and opens at the perfect hours when the sugar need hits people. The cookies are not extraordinary in my point of view. To be honest you can get all of their cookies at a supermarket and make them at home. I expected to find some original recipe since they have so many extraordinary names for their cookies. As you can see on the picture you have a basic sugar cookie and some topping on them. If you are not a chocolate lover like me and you are looking for something different, this is not the place for you. Now, chocolate lover have a variety of cookies and since chocolate is 99.9% always good, the cookies are good. But I am not going to hate, this people are hard workers and they are making their money. I think buying at local business is always good. Just don't go looking for an original recipe and it will all be ok.

Kassy Martinez

This place is so yummy. It gets addicting

Joshua G.

There is only one flaw with this place: the cookies. The service, the fast delivery, the "warmness" of the cookies are all great. The flavor of the cookies just was not there. It tasted very average compared to what I was expecting. The s'mores cookie was very tasty, but the other ones I ate all tasted the same to me. I usually am not picky. I am confident, despite the cookies being average, this is still the best place for late night cookies in town. Although it has closed down, CookieGazm was a better late night cookie spot in my opinion. Overall, if you are having a midnight craving for a warm cookie to munch on, this is the spot for you. But in my opinion, I'd rather just bake my own cookies for a better tasting treat.

Trevor B.

I've been driving by this cookie store for like two years now. So tonight I think "a cookie would be nice. I think I'll stop in." Do you know how many cookies I walked out with. Zero. You see, they don't have any cookies that are ready for purchase. You have to wait 20 minutes for them to bake your cookie(s). So, you must plan well in advance if you want a cookie. No impulse purchases here! Because, you know, cookies are something you should not just jump into without much forethought. How about keeping a few dozen chocolate chip cookies always in stock? I will not be returning.

Melanie O.

Milk and cookies. A true classic midnight snack and a cookie restaurant that never disappoints. I've ordered from here several times and I always end up with a happy belly and a smile on my face. I order the cookie break special which includes 6 cookies and a 16 ounce cup of milk for only 9.79, plus delivery and taxes. Most cookies are delicious but the peanut butter with a Hershey kiss was a small disappointment. the cookie and chocolate ratio was not equal. It felt like I should have just ordered a regular peanut butter cookie. My favorite by far will always be the s'mores! You can never go wrong with this one. A new one I tried was the banana pudding and it kept true to its name. The actual restaurant if you ever get the chance to go inside is so worth because it smells amazing every time! The staff is very patient and kind! There's so many choices both classic and new kinds of cookies! My cookie craving will always be satisfied by Midnight Cookies!

G Ni

They don't pick up the phone!! No online order available. Lost a customer .

Jack L

It's a Gainesville staple. Who doesn't love delicious fresh cookies in the middle of the night? Ordering from here definitely needs to be on your bucket list if you're in the area. Only issue is that ordering and customer service take a while, but they have proven to be worth the wait.